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?Vacation from Marriage? 1 AM

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?Vacation from Marriage? 1 AM Eastern time.


This is a very good movie. Set your recorders.


The film starts out a little slow, and it seems to be an old slow-moving British movie at first, but it begins to pick up when the husband and wife go off to war.


Then we see them gradually change... their whole personality changes during the war.


Then we see them get back together after the war, and that part is very good. Excellent and very interesting. It's better than any American movie I?ve seen about a husband and wife being separated by the war.

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I did get a chance to watch "Vacation from Marriage". I found it a really entertaining movie. Another chance to see ww2 from an English perspective. It is really difficult to try to cram 3-4 years of life into whatever the running time of this film was, but they were pretty succussful. Successful because of the performances of Robert Donat and Deborah Kerr. It was fun watching Kerr so young and beautiful, and I felt a very accomplished actress at so young an age.

As we know, war effects people so differently for so many different reasons, and I got the impression if Donat and Kerr had not joined the service because of the war, they would have died of some vague respitory illness in their early 40's.


Glynnis Johns was also, as usual, very good.


Robert Osborne, after the film, talked about how the war was still going on when this movie was made, and London was being hit by german V-1 "Buzz Bombs".

Because of this there was no plywood available for props and backdrops, which left the technicians with making sheets of paper mache' glued onto flimsy wood

"skeletons". I also liked the lighting and shadows when Kerr and Johns were on the train home.


I am wondering Fred, how the cameramen would have approached this challenge with different lighting techniques, or whatever?


Thanks for the heads up.

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