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I grew up watching an old live action version (like 1940's or so) of Sleeping Beauty at my grandparents house and haven't seen it since I was... 10 and I would love to see it again.  It was on VHS tape and it must have worn out.  When I looked online I found a notice of versions done in German and Finnish but no pictures or more information. Does anyone know of these versions and where I could find out more?  


(I'm not even sure if either of them would be the correct one.)


In case some people have a flicker of recognition: What I do remember about the film  is it was sepia tone, the mouths and the words did not match up- which I thought was because it was such an old movie- but it must have been because it was dubbed in English.  There was a small kid dressed up to play a frog, the good fairies walked out from a pretty lily pond, and for the princess's birthday she let the cook's helpers choose the flavor so it was going to have 16 layers with raisins, choc-o-lahc-olate (they pronounce it that way), and strawberries. 


Thank you


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Maybe it's this one?


I've been looking for a similar one (if not the same one) also. My mother grew up in Finland, and she always said that Finnish filmakers had made some very good movies when she was young. I've always wanted to see one. She mentioned Sleeping Beauty, and a Beauty and the Beast, but she wasn't sure if Beauty and the Beast was actually Finnish or not. 


I can't find it anywhere either really. It seems that people will play the movie periodically on Youtube as a live stream. Since that's the case, you can only watch it when someone is streaming it  :(

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