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Time to add a few videos of shorts covered in the "shortie checklists". Sorry it has been a while. Above are the threads you can link to. Not sure how long these stay on YouTube, but it is fun to give life to what is merely a title in a "filmography" list.

First one is from Universal and included in that thread.

Going Places with Graham McNamee was the studio's key black and white travelogue and "human interest" series of the thirties, produced by Thomas Mead and Joseph O'Brien with scripts by Henry Clay Bate. No. 66, released September 25, 1939, covers a Florida "Man Made Jungle" near Vero Beach. It is always fun to compare old travelogues to the modern locations covered, especially when there is little change in one locale. Here is the official website for McKee Botanical Gardens: http://www.mckeegarden.org/


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Now heading south to Cuba as it appeared in 1933 in a title covered in the RKO-Pathé-FBO thread.

Amadee J. Van Beuren is more famous for his animated cartoons featuring a human version of Tom & Jerry, Little King, Cubby Bear and color "Rainbow Parades" featuring Felix the Cat. Yet he also supplied both Pathé and later RKO-Pathé with many short films including a couple comedy series and multiple documentary shorts. The Vagabond Adventures initially featured Tom Terriss, later ones were written by Russell Spalding. This is one of Spalding's with Alois Havrilla as your host traveler, called simply Cuba. It was released November 10, 1933 and includes a fleeting newsreel shot taken that August when Gerardo Machado was forced out of his presidency due to unrest among struggling workers hit hard by the Depression. This was an interesting sign of things to come 25 years in the future. However the contrast between the lower classes and the tourists of leisure are not fussed with here. Our armchair traveler would much rather spend time with an heiress who is destined to inherit 11 million as she plucks from a honey berry tree.

This film is courtesy of Periscope Films: http://periscopefilm.com/


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Back to the states to view Kentucky horse racing, with races shown in Florida and Saratoga of New York, in one of the earlier RKO-Pathé Sportscopes (covered under that series heading on the RKO-Pathé-FBO thread). Produced initially by Frederic Ullman Jr., Turner Classic Movies shows only the last entries of this long running series, those produced post-Howard Hughes RKO in the closing years of 1955 through 1957. The earlier entries are harder to see due to all kinds of ownership issues.

Bluegrass, directed by Frank Donovan with some of the narration from then popular commentator Clem McCarthy, was released December 2, 1938. This copy from the Prelinger Archives unfortunately has its RKO title card replaced by a 16mm reissue Sears Roebuck & Company opening, but is otherwise identical to the original theatrical. At least the personal credits are spared.

Nice shots of Man O'War in his retirement are shown here. Two years later, Robert Carney filmed him in Technicolor for a MGM FitzPatrick Traveltalk called Glimpses Of Kentucky, but the footage is more extensive here and we can see America's favorite horse at his most playful.


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