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It was made in the 40's I think and had the old guy who played Van Helsing in Dracula playing the part of a drug smuggler.

I last saw it as a little kid but a line from the movie has stuck with me forever.

He says to a govt agent hes gonna operate on to torture the line

"the pain you will feel will not be unendurable. it only when i begin to cut on the inside that you will know that you are having an experience"

What is the name of this movie. Please!

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Actually, it's from 1932, and the title is "Behind the Mask," wherein Edward Van Sloan plays the evil Mr. X. (Karloff's in it, too, and Columbia was clearly trying to make hay out of Universal's successful "Frankenstein" the year before.)


The line you mention is actually as follows:


"The pain whilst I am cutting through the outer layers of skin will not be unendurable. It is only when I commence to carve on your vital organs that you will know you are having... an experience."


A memorable quote indeed!

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