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Your Top Ten Favorite "B" Western Cowboys?

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Your Top Ten Favorite "B" Western Cowboys?


Here are my ten favorites:


1. The Lone Ranger


2. The Durango Kid


3. Whip Wilson


4. Hopalong Cassidy


5. Wild Bill Elliot


6. Red Ryder


7 The Cisco Kid


8. Buck Jones


9. Tom Keane


10. Tim McCoy


Surprise! Surprise! Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Lash Larue did not make

my list! Is any one of them in your top ten?


Lists are so easy, I can list all day long!


Your turn!

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Hi fdfmn! Sorry, it's a genre I'm not very familiar with; but I thought I'd be sure that you were aware of the Western Forum here on the TCM Message Board. This would have been an excellent thread for there (and it's not so bad here either!). From the theme of this though I'm betting you'll enjoy:

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Roy Rogers


Gene Autry


Lash Larue


Tim Holt


And all the others you mentioned.


I started watching these films in the late ?40s when I was a kid living in Montana and Wyoming. I lived in the same places where some of these guys lived in the movies, and I thought the movies were something like ?docu-dramas.?


At big rodeos in Montana, the audience was often introduced to some very old Indian men who were said to have fought Custer at the Little Big Horn.


In fact, I lived in Hardin, Montana, about 15 miles from Crow Agency and about 20 miles from the Battlefield. Both were on the Crow Indian Reservation. A lot of Indians in that area were still pretty wild back then, or, at least I thought so as a kid. They never actually raided any of our villages, but they looked pretty wild to me, especially when they did their Wild West shows at the rodeos and camped out in their T-Pees near the rodeo grounds.


Famous movie stars like Lash Larue and Wild Bill Elliot would occasionally come to the little towns to promote their movies, and the towns would put on big Western Days parades for them. We had real cowboys up there back then, and we could often see them herding cattle for the branding round-up, and we could occasionally see them driving cattle along the main highways (narrow roads in those days), bringing them into town to load them on cattle cars for shipment to far-off places like Chicago.


On one vacation trip we took, we got to go to the old mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota, which I frequently saw in the old movies.


Ahh, the good ol? days.

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Sounds like a place and an atmosphere I would loved to have been a part of, can't get that back now can we? I just love your postings,they are so indepth,descriptive,and just so darned enjoyable.Keep 'em coming please.

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