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AT&t Broadband gets rid of TCM

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I am so mad that once I finally get expanded cable which was AT&T Broadband they replace TCM with Fox News. So for now the only classic movie channel I get is AMC which airs

cut and edited for t.v. versions of film along with commercials. As soon as I get the money I'm going to which to a cable provider that carries TCM.

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Listen buddy, when someone wants to come around and break your rice bowl like they are trying to do it's time to take a stand. Don't let something like this happen to you. My cable company refused to carry TCM but I completly filtered them with letters, email, and phone calls. Yes, I must admit that I even had to use a few fake voices to get my message across. I didn't want to sound like I was the only resident requesting TCM! Take a stand, even go as far as to writing to your local newspaper (the editorial section). It worked for me, and now I am enjoying classic movies around the clock.

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