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Seeking Title of an Old Movie

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For many years now I have been seeking the title of an old movie.


I only recall one scene from it as it was a very long time ago that I had watched it.


I do believe it was black & white & it felt like it was from the 60's era, not hippie crunchy 60's just that older 60's film quality cars, scenes etc.


The scene, as I recall included a man, (star role), who was living/sleeping in a station wagon. He attended a party one evening, not invited (crashed it I guess I would say). Possibly there was a women he wanted to see at the party.

And here's a hopefully unique part. He went in to the party wearing a Gorilla outfit.


At one point I had thought the actor was Donald Sutherland, which he is not, however maybe putting a similar face on the actor helps rings someones bell?


Many & Much Thanks!

Have a Great Day!




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My first thought was Where's Poppa?...both George Segal and Ron Liebman end up in a gorilla suit (one mugged in park..but not homeless)..oh well..

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Morgan A suitable case for Treatment it is!


That is Awesome

Many & Much Thanks


Guess he wasn't homeless though.

Funny how the memory works.

Ill have to watch it to see where my memory picked up that.




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