In 1933 & 1934, Monogram produced a  Port O' Call series. These short travelogues were narrated by Deane Dickason:   The Seventh Wonder (12/1/33) City of the Sun (1/1/34) Love's Memorial (2/1/34) Children of the Nile (3/1/34) The Peacock Throne (4/1/34) Jungle Bound (5/1/34) The Last Resort (6/1/34) Mother Ganges (7/1/34) The First Paradise (8/1/34) Dravidian Glamor (9/1/34) Adventure Isle (10/1/34) Queen of the Indies (11/1/34) A Mediterranean Mecca (12/1/34)   In 1941, Monogram produced an edited short of Charlie Chaplin's 1914 feature TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE. My guess is the film had just fallen into the public domain. The short version was 38 minutes and hit theaters on Sepember 23, 1941. Monogram reissued it in 1950.   In 1947, Monogram also produced a 21-minute short called CLIMBING THE MATTERHORN. It was directed by Irving Allen and photographed in Ansco Color. This short was not a travelogue, but rather had a narrative story with actors. It was released on May 30th.   Then in 1950, Monogram reissued 80 of Hal Roach's Our Gang comedy shorts. Roach originally produced them in the 1930s, and they had been released by MGM. Roach sold the Our Gang name to MGM but he retained the copyrights on the films. Monogram rereleased them as Little Rascals comedies.