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"Saint Laurent"

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This recent French film about world-famous fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, was directed by Bertrand Bonello and stars French beauty, Gaspard Ulliel.


It's a very unsatisfying film in that it's more of a mosaic of his life instead of a straightforward biographical account.


But the film focuses on his homosexuality and his drug-taking.


His lover was also the man who ran the business - quite successfully.


But Yves Saint Laurent had a wandering eye.


The film seems obsessed with his private life.


But we are never treated to his genuis.


Or the difficulty in maintaining that genius.


He was an icon.


But we never understand HOW he became an icon.


Gaspard Ulliel IS Yves Saint Laurent.


And he could have given us a full-bodied portrait.


Instead, we get a man, who seems too busy with his private life, to have had the time to become Yves Saint Laurent.



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I was both intrigued and bored by the film- it might have found a better balance with is creative process and his obsession with rough trade.

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I saw a much better film from 2014 that was titled "Yves Saint Laurent"


It was directed by Jalil Lespert.


It starred Pierre Niney and Guillaume Galliene.


Pierre Niney won the Cesar Award for Best Actor.


As a film biography, it was far superior to "Saint Laurent".



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