How can TCM be a Time Warner Co and TWC customers can not use "Watch TCM"

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I am a customer of Time Warner Cable and TWC still is not a participating provider for Watch TCM.  


What gives?  I've contacted TWC many times -- it doesn't go any good.  


Can anybody at TCM do something about this?





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Southpaw, I am a Time Warner Cable customer and I am also disappointed by this.


Back in 2009, Time Warner Cable was spun off as a separate company from the Time Warner media company, so there was no longer any connection between the two when it came to working out carriage agreements.  Time Warner Cable has been notorious for dragging their feet when it comes to supporting new media channels.


You may have noticed that a deal to merge Time Warner Cable with Charter Communications was recently approved.  One theory is that Time Warner Cable would not negotiate any new coverage commitments while they were waiting for merger approvals to go through.  Since Charter Cable does currently support WatchTCM streaming, I am assuming that once the Time Warner Cable territories are combined with Charter, then the former Time Warner Cable customers will get the approval to use WatchTCM.  Hopefully it won't be too long before this happens.


(I can always dream.)

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