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  2. I really thought "River Deep, Mountain High" was pretty good. Spector too thought it was one of his best, and close to being his favorite. And I actually think there was no "rivalry" between The Beatles and The Beach Boys, except( far as I perceived) between their respective fan base. And then there were those like me, as in the Rolling Stones/Beatles "rivalry" that refused to participate in such idiocy. It was like arguing, "What 's the better fruit, Apples or oranges?" It wasn't really a rivalry between producers, songwriters or performers as it was a clashing of egos. The liste
  3. ABC 6 Philadelphia Suspect in Milan Loncar killing in Brewerytown was released from jail 2 weeks prior on reduced bail WPVI 17 hrs ago https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/suspect-in-milan-loncar-killing-in-brewerytown-was-released-from-jail-2-weeks-prior-on-reduced-bail/ar-BB1cRVv4
  4. Yeah, ya know Cid, I think I also remember our good ol' backwater southern boy once breaking with his usual M.O. of copying and pasting off the internet, and a few years back posting a picture of himself in a little boat while fishing on some lake or backwater bayou down there. In fact and surprisingly, I even think I recalled him actually posting some of his own WORDS above or below that picture when he posted it. (...but don't quote me on this as this WAS quite a few years back ya know, and so I couldn't swear to that...the last part about him posting his "own words" that is)
  5. Biden can help in getting more vaccines to be manufactured / released but outside that how can he Constitutionally / legally enforced mask mandates, social distancing by which only the states can enforced. Moot point in IF Biden gets covid, has received both doses. The main question is can anyone spread it after vaccination?
  6. Please try to just deal with the issue at hand instead of making assumptions about what others mean. Legacy doesn't only mean positive achievements. DUH!!!! I didn't even imply that. AGAIN: This is what I posted: The most long lasting part of Trump's legacy will be all the Federal judge appointments McConnell and him were able to push-through, as well as those 3 Supreme Court justices. See the words: LONG LASTING PART,,,,, The reason I believe this is because Biden can "reverse" many of Trump's policies (e.g. environmental regulation can be changed or ones the Tru
  7. On what 1960's sitcom did Phil Spector appear as record producer? One of the series main characters is helping a band to get an audition with him. Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart appear as the band and perform a song for Spector.
  8. Feds: 2 off-duty Virginia police officers charged after bragging about being part of Capitol riot https://www.khou.com/article/news/national/off-duty-virginia-police-officers-charged-federally-storming-us-capitol/65-33ddad5f-56c7-444b-98ca-132cac14b2a5
  9. It's playing every day here: the lobby card of her blindfolded in the gas chamber is framed on the wall. I was named for Susan Hayward but sadly, don't resemble her.
  10. The winner of the 2018 Moscow International Film Festival …. A Siege Diary (2020) Andrey Zaystev, Russia
  11. Does anybody knows about the 2 police officers involved with the storming of the Capital? Feds: 2 off-duty Virginia police officers charged after bragging about being part of Capitol riot https://www.khou.com/article/news/national/off-duty-virginia-police-officers-charged-federally-storming-us-capitol/65-33ddad5f-56c7-444b-98ca-132cac14b2a5 Guess they thought "To serve and protect" only applied to the state of Virginia.
  12. One other thing both Rear Window and The Window were based on Cornell Woolrich stories. Witness to Murder seems to be ripping off Woolrich also. Come to think of it I think there's a fourth film with a similar plot of a crime observed through a window but the title escapes me.
  13. I've been watching Martin Scorsese's 7 part documentary on Fran Leibowitz called PRETEND IT'S A CITY on (ick) Netflix. I really love when Scorsese chooses subjects like this to immortalize on film. To date my favorites of his are KUNDUN '97, KING OF COMEDY '82 and ITALIAN AMERICAN '74 - all brilliant time capsule, charactor studies. Scorsese does it again: taking a pretty every day normal person and showing all that's extraordinary about them. His filmmaking & editing skills of choosing what to show & how to film it are so honed at this point, he's mastered it perfectly. For the a
  14. FLORENCE next: Diane, Meg and Jodie
  15. And if ya wanna talk about "revenge politics", then whaddya think all them PARDONS are about? Sepiatone
  16. I had to wait to see both films on demand, it's too late for me to stay up especially for these last two films on Saturday night, and I'm working on Sundays this time of the year. Especially since I have seen The Glass Key before. Lake always looks like she just got out of high school, and never liked Ladd all that much. Crazy Bendix is the best part of The Glass Key. I don't remember seeing Witness to Murder before but thought the cinematography was the best part. Liked that overhead shot of the building entrance with the flapping canopy, the sound effects were probably all foley. It did
  17. Jan 19, 2021,10:22am EST|3 views To Kill A Pipeline: Biden Gets Pushback From Canada On Keystone XL Cancellation David Blackmon David BlackmonSenior Contributor Energy U.S. Vice President Joseph "Joe" Biden, left, and Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, smile ... [+] © 2016 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP One of the Democratic Party’s long-running criticisms of President Donald Trump over the past four years has centered on allegations that his conduct of foreign policy often had the impact of alienating America’s allies. Incoming President Joe Biden now risks doing
  18. 2015 reunion of some cast members of Room 222. Denise Nicholas (guidance counselor Liz McIntyre), Karen Valentine (student teacher Alice Johnson) and Judy Strangis (shy student Helen Loomis)
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