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  2. Breakdown (1997) Next: Tyrone Power
  3. Joan Woodbury was in The Rogues' Tavern with Barbara Pepper.
  4. Diane Baker was in Strait-Jacket with Rochelle Hudson.
  5. I think it's pretty exciting too. I'm only puzzled Peter Bogdanovich isn't involved, I thought he knew everything there was to know about Welles. I'd think if anything might be in existence, Bogdanovich would have been on it. That said, I recall the discovery of thousands of films found in a swimming pool in Canada a couple decades ago. Also found in a Canadian warehouse - tons of old 1920-40's film equipment, all in pristine condition. So you never know. I like the film in it's present, truncated condition, can't imagine it better. Thanks for the synopsis of the story & l
  6. The Studio Murder Mystery (1929)
  7. POLITICO @politico Sen. Jim Inhofe is calling on Senate leadership to delay a vote on Pentagon
  8. POLITICO @politico Opinion: If you want to know why Donald Trump’s public insult to Senate GOP
  9. 1. Stanley Livingston - My Three Sons. 3. Noreen Corcoran - Bachelor Father 6. Tommy Rettig - Lassie 7. Billy Mumy - Lost In Space 8. Jerry Mathers - Leave It To Beaver 9. Ron Howard - The Andy Griffith Shpw 10. Patty McCormick - Peck's Bad Girl
  10. Axios @axios Exclusive: Top White House officials will meet today with members of the bipartis
  11. Today
  12. Michael Beschloss @BeschlossDC This is close to what the White House Rose Garden (here photographed on April 16, 2015) would look like today had it not be
  13. AP Entertainment @APEntertainment .@MickJagger and Dave Grohl have teamed up for a hard-rock pandemic anthem called “Eazy Sleazy," with lyrics referencing Zoom calls and "virtual premier
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