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  2. FDR did imprison the Japanese though. He did all of that, If he were to come back and enact his same policies today, he would be viewed like Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin. He'd be considered farther right than Trump. It's just a bit odd that politicians like Bernie would try to downplay that.
  3. 4. No, but close (it's a little later, and not as well known) 11. yes...all those pieces become..Groucho
  4. Today
  5. Never liked the winner, "Can you feel the love tonight" -- greatly prefer "Circle of Life" (both LION KING) next Another song with "life" in the title
  6. Tuesday, August 4th 2020 160, 290--- Dead Americans from Covid-19 Source, Worldometer
  7. Prohibition started under a Republican president, ended under a Democratic president. Case closed.
  8. Eight) His most successful production was "A Woman Under the Influence", starring his wife Gena Rowlands. Cassavetes directed and wrote the script. Both husband and wife were nominated for an Academy Award, Gina for best actress and John for best director.
  9. 4) The Defenders ? 11) You Bet Your Life
  10. We don't put up with that crap in Kansas.
  11. Conservative white males will meet the agitators head on .... and unleash a fury upon them ...
  12. David Hemmings AND David Warner in a musical. The mind boggles. Quilp, the evil dwarf who dreams of marrying the pre-pubescent Little Nell, now the hero of a musical. Oh-kay.
  13. I have seen Edison the Man and A Man Called Peter. I was wrong about which Spencer Tracy movie it was, but it was another movie I've seen. I've seen three.
  14. Massive explosion in Beirut kills at least 70, injures 3,000; US military believes it was 'terrible attack,' Donald Trump says https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/08/04/beirut-lebanon-explosion-causes-destruction-people-wounded-near-port/3289423001/
  15. I think many hated it because it was too violent. I remember a scene where a man is shot in the face right on screen. That must have been a lot for people who were used to the Hayes Code.
  16. Nnnnot quite: From a review, it ends on a poignant song of how much our good hero will remember Little Nell, so she was not in vain. (Otherwise, yes, Newley & Bricusse's next musical Dickens followup to Albert Finney in Scrooge (1970), hence the villain getting his name over the title.)
  17. "You'd Be so Nice to Come Home To" by Cole Porter -- written (and Oscar nominated) for Something to Shout About (1943), where it was sung by Don Ameche and Janet Blair. I'm particularly partial to Diane Keaton's rendition in Radio Days (1987): Next: A song that was Oscar nominated but lost to a song that wasn't as good.
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