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  2. People often praise TBOAN for it's groundbreaking cinematic techniques and such, but IMHO, as cinematic entertainment I off the bat found it quite boring and an insult to my intelligence, any racist inferences notwithstanding. Sepiatone
  3. Long as one gets a paid day off from work, who cares?
  4. The ending of The General Died At Dawn is quite unlike that of any other film I've seen. And its stays with me, right to the last haunting image.
  5. what about the sequel? the young savages meet the young stranger "I want you to tell Burt Lancaster that the manager tried to wrestle me in the lobby."
  6. And as anyone who had a cat knows, ------- Cats don't have owners. They have staff! Sepiatone
  7. It's an upside down world. The republicans are trying to rig the elections via the State level and they are mad at democrats as they try to undo it at the Federal level. Lyin' Ted is an absolute worthless piece of you know what.
  8. if I were an unborn fetus I'd rather be chipped away at than torn apart by a forceps.
  9. 1941: Suspicion Cary Grant is a doctor, who is not looking to change his bachelor status.
  10. what the holy hell do we need this unnecessary federal holiday courtesy of mindless liberalism for? slavery ended when Lee surrndered to Grant at Appamatox Courthouse...in 1865! 156 years ago. symbolism over substance as the late Rush Limbaugh would say...of course Rush was being unduly kind. what he really meant was no rhyme or reason. so liberals wanna heal racial division...by making 2021 1865? makes sense huh? it never will but this is all that liberalism knows how to do. nothing and then calling it something and you can believe VP Kamala is completely overjoyed. t
  11. Catch-22 (1970) next : worst movie in your opinion among those that seem to be universally liked by others
  12. No kidding, I thought she was going to 'slip into something more comfortable' and make him a drink. Was that possibility ever eliminated in the film? I cant recall it being so. My DirectTV guide says "An assistant district attorney discovers one of the hoodlums he must prosecute is the son of a former love."
  13. The Shining Hour Next: Richard Carle Robert Greig Charles Winninger
  14. IT SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU (1954) Next: lots of fighter jets
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