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  2. Constance next: Aaron, Candy and Tori
  3. Licence To Kill 1989 , he plays an professor named Joe Butcher. Thanks
  4. Adventure in Manhattan 1936 Mr. Smith Goes To Washington 1939 Only Angels Have Wings 1939 next: Rita Hayworth and Thomas Mitchell
  5. All of this PC censoring and cancelling is right out of 1984 and Newsspeak.
  6. Maybe send Trump to Moscow to get down on his knees again. He's had experience selling out Ukraine.
  7. So what more do you want Biden to do? Threaten military interaction?
  8. ...the word you're looking for is "posthumous" (all one word, only three syllables). Pronounced PAHST-yoo-miss. (Last syllable is a schwa, unstressed.) Remove the "ro" from "post-humorous" and you've got it. 🙂
  9. According to Michael Cohen and others NY has everything they need in the form of documents. Securing a testimony is like offering someone the chance to comment before you go to press. Time will tell.
  11. Mary Tyler Moore was in "Ordinary People" with Timothy Hutton.
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