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  2. I voted. PS It's horrible! You guys had the best TV guide of all channels. I'll especially miss Leonard's movie reviews and knowing when the shorts and Travel Talks are coming up. The site is also painfully slow. Please switch back!
  3. Everybody got the message, everybody had the message-- It was Nip who instigated it and that's where the problem originated. If someone starts problems, then they should have the responsibility of solving them or of at least apologizing for them.
  4. Today
  5. I want EVERYBODY to get the message! Off Topic Chit Chat was created for that.
  6. Fred Astaire Next: A dramatic actress or actor who was not a bad song and dance person at all.....
  7. *You know Nip well enough to address this directly to him. So I don't want to hear that there was a problem on both sides when Nip was the only one who brought up Politics on this particular thread.
  8. I first saw this video of Brandon deWilde's appearance on WHAT'S MY LINE a few years ago. I found it again it and decided to post it here.
  9. Translating the French here from the introduction: " What more is there to say?"
  10. Wednesday, September 30th 2020 211, 740--- Dead Americans From Covid-19
  11. The Division winners should not have to undergo this best of three. they should get a bye.
  12. Alex, I'll take Dumb Rude Orange Idiots for 300. Darn dog, he ate my ballot. Bad boy. Bad, bad boy.
  13. R O M A N C E O N T H E H I G H S E A S 1 9 4 8
  14. Please keep politics off this forum. Her "I Am Woman" brings back memories when I was in high school listening to AM in the early hours of the morning. Dial clock radio was set to wake me up, hearing those old classic 1970's music. "Satin Sheets" by Jeanne Pruett is another.
  15. B&W adds a unique atmosphere to the old horror films. Should NOT be colorized!
  16. America has been on a merdeshow since trump took office. I can't understand why people were surprised about what a mess the debate was considering trump always acts the same way anyway. That's why they call him a Narcissistic Sociopath.
  17. trump 2016: "Who's David Duke?" & trump 2020: "Who are the proud boys?" ### ( Translation for French commentary intro-- "Que de dire de plus?": " What more is there to say?"
  18. Ted Knight Next : a song and dance man/woman who could do straight drama
  20. The Pope refused an audience with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo because he doesn't want to give trump the opportunity to exploit the Catholic Church during the presidential campaign. Or maybe the Vatican simply didn't have enough food to feed Pompeo for lunch.
  21. Nils Asther was in The Crime Doctor with Donald Crisp
  22. Alice Pearce Next: supporting character on TV show
  23. Porter Hall was in Miracle on 34th St with Jerome Cowan
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