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  2. 1955...MISTER ROBERTS Next: Betty Hutton shoots better than Howard Keel.
  3. This audit is becoming a laff riot, which is just about what you'd expect. TCM is going ABBA centric.
  4. Pat is getting up there, though I suppose he still writes. I don't agree with his politics but he was always a pretty smart guy. Jonah Goldberg seems to be pretty smart too, though I don't know if he is now considered a true blue conservative. If they ever gave a Pulitzer Prize for name dropping classic writers and philosophers George Will would win it hands down.
  5. As I understood your earlier post you said that Trump could still be banned for a while and then reinstated and warned and then banned for life if misbehaved again. Not so much different from what I said, but I placed a time limit on current ban. He definitely should be prohibited from as much social media as possible until after the 2014 election. That is his punishment for the insurrection he inspired and supported. His statements since being banned have shown he has no remorse for anything he has said, done or caused nor will he ever. He continues to spread THE BIG LIE and to a
  6. Interesting. I didn't know about those things. Hairspray is funny at times, but to me it doesn't quite work as a whole. Debbie's part in the movie is pretty small and it's really just a lark. I still prefer Blondie.
  7. Yves Montand was Grigoris Lambraki in Z Ingrid Bergman was Paula Alquist Anton in Gaslight Anthony Perkins was Josef K, in The Trial So the movie is Goodbye Again. Next: Gypsy Rose Lee signs a movie contract with Rudyard Kipling and accepts a marriage proposal from Bob Woodward
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  9. Some of the most conservative and principled folks I've met are from Minnesota and Michigan ... unfortunately there are not enough of them ...
  10. Rizzuto was great. In March of 1995, my father, a lifelong Yankee fan, suffered a seizure and went into a coma for 6 days. By the time he came out of it, he struggled with his short term memory. Rizzuto was in town (Niagara Falls, NY) for an autograph signing along with Goose Gossage. I made a couple phone calls and set up a phone call from Rizzuto to my dad who was still in the hospital. The next day, I went to the signing to meet him. When I told him who I was, he got up from his table and shook my hand and asked several questions about my dad .Totally classy guy. Despite my dad's memory iss
  11. Marcello Mastroianni. If you got the hint from my OP, I discounted animated characters. Thanks for the alliteration with different spelling! Now I wonder if there are names that start with the same spelling, but are pronounced differently. Un-literation?
  12. - PaulCraigRoberts.org - https://www.paulcraigroberts.org - The Feminization of Western Men Posted By pcr3 On May 4, 2021 @ 6:45 am In Articles & Columns | Comments Disabled The Feminization of Western Men Paul Craig Roberts In a remarkable interview published on Russia Insider in March 2019, RT’s Anissa Naouai interviewed Danish journalist Iben Thranholm about the disappearance of Western manhood: Dear European Men: You Are Pathetic ****. This is a Danish woman’s conclusion. Thranholm says that Western men have been feminized and Western women defemini
  13. Well..... Krauthammer was nominated twice, won once, so he's gotta be half again smarter! I've seen these two hundreds of times on the Special Report panel. Here's a test for ya, go to a conservative forum and mention George Will.
  14. It's Metropolis crossed with Eyes Wide Shut and the MJ video Thriller...
  15. New Line was bought by Turner back in the 90s, and then became part of the Warner empire
  16. What I was hoping to hear were well reasoned arguments from TCM hosts as opposed to standard SJW complaints. What I got was standard SJW complaints from two TCM hosts then Jacqueline Stewart or Eddie Muller playing the adult in the room with a reality check. All in all a valueless exercise which is probably appropriate considering substantiation that these films are "problematic" is either extremely thin or non-existent.
  17. I like this topic but it is hard because there are so many. John Garfield comes to mind. Always loved him.
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