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  2. THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (2015) "A powerful, realistic, and amazingly well-acted comedy about sex between adults and teens that isn’t creepy but authentic, ballsy, and totally unpredictable."
  3. TANGERINE (2015) "Last Exit to Los Angeles. A beautifully shot underground transgender adventure story that’s worth seeing for the scary extras alone."
  4. THE SMELL OF US (2014) "When the director, playing a wino savant named Rockstar, actually sucks the toes of his French teen male star on-screen (with subtitles yet!), you’ll know you’re beyond Odorama. The smell here may be ripe, but Larry Clark is back in top form. Oh, yeah... it’s a great musical."
  5. LI'L QUINQUIN (2014) "Yes, there is such a thing as hillbillies in France. A comic barnyard mystery that asks the nagging question: Who is killing people in the countryside, cutting up their bodies, and stuffing the pieces up cows’ ****?"
  6. MAPS TO THE STARS (2014) "Hilariously funny and, dare I say it, yes, pernicious. I love this film more than I love my own mustache."
  7. FLY COLT FLY (2014) "A true-crime documentary that moves like the thief in the night the teenage “Barefoot Bandit” really was. Using animation, news footage, and realistic re-enactments (you even get to see him wiggle his toes), Fly, Colt, Fly will make you understand why this plane-stealing kid became a national folk hero."
  8. THE KIDNAPPING OF MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ (2014) "My favorite writer is now a movie star, and he’s great playing himself in a literary whodunit that revisits his supposedly factual but still vague and unexplained book-tour kidnapping. Did it really happen, or was Houellebecq just drunk? Who knows? Who cares? I do, a lot."
  9. WHO TOOK JOHNNY (2014) "An amazing, lunatic head-scratcher of a documentary about missing children with plot twists that will leave you creeped out, surprised, and excited. As good as Capturing the Friedmans."
  10. Harpo Marx Next: attended a posh boarding school
  11. STAIRCASE (1969) Next: private eyes are watching you
  12. Smitty -- played by William Demarest in SALTY O'ROURKE (1945)
  13. Agree. There's even a sub-genre of these that are musicals. There was a documentary about these industrial musicals (Bathtubs Over Broadway). They used to be common up until the early 80s. These were either live productions done at conventions, or filmed/taped for showing in house at conventions, sales meetings, etc. The industrial musicals were important to the NY theater as it provided employment between gigs in the theaters. Even big name stars like Chita Rivera were in them (after she made a name for herself).
  14. I still haven't seen this western, and I love Gloria Grahame.
  15. NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. 2 (2013) "I, a Woman meets Salò. I thank the director for every hideous second of this comic masterpiece."
  16. NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. 1 (2013) "I, a Woman meets Salò. I thank the director for every hideous second of this comic masterpiece."
  17. Re: Historical question re: advertising in movie theaters My downtown theatre use to show local commercial ads for retailers. The company was called ITP (Interstate Theater Promotions.) It ran about 5-7 minutes followed by other ads i.e. Pepsi and a cartoon short generally Woody Woodpecker before the main feature. YES commercials in a theater, the heresy. 1985? try 1983!!! Plus Bic lighter Feature Presentation / Intermission / Smoke in Lobby Only. Sample
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