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    Not to get off track here, but I'll take this moment to give a shout-out to Speedracer5, who created this thread just over 5 years ago (anniversary was actually May 22). Here we are 5 years and 937 pages after her first post, and this thread is still going strong! 馃榾馃憦馃挭
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    On May 23 TCM aired The Green Berets starring John Wayne for Memorial Day weekend. I was a Green Beret in Viet Nam in 1965-66 in the 5th Special Forces Group on two teams, B23 and A235, later designated as A304. The movie is a joke and I was somewhat offended that you would choose this movie full of erroneous information about the war and Special forces role in it to honor veterans. I won't belabor the errors in the movie, but do want to cite one that stood out for me in the first 30 minutes as that's all I could watch. A Teams were designated by the Corps area they served in i.e. 2 Corps teams had the first letter as 2, such as in A235. Those in I corps would then have the designation as A107 or A109 and so forth. One of the teams in the movie was designated as A107, as I recall. And the colonel played by John Wayne had teams in I corps as they were so designated with the first number being 1, yet he said that at least one of these teams was on the Cambodian border. The geography is wrong as all of I Corps has a border with Laos, not Cambodia which is to the south and borders 2, 3 and 4 Corps, the Central Highlands, the area around Saigon and the Mekong Delta respectively. I have watched all of the movie before and did note that the ending was the sun setting over the South China Sea -- too bad as the South China sea is on the east of Viet Nam, where the sun rises, but does not set. Why not choose a Vietnam war movie that was honest, such as Hamburger Hill, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Coming Home and so forth, not a movie that had so many things wrong and was a strictly propagandistic piece.
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    The actor-comedian Fred Willard, known for his versatility and membership in Christopher Guest's film repertory company, died Friday in Los Angeles at the age of 86. His agent Mike Eisenstadt attributed the death to natural causes. Willard developed his improvisational skills at Chicago's Second City in the 1960s. He later became familiar to television viewers as a member of the comedy troupe Ace Trucking Company. The group, which made appearances on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and other variety shows during the 1970s, also featured Bill Saluga, Michael Mislove, Patti Deutsch and George Memmoli. In 1977, Willard co-starred with Martin Mull and Frank De Vol in the satirical talk show "Fernwood 2 Night," a summer spinoff of Norman Lear's late-night syndicated soap opera "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman." Mull starred as show host Barth Gimble, while Willard played his announcer and sidekick Jerry Hubbard. De Vol was the bandleader Happy Kyne. In 1978. the show evolved into "America 2-Night" after moving from Fernwood, Ohio to Southern California. Willard had a noteworthy dramatic role in the 1979 CBS miniseries "Salem's Lot," a supernatural thriller based on the novel by Stephen King. He played Larry Crockett, a prosperous real estate agent having an affair with his secretary Bonnie Sawyer (played byJulie Cobb). Willard first worked onscreen with the actor-writer-director Guest in the groundbreaking 1984 mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap," directed by Rob Reiner. He had a small part as U.S. Air Force Lt. Bob Hookstratten, who escorts the title rock band (whose members were played by Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer) during a visit to a military base. Willard went on to collaborate with Guest on the acclaimed mockumentaries "Waiting for Guffman" (1996), "Best in Show" (2000), "A Mighty Wind" (2003), "For Your Consideration" (2006) and the 2016 Netflix production "Mascots." In "Best in Show," Willard played a dog show commentator inspired by Joe Garagiola -- the veteran baseball announcer who presided over telecasts of "The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show" on USA Network. The usually affable Garagiola reportedly was not pleased by Willard's character. From 2010 to 2020, Willard was a semi-regular in ABC's Primetime Emmy Award-winning comedy series "Modern Family." He appeared as Frank Dunphy, the father of Phil Dunphy (played by series star Ty Burrell, pictured below on the left). Willard's character died of natural causes in the Season 11 episode "Legacy," which aired on January 15, 2020 during one of the show's final half hours. Willard's final role can be seen in the upcoming 10-part Netflix comedy series "Space Force," which stars Steve Carell and John Malkovich, and also features appearances by Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, Diedrich Bader and Noah Emmerich. Willard was cast as Fred Naird, the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Jamie Lee Curtis @jamieleecurtis How lucky that we all got to enjoy Fred Willard鈥檚 gifts. He is with his missed Mary now. Thanks for the deep belly laughs Mr. Willard. 1:49 PM 路 May 16, 2020路Twitter for iPhone Judd Apatow @JuddApatow Fred Willard could not have been funnier. He was pure joy. And the sweetest person you could ever meet. 2:58 PM 路 May 16, 2020路Twitter for iPhone Michael McKean @MJMcKean I鈥檓 at a loss for words, a state Fred Willard never found himself in. My friend for 40+ years, a great comic actor who had no competition because there was only one of him. We were all so lucky. Goodbye, Fred. 3:25 PM 路 May 16, 2020路Twitter for iPad Glen Weldon @ghweldon Fred Willard鈥檚 comic persona was that of a hip dad-joke - a thing that shouldn鈥檛 exist! - which was why there was no one like him. 3:04 PM 路 May 16, 2020路Twitter for iPhone Leonard Maltin @leonardmaltin My heart is heavy at the news of #FredWillard鈥檚 passing. What a kind man and what a glorious talent. There was no one funnier on earth. My family was lucky to be welcomed into his orbit. He and his wife Mary were superb hosts鈥攇enerous to a fault. Can鈥檛 believe they鈥檙e both gone. 2:51 PM 路 May 16, 2020路Twitter for iPhone
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    Yea, the Dorothy Kingship character was almost as annoying as the Alice Tripp character in A Place in the Sun. Of course no one does annoying better than Shelley Winters, but Joanna Woodward does her best. When she talks about love,,,love,,, and being free in her love,,,, love,,,, I want to throw her off a roof!
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    Aunt EIller, Laurie and Curly from the 1930 play Green Grow the Lilacs and from the (film) musical version, Oklahoma! ====== Julie Harris as Sally Bowles in the 1951 play I Am a Camera and Liza Minnelli as Sally in the musical (film) version, Cabaret
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    Why hello Mrs. Cleaver. You look especially lovely today. Is Wallace at home? Good ol' Eddie. One of my favorite TV characters. Of course just about everybody was on to his bs, but that didn't stop him from continually dishing it out. I have to admit, whatever you say about Eddie, the guy was persistent. One summer when I went to summer school I would watch an episode of Beaver, then get on my bike and go to school. If you think kids are happy to get out of regular school, imagine how happy they were to get out of summer school before the whole season was ruined. I even forgive Ken for becoming a cop. C'est si bon.
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    Van Johnson gives an excellent performance as the officer who relieves Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny.
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    Touchez Pas au Grisbi (1954) Classic French Noir Masterpiece Don't touch the stash, is a French-Italian crime film directed by Jacques Becker (Le Trou (1960)). The film was written by Jacques Becker, Albert Simonin, and Maurice Griffe. It was adapted from Albert Simonin's novel of the same name. The cinematography was by Pierre Montazel, the music was by Jean W*i*e*n*e*r. The film stars Jean Gabin as Max, an semi retired Paris gangster. Ren茅 Dary is Riton, Max's old partner in crime. Lino Ventura plays Angelo the drug lord of a narcotics gang. Paul Frankeur is Fats Pierrot the Mystific night club owner. Michel Jourdan is Marco, Dora Doll is Lola, the dancer who goes out with Max. Paul 艗ttly plays Oscar, Max's fence, Oscar's secretary is played by Marilyn Buferd plays Betty, she is also a mistress of Max. Jeanne Moreau plays Josy, dancer who goes out with Riton. It's the story of two semi retired gangsters, Max and Riton good friends who are getting old. They live off the somewhat "honest" money they skim from their cuts and connections. They pulled one last big job years ago and the gold bars they stole is their hidden stash for their full retirement. They have their club, their restaurants, their girlfriends. When Josy Ritons gal pal begins to do coke and stray he brags about having the stash in an effort to reign her in. She becomes his femme fatale when she tells Angelo the pusher. This is a perfect film, Jean Gabin's performance is excellent. Throw in Lino Ventura and a young Jeanne Moreau as a cabaret dancer and the exquisite Black & White cinematography of Pierre Montazel all under the direction of Jacques Becker and it all adds up to Masterpiece. 10/10. A fuller review with screencaps in Film Noir/Gangster pages
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    I loved Stiller & Meara. As a kid I thought Ann Meara was so pretty and couldn't understand why she'd marry such a little toad like Stiller. Then, I got older....and absolutely discovered the appeal of Jerry Stiller. Not only was he a gem of a guy, he was packed with talent. So glad he landed on Seinfeld for another generation to discover his immense comedic talent-and they wrote him the greatest lines! Rest In Peace. You made the world a better place, Jerry!
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    A new American Masters episode about Mae West is debuting on PBS on June 16. 8/7 CST. https://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/mae-west-dirty-blonde-about/12370/ I'm looking forward to this. I've only seen part of 1 of Mae's films-- but she's very interesting to me. I wish she and Jean Harlow had made a film together where West played Harlow's mother.
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    the cornfield where Dorothy met the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and the 'star' of many intermission shorts...popcorn
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    OKLAHOMA -- "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye" TWILIGHT ZONE -- wishing you into the cornfield LI'L ABNER -- "Jubilation T Cornpone"
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    Axios @axios Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey fired back at Trump after the president accused him of weak leadership: "Weakness is refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. Weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else, during a time of crisis." Minneapolis mayor to Trump: 鈥淲eakness is pointing your finger鈥 during a crisis Trump accused Frey of "a total lack of leadership." axios.com 9:59 AM 路 May 29, 2020路TweetDeck
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    Sounds grueling, not fun. I always marvel at the TCM posters here who follow guidelines for movie watching. Sometimes I get in a groove, like seeing a bunch of Anna Magnani or Elia Kazan movies. But most often driven by mood like Kathy Najimy's character in THE FISHER KING: "I want a Katherine Hepburn-y, Ethel Merman-y kind of movie, something that will make me laugh. I gotta laugh tonight"
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    Randy Rainbow @RandyRainbow The 鈥渂ig action to follow鈥 is him joining MySpace. 10:43 AM 路 May 27, 2020路Twitter for iPhone
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    I am very happy! This is finally a seemingly-legitimate reason for me to post my favorite song about shore leave. It is the most popular Star-Trek-based Filk song. No science fiction convention is complete unless they sing it at least once. It is best to imagine this performed by a guitarist/singer with a sympathetic voice being accompanied by at least eighteen people with IQs in the mid- to upper-140s who have not been sober since lunchtime. Yesterday. Kazoos are also encouraged. Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish When we pulled into Argo Port in need of R & R The crew set out investigating every joint and bar We had high expectations of their hospitality But found too late it wasn't geared for spacers such as we Chorus: And we're banned from Argo, every one Banned from Argo just for having a little fun We spent a jolly shore leave there for just three days or four But Argo doesn't want us anymore Our captain's tastes were simple but his methods were complex We found him with five partners each of a different world and sex The shore police were on the way -- we had no second chance We beamed him up in the nick of time in the remnants of his pants Chorus Our engineer would yield to none in putting down the brew He outdrank seven space marines and a demolition crew The navigator didn't win but he outdrank almost all And now they've got a shuttlecraft on the roof of city hall Chorus Our proper cool first officer was drugged with something green And hauled into an alley where he suffered things obscene He sobered up in sickbay and he's none the worse for wear Except he somehow taught the bridge computer how to swear Chorus The head nurse disappeared a while in the major dope bazaar Buying an odd green potion guaranteed to cause pon farr She came home with no uniform and an oddly cheerful heart And a painful way of walking with her feet a yard apart Chorus Our lady of communications won a ship-wide bet By getting into the planet's main communications net Now every time someone calls up on an Argo telescreen The flesh is there, but the clothes they wear are nowhere to be seen Chorus Our Doctor loves Humanity; his private life is quiet The Shore Police arrested him for inciting wh0res to riot We found him in the city jail, locked on and beamed him free Intact except for hickeys and six kinds of VD Chorus Our Helmsman loves exotic plants; the plants all love him too He took some down on leave with him and we wondered what they'd do The planetary governor called and swore upon his life That a gang of plants entwined his house and then seduced his wife! Chorus A gang of pirates landed, and nobody seemed to care They stamped into the nearest bar to announce that they were there Half our crew was busy there, and invited them to play But the pirates only looked at us, and turned and ran away Chorus Our crew is Starfleet's finest, and our record is our pride And when we play we tend to leave a trail a mile wide We're sorry about the wreckage and the riots and the fuss; At least we're sure that planet won't be quick forgetting us! And we're banned from Argo, every one Banned from Argo just for having a little fun We spent a jolly shore leave there for just three days or four But Argo doesn't want us anymore. There are videos on YouTube of this being performed but I am sad to say that I find them all lacking any verve.
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    The Solid Gold Cadillac Big Business
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    Hudsucker Proxy (1994) Network (1976)
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    Lee J. Cobb, Karl Malden, and Rod Steiger for Supporting Actor in On the Waterfront. James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Al Pacino for Supporting Actor in The Godfather. Robert de Niro, Michael V. Gazzo, and Lee Strasberg for Supporting Actor in The Godfather Part II. Dianne Wiest and Jennifer Tilly for Supporting Actress in Bullets over Broadway. Shirley MacLaine was not happy she shared her Best Actress nomination with Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point.
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    Tom and Ma Joad are kind of the antithesis of Cody and Ma Jarrett.
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    Annie Glenn, who was married to the heroic American astronaut (and eventual United States Senator) John H. Glenn, Jr., died Tuesday at the age of 100. She succumbed to complications from the coronavirus at a nursing home in St .Paul, Minnesota. As the spouse of one of America's original seven astronauts, Mrs. Glenn became almost as famous as her husband. In 1959, the wives were profiled in a Life magazine cover story that ran one week after the publication's coverage of the men of Project Mercury. Pictured from the top row: Jo Schirra (left) and Louise Shepard; middle row, from left Mrs. Glenn, Rene Carpenter, and Marjorie Slayton; bottom row, Trudy Cooper (left) and Betty Grissom. As a result of Mrs. Glenn's death, Rene Carpenter, who divorced astronaut M. Scott Carpenter in 1972, has become the last surviving Mercury Seven wife. Mrs. Glenn struggled for most of her life with a stuttering problem, which caused her to shy away from attention. Her predicament was depicted in the acclaimed 1983 motion picture version of "The Right Stuff," based on the non-fiction book by Tom Wolfe. In the film, Mary Jo Deschanel (wife of the veteran cinematographer Caleb Deschanel and mother of the actresses Emily and Zooey Deschanel) portrayed Mrs. Glenn. In a memorable scene set on the day of Glenn's historic February 1962 orbital flight, the astronaut (Ed Harris) receives a frantic call from his wife. Mrs. Glenn is terrified because Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (Donald Moffat) wants to visit the family residence with the news media in tow. In the 2015 ABC television miniseries "Astronaut Wives' Club," Azure Parsons and the Australian actor Sam Reid portrayed the Glenns. The drama was based on Lily Koppel's 2013 book about the women behind the men of the Mercury program. Mrs. Glenn eventually learned to control her stuttering problem and became an advocate and educator in communication disorders. She continued to support her husband when he served in the U.S. Senate as a Democrat from Ohio (1974-1999). She also saw him return to the space program when he flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1998 at the age of 77. He was the last surviving Mercury astronaut when he died on December 8, 2016 at 95. Albert Hunt @AlHuntDC RIP: Annie Glenn passed away @ 100 today. The wife of national icon, Sen. John Glenn --they were childhood sweethearts married for 70 years --Annie overcame severe stuttering and helped others, including our son Jeffrey after he was injured. Never knew a more gracious person. 10:50 AM 路 May 19, 2020路Twitter Web App Governor Mike DeWine @GovMikeDeWine In honor of the life of Annie Glenn, I have ordered that U.S. and Ohio flags be flown at half-staff upon all public buildings and grounds throughout Muskingum County, and at the Ohio Statehouse, Vern Riffe Center, and Rhodes Tower until sunset on the day of her memorial service. 12:19 PM 路 May 19, 2020路TweetDeck Bill Clinton @BillClinton Annie Glenn鈥檚 courage inspired so many throughout her life, as did her kind, compassionate voice for the elderly and people with disabilities. My full statement on her passing here: https://wjcf.co/2Zj9lJv 9:50 PM 路 May 19, 2020路Twitter for iPhone Connie Schultz @ConnieSchultz My heart is breaking. Annie Glenn was my mentor, and my beloved friend. She was also a hero in her own right. Struggling right now for the words, but I will find them. 10:07 AM 路 May 19, 2020 from Cleveland, OH路Twitter for iPhone Robert Shrum @BobShrum Replying to @ConnieSchultz Working for John Glenn as a campaign consultant when he ran for re-election to the Senate was an honor and a privilege. Knowing Annie Glenn was an inspiration and a delight. 10:12 AM 路 May 19, 2020路Twitter for iPad
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    I loved the episode where Wally wanted to wear his hair in the jelly roll style and June was absolutely beside herself. The music that plays each time Wally and his haircut is on screen was hilarious. I remember one particular scene with Ward trying to talk to Wally about his hair and Ward鈥檚 face during this scene was very funny.
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    WHAT!?! I was looking forward to seeing Florence Nightingale slink into a hospital ward wearing an Orry-Kelly. "Hello, everybody, I'm here to take your temperature. Which way do you prefer it?"
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    The show's best contribution to the language: Giving someone "the business" (unmerciful teasing).
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    Night Caller from Outer Space, aka The Night Caller, aka Blood Beast from Outer Space --John Saxon (I thought of this because I just watched it last week...unusual film...) Bridget Jones' Diary -- Renee Zellweger The Old Dark House -- Tom Poston Curse of the Demon -- Dana Andrews Vincent Price headed up Brit casts a few times...Theatre of Blood, The Pit and the Pendulum, Tower of London Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River -- Jerry Lewis
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    The Avengers: Endgame (2019) Barbarella (1968)
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    Superman (1978)
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    Gabriel Over the White House (1933) Politics (1931)
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    Jerry Stiller, one-half of the comedy team Stiller and Meara and father of the actor and filmmaker Ben Stiller, has died at the age of 92. Ben Stiller announced his father's death of natural causes this morning on Twitter. The elder Stiller would have observed his 93rd birthday on June 8, 2020. Stiller and Anne Meara were opposites from Brooklyn who clicked as a comedy team -- and at marriage (they were wed from 1954 until Meara's death in 2015). He was 5'5" and Jewish. She was 5'6" and an Irish-Catholic. They became popular with television audiences, thanks to their 36 appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in the 1960s and 1970s and numerous bookings on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." In the 1970s, they tended to work apart as actors. Meara earned four Primetime Emmy nominations for her television work, including the legal series "Kate McShane" and the "All in the Family" comedy spinoff, "Archie Bunker's Place." Stiller appeared in such films as "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" (1974) and the 1988 and 2007 versions of "Hairspray". In the 1990s, he became a fixture on TV sitcoms as George Constanza's father Frank on "Seinfeld" (1993-1998) and as Arthur Spooner on "The King of Queens" (1998-2007). Ben Stiller and his older sister Amy (pictured below second from the left) both followed in their parents' footsteps. Ben won a Primetime Emmy as the co-writer of "The Ben Stiller Show," a 1992-1993 sketch comedy series he co-created for the FOX Network. He went on to direct and star in such films as "Reality Bites" (1994), "Zoolander" (2001), "Tropic Thunder" (2008) and "Zoolander 2" (2016). Amy is an actress and writer. Ben Stiller @RedHourBen I鈥檓 sad to say that my father, Jerry Stiller, passed away from natural causes. He was a great dad and grandfather, and the most dedicated husband to Anne for about 62 years. He will be greatly missed. Love you Dad. 4:15 AM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter for iPhone Jerry Seinfeld @JerrySeinfeld Jerry Stiller's comedy will live forever. 1:58 PM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter Web App Julia Louis-Dreyfus @OfficialJLD The truth is that this happened all the time with Jerry Stiller. He was so funny and such a dear human being. We loved him. RIP Jerry Stiller. 2:15 PM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter Web App jason alexander @IJasonAlexander Such sad news that my beloved friend, Jerry Stiller, has passed. He was perhaps the kindest man I ever had the honor to work beside. He made me laugh when I was a child and every day I was with him. A great actor, a great man, a lovely friend. #RIPJerryStiller I Love you. 11:33 AM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter for iPad Christopher Titus @TitusNation I鈥檓 in tears. So sorry, and thank you for the joy and the laughter, Jerry Stiller, you were, and will always be, comedy gold. RIP 4:31 AM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter for iPhone trey wingo @wingoz RIP Jerry Stiller...a legend 5:55 AM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter for iPad Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann This is sad news and a great loss. Not only was he a marvelous comedian and actor, but if you had Jerry Stiller in your corner, you had an implacable advocate and friend #RIPJerry 6:55 AM 路 May 11, 2020路Twitter for iPhone
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    Except they鈥檙e always fighting over who gets to be the bottom.
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    I first saw this film years ago and liked it enough that I wrote this review. A Neglected Gem from Raoul Walsh Posted: Dec 16, 2012 5:34 PM Amazing, isn鈥檛 it, when you watch a film that you never really even heard of, and find yourself drawn into it right from the beginning. I discovered a little Warner Brothers gem, The Man I Love, filmed in 1945 and held up two years before its eventual release. It鈥檚 a difficult film to categorize by genre, part noir (certainly in appearance), part exploration of club life, particularly the jazz scene, part human drama. It was directed by Raoul Walsh in such a smooth, effortless fashion, with his gliding camerawork, that I want to scream out, 鈥淲hy do people stereotype this man as just an action director?鈥 He could be, on occasions such as this, so much more. It鈥檚 a film about lonely people, or at least, those searching for something in the big city, dissatisfied with their existing lot in life. The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission, and it鈥檚 got to be something of a classic. Two drunks outside a club, attracted to the music inside, are refused entry through the establishment鈥檚 locked doors, told that it鈥檚 鈥渃razy鈥 people inside having a good time by themselves. Walsh takes us inside and there it is, a smoke filled jazz-tinged session of the Gershwin title tune. Walsh shows great respect for the jazz musicians performing. As the camera slowly, lovingly explores this group, the director gives a few of them their own brief moment. The sax player with a closeup of his fingers, the coronet player, the drummer, then back to the coronet player, only this time it's a shadowy closeup of his face. The film鈥檚 star, Ida Lupino, then starts to sing The Man I Love off screen. Walsh teases the viewers, letting them hear the song鈥檚 opening lyrics before allowing them to have their first sighting of Lupino. Even then she has her back partially to the camera as she casually moves to let us see her in profile, a cigarette in her hand, from which she casually flicks an ash. No, it鈥檚 not Lupino鈥檚 voice. She鈥檚 dubbed, but the voice sounds right, like it could be her鈥檚, and Lupino, beautifully attired, then gets her first closeup, as a giant cloud of cigarette smoke escapes her mouth. And you can see it in this actress, you can see it in her eyes, that connection with the song that she鈥檚 singing (which will also come to represent her character, as it turns out). 鈥淥ne day he鈥檒l come along, the man I love. 鈥淎nd he鈥檒l be big and strong, the man I love . . .鈥 Lupino brings so much feeling to these lyrics with her expression. You鈥檙e already ready to believe in her character at this point before you even get to know her. And you see her comaraderie with the musicians, particularly at that moment in the song in which she lights the pianist鈥檚 unlit cigarette with her own. How I wish George Gershwin could have seen this moment that Walsh, Lupino , the cinematographer with that great smoky black-and-white photography, and the set designer, in addition to those real musicians playing there, all bring to his song. This three minute song sequence is a loving tribute to Gershwin鈥檚 haunting hurting masterpiece. Even if you don鈥檛 care for the rest of the film (which I find impossible to believe) you HAVE to see The Man I Love if only for this opening. All those who love jazz, who appreciate films like Young Man with a Horn or Blues in the Night, will find something to love about this introduction that Walsh gave his film. There are myriad characters in the film, and I don鈥檛 want to bog this brief tribute down by listing them all. Lupino鈥檚 character travels from New York City to California to see her family but her character is leaving one bad relationship and now drifting. There鈥檚 the sleazy night club owner, well played by Robert Alda, who only has opportunism on his mind, be it with a woman for a night or taking over someone else鈥檚 nightclub. Alda's character is fairly despicable, putting the obvious charm on one moment, angrily snapping the next when things are not going his way. There鈥檚 also Bruce Bennett as a jazz pianist who was ripped apart by a divorce, and remains haunted by that relationship. Lupino, also hurting, finds it easy to make a connection with him but he鈥檚 reluctant to commit. Walsh does something with Bennett in this film. Bennett , a big boned former Olympian, who made a career in character support in Hollywood, largely at Warners, will never be on anyone鈥檚 list of great actors. But there was always a bit of a hang dog sadness about him, and it works beautifully in this part. You can see the pain in his face as he laments over his lost love from the past. There鈥檚 also an essential decency about his character (especially in contrast to the sleazy nightclub owner) by which you can fully understand Lupino being drawn to him and wanting to take a chance. Bennett is quietly wonderful in the part. It has to rank as one of his best performances. And for a film that is about a collection of people dissatisfied with their lives, an extension of that can be found in this most capable cast, none of whom enjoyed satisfactory careers in Hollywood. There was Alda, initially playing, ironically, George Gershwin in a high gloss biopic before Warners then cast him in supporting roles, often of a sleazy nature, such as in this film. Then there was Bruce Bennett, a solid, if somewhat rather dull supporting player for the most part, though effective on occasion, such as in this film, Treasure of Sierra Madre (as Cody) and when playing Mildred Pierce鈥檚 former husband. Then look at the rundown of actresses in this film, all briefly appearing in Warners films before largely disappearing, Dolores Moran, effectively cast as a spoiled brat in The Man I Love who falls in with the nightclub owner, Martha Vickers, best remembered today as Lauren Bacall鈥檚 thumb-sucking **** sister in The Big Sleep, and Andrea King, leading lady of The Beast with Five Fingers. There鈥檚 even Lupino. Strong performer that she was, and briefly viewed as Warner鈥檚 chief dramatic studio challenge to Bette Davis, after a strong start the studio seemed to lose interest in her. The Man I Love, released in 1947, would be one of her last effective roles before she would become the only actress I can recall who went behind the camera as director when it was apparent that acting opportunities were no longer coming her way. She was a capable director but what a loss it was for all of us that she could no longer find the right roles as an actress. The Man I Love is not a great film. There is, however, a wistful melancholy about the production, with a moody ambience encompassing its lost characters, that makes it a highly affecting drama. This is a neglected Raoul Walsh melodrama that deserves a look, and then another. If only for that opening scene set in a nightclub late at night. Trust me on this one.
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    Okay! I'll tell ya what's wrong with movies today! There's WAY too much sax and violins. (...especially in the movies they make about orchestras now days)
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    I recently saw a rerun of a "Perry Mason" episode with Joyce Bulifant, and I thought she looked like Sue Ann Langdon. How about Roy Rogers and singer Clint Black? I'm not the first to notice a resemblance.
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    HuffPost @HuffPost Nino Vitale says he won't wear a mask because the face is the "image and likeness of God." GOP Lawmaker Opposes Coronavirus Face Masks Because They Cover 'The Image Of God' Nino Vitale says he won't wear a mask, and doesn't want others to wear one either, because the face is the "image and likeness of God." huffpost.com 12:10 AM 路 May 5, 2020路SocialFlow
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    Kim Novak has a touch of film immortality thanks to Vertigo. The film's memorable climax in which, at first frightened of Scotty after he has dragged her up the stairs, she then relents after he expresses the love he had had for her and moves in for a final embrace is one of the indelible moments of the movies, at least, for me. Novak brings a touching vulnerability to the scene as an ironic fate in the form of a phantom-like figure moves in upon her. A Vertigo in a career more than compensates for a Lylah Claire.
  45. 4 points
    Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1 As Trump leaves the podium after announcing that he has deemed houses of worship 'essential,' a reporter repeatedly asks him, "Mr. President, will you be going to church?" There is no response. 2:05 PM 路 May 22, 2020路Twitter for iPhone
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    Steve McQueen & James Garner in the British classic THE GREAT ESCAPE William Holden in another British POW film, THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI Glenn Ford in the British thriller TERROR ON A TRAIN
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    Always thought it to his credit that he was able to avoid the classic "troubled former child actor" syndrome, and for a time become a contributing member of society by joining the LAPD. Of course I suppose that all depends on how one feels about cops, doesn't it. (...R.I.P., Ken)
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    Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Sense and Sensibility (1995) Pride and Prejudice (1940) Hilary and Jackie (1998) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) The Gay Sisters (1942)
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    Thursday, May 14 Edward G. Robinson SOTM 8 p.m. The Whole Town鈥檚 Talking (1935). One of Eddy's best.
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    Age of Consent (1969) I can watch Helen Mirren posing for James Mason on the Great Barrier Reef over and over...)
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