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    Not wishing to draw too much unwanted attention I did fail to notify that I went into the hospital for spinal fusion surgery and just returned from PT/OT rehab yesterday afternoon. All went well, glad to say, and my doctor informs me that wit this type of surgery it can take up to a year to fully recover. Mybe shorter, depending on several factors. So, it'll take some time for me to build the endurance of sitting at my PC and working on a keyboard,so be patient and hopefully I'll be back so to being the same Sepiatone some of you've come to be annoyed with. Whichever, I'm glad to be back and catch up with y'all. With much love and graditude Sepiatone
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    Gina Lollobrigida is 93. Cicely Tyson is 95 Ann Blyth will be 93 next month Leslie Caron is 89
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    One of my oldest dearest friends works on that show. She has great things to say about the cast & crew. Last night I watched HOPSCOTCH '80 catching up with TCM's recent broadcast. It was yet ANOTHER Ronald Neame movie-man that guy has a great filmography including every genre. It's the story of a CIA spy played by Walter Matthau, who gets coldly replaced & fired after years of successful work. Dangerous situation, as he has so many government secrets. The movie is his attempt at writing a tell-all book, then escaping undetected so he can retire with his long term gf played by the wonderful Glenda Jackson. In fact, ALL the acting is superb and the story is well told with twists & turns you never quite follow until it all wraps up in the end. Gorgeous European locations add to the enjoyment, as well as very amusing comedic touches. For example, while typing his book, he speaks to a photo of his slime ball boss wonderfully played by Ned Beatty. With every sentence, the camera interchanges with a shot of the photo and the boss's expression changes from smiling to concern to horror! I don't want to reveal anything about the story. But if -like me-you don't get enough Matthau in a movie, this one is a true gem. A real WOW of an ending too. (available as a Criterion release)
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    There aren't too many great male singers left besides Tony. But there are a few-- The effervescent Johnny Mathis is 84 years-old. The very smooth Jack Jones is 82. And the jocular Steve Lawrence is 85.
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    Carroll Baker, whose status as a screen sex symbol may have overshadowed her acting talent at times, is 89.
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    The great Sidney Poitier is 93. He's the oldest-living Best Actor winner.
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    Ray - During the 1980's and early 90's I lived in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. As was often the case I'd be up early to take the train into Manhattan either to work, meet friends, maybe audition for something or to see a Broadway play. Occasionally on my return from mid-town, when the weather was decent, I would feel adventurous and get off the subway at the World Trade Center or City Hall Park. Nothing like a nice day in New York to walk the rest of the way home by way of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was on one such day that I was stopped halfway across the bridge by a man I remember as being tall and well-dressed. He asked me for directions to Connecticut. "Connecticut? I asked." "Yes. the man replied, I'm on my way home." "You can't get there from here.", I said. "It's too far to walk." The man quite earnestly said, "I do it all the time." "You do? That's quite a walk." The conversation drifted to other things I can't recall now but at one point the man asked what I did for a living. I told him I was trying to be an actor. He said his father had been an actor. "Really? Who?" "Have you ever heard of Basil Rathbone?" "Of course!" "You know who he is?" "Yes, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes." "You really do know who he is." Our conversation continued for a bit until he reiterated that he had to get home. I told him I didn't think he'd be able to walk to Connecticut. He told me he stayed in Brooklyn with his daughter and grandson. We parted ways but I was afraid that he was confused and might get lost or hurt so I followed a bit behind him to make sure he got where he was going. When he arrived home safely I made note of the address and name on the door. Later that night I looked in the Brooklyn phone book for the name I saw. A very nice woman answered. I explained who I was and about my encounter with her father. I told her I was sorry to bother her but I was concerned about his wanting to walk to Connecticut and possibly getting hurt. She told me they had had this problem before. That they kept a piece of paper with their address in his pocket just in case he got lost. She started to cry. Through her tears she told me he had been an international flight navigator and now he couldn't find his way home. As our conversation was ending I asked her if his father had been Basil Rathbone. She said yes that was true. Though I didn't know it at the time that would be my first encounter with someone suffering from Alzheimer's. I felt just as confused as he was. In the last seven years I've become quite acquainted with this terrible disease. It's been at least thirty years now and every so often my thoughts return to that chance meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge with John Rodion aka Rodion Rathbone. Grateful, I guess, that it was I whom Mr. Rodion asked directions and not someone who might have meant to do him harm.
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    Carl Quintanilla @carlquintanilla * U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS CORONAVIRUS VACCINE POSSIBLE AROUND NOV. 3, ELECTION DAY @Reuters 9:55 AM · Aug 6, 2020·TweetDeck
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    Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand State Dept is "offering a reward of up to $10M for information leading to the identification or location of any person who works with or for a foreign government for the purpose of interfering with US elections through certain illegal cyber activities." Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections -... The U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program, which is administered by the Diplomatic Security Service, is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to the... state.gov 9:29 AM · Aug 6, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Daniel Dale @ddale8 Trump repeats his ludicrous assertion that he's done more for Black people than anybody with the "possible" exception of Abraham Lincoln. Geraldo pronounces him, Trump, a "civil rights activist." 9:40 AM · Aug 6, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    The ReidOut @thereidout "On January 20, 2021, If there has not been a new president elected, at that point Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the United States." Laurence Tribe says if a 2020 result isn't decided by January 20, Pelosi will be president President Trump seems determined to sow confusion and chaos ahead of the 2020 election. Laurence Tribe says the president is trying to make the election ‘look chaotic’ and mentions a ‘fail safe’:... msnbc.com 11:04 AM · Aug 2, 2020·SocialFlow
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    Brimley, who sometimes looked older than he really was, frequently proved himself a great scene stealer. In "The China Syndrome" (1979), he played a California nuclear plant worker who told the truth about what really happened during a near-catastrophic accident. He talked to the media and absolved the plant's martyred supervisor (Jack Lemmon, in an Oscar-nominated performance) of any blame in the matter. In "The Electric Horseman" (1979), Brimley's character -- a concerned citizen --rescued the fugitive ex-rodeo champion Sonny Steele (Robert Redford), who had become a cause célèbre by absconding with a $12 million throughbred mistreated by its corporate owners. Brimley was unforgettable as Assistant U.S. Attorney General James J. Wells in "Absence of Malice" (1981). His character showed up near the end of the film and lowered the boom on an overzealous federal prosecutor (Bob Balaban) and a district attorney (Don Hood) responsible for damaging the reputation of a Miami businessman (Paul Newman). Sally Field also starred as the newspaper reporter whose stories further damaged the businessman's reputation. In the 1984 baseball fable "The Natural," Brimley played Pop Fisher -- manager of the hapless 1939 New York Knights ball club. There are some nice moments when he and assistant coach Red Blow (Richard Farnsworth) amuse themselves during batting practice by playing a version of "Name That Tune." Both Brimley and Farnsworth were stunt performers before they became acclaimed character actors. One of Brimley's best scenes in "The Natural" took place moments before the aging rookie Roy Hobbs (Redford) walked into the Knights' dugout for the first time.
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    The durable actor Hal Holbrook is 95, which means he's lived 21 years longer than the renowned humorist he portrayed for decades -- Mark Twain.
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    Christopher Plummer at 90 is the oldest-living Best Supporting Actor winner.
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    Jennifer Hayden @Scout_Finch The call is coming from inside the White House. 11:05 AM · Aug 6, 2020·TweetDeck
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    Daniel Dale @ddale8 Trump says that after he aced the cognitive test, the questions about his "brain power" all "disappeared," "literally disappeared." No. 9:51 AM · Aug 6, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Axios @axios LeBron James responded to President Trump's remarks that he wouldn't watch NBA games if players took the knee, saying: "I can sit here and speak for all of us that love the game of basketball, we could care less" "We could care less": LeBron James responds to Trump's vow to stop watching NBA over protests "I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership," he said. axios.com 3:11 AM · Aug 6, 2020·TweetDeck
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    Scott Stedman @ScottMStedman What Vance and his team have found with some of these documents is that *unexplained* Kremlin cash was pouring into DBTCA as it was handing out its biggest loans to Trump and Kushner. 6:57 PM · Aug 5, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Tom Nichols @RadioFreeTom Trump just said that his son [Don Jr.] is “very much an environmentalist” actual LOL here in my living room 6:14 PM · Aug 5, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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    You can’t be Pro-Life and say “It is what it is!” when you’re asked about the 150,000+ Americans that have died due to your inaction on the pandemic.
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    This would be my advice as well. There will be no debates because it takes two sane and normal people and only Biden qualifies. Trump's performances at the Republican and Clinton debates prove he is unfit to be permitted into a debate of any kind. He pulls stupid, juvenile stunts, refuses to answer the questions and blatantly lies.
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    1. if you rewrote the script to work in the whole roller disco angle and slipped the pages to EILEEN HECKHART and BURGESS MEREDITH overnight, I guarantee you that they would show up on set the next day READY, with their LINES DOWN and nail the thing on the first take. That's the kind of actors they both were. 2. none of us did. ps- I can't remember if i have mentioned this to you or not, but LEE MONTGOMERY (who plays the kid in BURNT OFFERINGS) grew up to be SUPER HOT in the 80's- he was in a few more films before retiring (among them the 1985 TV Movie THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, who is a fun horror/comedy.)
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    Lousy drivers is right. It was a young guy driving a giant SUV who was on his cell phone instead of watching the road (and those damn pedestrians who were crossing the road.) Thank God he (and his daddy) were insured. But, I've got to say -- great docs in Anchorage and after ****ing endlessly that "I came all this way and never even saw a moose," on the day before I flew home, I was wheeled out of the hospital, deposited in a car and taken out to SEE MOOSE. Very nice people at Alaska Regional Hospital.
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    Good gravy...this film looks like it's this side of 'awesome'!!! When I saw that opening screen shot, for a minute I thought it was Jimmy Stewart! This looks like an over-the-top, tantric version of "Mr. Budwing". Then you see it's a Paramount picture, and that emanates with a heavy sigh and wistful look in one's eyes...drat! 😩
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    Manhattan DA reveals he is investigating Trump Organization for 'insurance and bank fraud' and 'pattern of financial misconduct' The Manhattan District Attorney told a federal judge his office is probing 'possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization' as it seeks to get Tax return information. Manhattan DA Cy Vance's office is seeking eight years of Trump Organization tax returns. The Supreme Court ruled prosecutors must provide a justification for the returns in federal court. In doing so, his office argued that the probe was about more than 'hush-money' payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.
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    Lovely Barbara Rush and as Ben would say, "our TCM friend", is 93...
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    Indeed. Maybe the Biden campaign should start using that slogan.
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    Wilford Brimley, an actor and a Quaker Oats pitchman, dies at 85 (CNN) Wilford Brimley, the mustachioed actor who appeared on the big screen, television shows and Quaker Oats commercials, has died. He was 85. Brimley died Saturday while hospitalized in St. George, Utah, his manager Lynda Bensky told CNN. He'd been at the ICU, where he was getting treatment for medical problems and was on dialysis. "Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust. He said what he meant and he meant what he said," Bensky said. "He had a tough exterior and a tender heart. I'm sad that I will no longer get to hear my friend's wonderful stories. He was one of a kind." His movie credits date to the 1970s and include "Cocoon," "The Natural" and "The Thing." He also starred in several television shows, including NBC's "Our House" as a gruff widower who asks his daughter-in-law and her children to live with him. "RIP Wilford Brimley -- so many great performances, but I'll never forget seeing him sing this surprisingly tender 'It's Not Easy Being Green,'" Stephen Colbert said. Brimley is survived by his wife, Beverly, and three sons.
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    Today is the 101st birthday of Nehemiah Persoff. Great actor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nehemiah_Persoff *** Tomorrow Tony Bennett turns 94.
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    Raw Story @RawStory Kansas Republicans panicked Trump-appointee will cost them a US Senate seat: report Kansas Republicans panicked Trump-appointee will cost them a US Senate seat: report According to a report at Politico, Kansas Republicans are beside themselves that their nominee for an open U.S. Senate seat will be a controversial conservative once appointed by Donald Trump to... rawstory.com 10:38 AM · Aug 2, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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    HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol The House speaker reportedly called the White House coronavirus task force member "the worst" in a closed-door meeting. Nancy Pelosi Says She Does Not Have Confidence In Dr. Deborah Birx The House speaker reportedly called the White House coronavirus task force member "the worst" in a closed-door meeting. huffpost.com 10:44 AM · Aug 2, 2020·SocialFlow
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    As a serious Robert Mitchum fan, I would like to thank TCM for showing some of the rarely seen films he made. I hope to someday see "Pursued" which is one of his best and most acclaimed westerns. I also would like to see "Mr. Moses" which is a fun movie rarely shown anywhere. Lastly, I would like to see the extremely rare "Beyond the Last Frontier". I hope other Mitchum fans join me in these requests.
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    Actress Cara Williams, who co-starred with Harry Morgan in the early 1960s "December Bride" TV spinoff "Pete and Gladys," is 95. She also starred in the CBS sitcom "The Cara Williams Show" during the 1964-1965 season. Although she's mostly remembered as a comedic actress on television, Williams received a 1958 Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "The Defiant Ones" opposite Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. Williams was married to actor John Drew Barrymore (pictured below with the actress)-- the father of Drew Barrymore -- from 1952 to 1959. They had a son, John Blyth Barrymore, who also became an actor.
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    Someday, an alien woman in Doc Martens will be in the Captain's Chair-
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    Blackfish (2013) Orca The Killer Whale (1977)
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    I beg you to remember than pain is your body's way of telling you to stop doing what you are doing. You will heal. Does it truly matter if it is in six months or nine months? Most people are so result-oriented that they ignore nature and so set back their recovery by trying to do more than their body can tolerate. Follow the instructions of the physical therapists but know when to tell them to go peddle their wares elsewhere. This is a time for rest and allowing your body to knit. Knitting is good. You can find many good instructional videos and knitting patterns on the Internet. Then when all this is done you will have found peace and have some nice little things to give as gifts.
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    Classic Disney song -- "Whale of a Tale" from 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA FINDING NEMO
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    Sir Alan Parker, the British filmmaker known for such diverse projects as "Bugsy Malone," "Midnight Express," "Mississippi Burning" and "Evita," has died at the age of 76. His death was confirmed by The British Film Institute, which said he had expired after a long illness. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002. He was nominated twice for Academy Awards: Best Director for "Midnight Express" (1978). Best Director for "Mississippi Burning" (1988). His first feature-length picture was the inventive 1976 musical comedy/gangster film "Bugsy Malone," which featured child actors as the lead characters. The future two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster played a 1930s singer named Tallulah. Scott Baio was the title character, a onetime boxer who became involved with gangsters whose guns spewed cream instead of bullets. Paul Williams received an Oscar nomination for Best Music, Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score. The 1978 drama "Midnight Express" starred the late Brad Davis as the real-life American smuggler Billy Hayes, who managed to escape from a harsh Turkish prison in 1975. The Italian composer Giorgio Moroder, known for his electronic dance music and collaborations with disco queen Donna Summer, earned an Academy Award for the movie's score. Another Oscar went to Oliver Stone for his adapted screenplay of Hayes' best-selling 1977 non-fiction book. The film also was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Sir John Hurt) and Best Film Editing (Gerry Hambling). The energetic 1980 film musical "Fame" -- the story of creative students at the New York High School of Performing Arts -- earned Academy Awards for Best Original Score (Michael Gore) and Best Original Song: "Fame" (Gore and Dean Pitchford). Three years after providing the vocals for the movie's Academy Award-winning title song, the singer/actress dIrene Cara won a 1983 Oscar herself for co-writing the song "Flashdance...What a Feeling" from the movie "Flashdance." The film inspired a television series version of "Fame" that aired on NBC during the 1982-1983 season and in syndication from 1983-1987. The 1982 drama "Shoot the Moon" revolved around the rocky marriage of a Northern California writer (Albert Finney) and his wife of 15 years (Diane Keaton). He became involved with a younger woman (Karen Allen); she became attracted to the contractor (Peter Weller) hired to build a tennis court on the family's property. Written by the two-time Oscar-winner Bo Goldman ("One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Melvin and Howard"), the picture also starred Dana Hill, Viveka Davis, Tracey Gold and Tina Yothers as the married couple's four bewildered daughters. Also in 1982, Parker adapted the British band Pink Floyd's 1979 album "The Wall" as a screen musical. "Pink Floyd -- The Wall" starred Bob Geldof of the Irish band The Boomtown Rats as the central character Pink. The song "Comfortably Numb" was used memorably in 2007 during the final season of the HBO drama series "The Sopranos." Parker's 1984 drama "Birdy" starred Nicolas Cage (pictured below at the bottom) and Matthew Modine as 1960s Philadelphia friends whose lives were forever changed by their experiences during the Vietnam War. The film was based on the 1978 novel by William Wharton. The 1987 supernatural drama "Angel Heart" starred Mickey Rourke as a 1950s private eye from New York in search of a missing singer. His investigation took him to New Orleans, where he became involved with the young Epiphany Proudfoot (Cosby Kid Lisa Bonet in her first grownup role). Robert De Niro also starred in the film as the investigator's mysterious client, Mr. Cyphre. Parker wrote and directed the film, which was adapted from the 1978 novel "Falling Angel" by William Hjortsberg. Based on the real-life search for three missing civil rights workers in the summer of 1964, "Mississippi Burning" starred Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe as FBI agents assigned to solve the case. The 1988 drama earned seven Academy Award nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Hackman), Best Supporting Actress (Frances McDormand), Best Cinematography (Peter Biziou, who won), Best Film Editing (Hambling) and Best Sound (Robert J. Litt, Elliot Tyson, Rick Kline and Danny Michael). The big winner at the Oscars was "Rain Man," which starred Hackman's longtime friend Dustin Hoffman. "Mississippi Burning" was praised by the Magnolia State's progressive governor Ray Mabus, who later became the U.S. Secretary of the Navy. But it was criticized by civil rights leaders who charged that the film wrongly glorified the FBI's role in the murder case. The 1991 musical comedy/drama "The Commitments" focused on a bold group of Dubliners determined to make it in the music industry as a soul band. Based on a 1987 novel by Irish writer Roddy Doyle, the film received an Academy Award nomination for Hambling's film editing. Parker's 1996 screen version of the 1978 Tony Award-winning musical "Evita" was headlined by the pop star Madonna, who earned a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Argentina's revered political figure Eva Perón (1919-1952). But Oscar voters weren't as impressed. The film received several technical award nominations and won for Best Original Song ("You Must Love Me," a new composition by "Evita" co-creators Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice). Andrew Lloyd Webber @OfficialALW Very sad to hear the news of Alan Parker's death. My friend and collaborator on the Evita movie and one of the few directors to truly understand musicals on screen. - ALW 12:33 PM · Jul 31, 2020·TweetDeck Guy Lodge @GuyLodge Goodbye to Alan Parker, who never made the same film twice, wasn't afraid to try stuff and occasionally miss, and whose greatest film, SHOOT THE MOON, still doesn't get the credit it deserves: among the most lacerating of all divorce dramas, and a peak for both Finney and Keaton. 11:57 AM · Jul 31, 2020·Twitter for Android David Hayter @DavidBHayter Alan Parker was one of the greatest and most underrated filmmakers of my lifetime. So many unique and varying films. I got to meet him once at Universal, and I was tongue-tied. (And his editor used to drink at my bar and tell me stories.) RIP to a legend. 1:37 PM · Jul 31, 2020·Twitter Web App Ben Stiller @RedHourBen So sad to hear of Alan Parker’s passing. What a great director who made what I consider “real” movies. He inspired so many filmmakers: ‘Fame', 'Midnight Express,' 'Mississippi Burning'...Watch his films - they are some of the best of the 70s and 80s. #RIP Alan Parker, British Director of 'Fame', 'Midnight Express' and 'Mississippi Burning,' Dies at 76 He also was behind 'Bugsy Malone,' 'The Commitments,' 'Angel Heart,' 'Evita' and 'Angela's Ashes.' hollywoodreporter.com 1:41 PM · Jul 31, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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    Yes. I attended an academic friend's New Years Party full of world travelers. I may have mistakenly drank from someone's wine glass (they all look the same!) The very next day I was throwing up-first thought it was just too rich food, but by evening thought it was the flu. Felt like I had been beaten up aches, chills, etc. Uh, no I did not do well. After 2 weeks of complete bedrest "the flu" started to subside and I finally began to consume liquids. On week 3-4 was slammed with respiratory issues-couldn't breathe, coughing and could not stand up. The Drs kept asking if I had recently traveled overseas (negative) and were stumped so began looking at my blood for infections. They could not pinpoint any disease but numerous infections had caused liver malfunction-it was shutting down. The Drs put me on anti-biotics to kill off any infections and I slowly improved. My temperature was 104 and was barely conscious- only know about this from relatives. Not knowing what was wrong, the Drs just continued the anti-biotics 4+ weeks because it was the only thing that seemed to help. I finally started feeling better late Feb/early March and the Drs had no explanation what happened to me. Remember-there was no available test back then. It was no joke. My family had my will/funeral preparation ready. And just as I started venturing out-QUARANTINE!
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    Elizabeth Warren @ewarren This administration’s entire coronavirus response should be investigated from top to bottom. 7:10 PM · Jul 31, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Raw Story @RawStory Internet accuses Jared Kushner of ‘genocide’ and ‘murder’ over report huge testing plan was nixed to hurt blue states Internet accuses Jared Kushner of ‘genocide’ and ‘murder’ over report huge testing plan was nixed... A stunning Vanity Fair exposé revealing the Trump administration actually spent months creating a nationwide testing program, only to quietly kill it because they thought the coronavirus would be... rawstory.com 4:35 PM · Jul 31, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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    The Thin Man (1934) TCM On Demand 7/10 A rich couple look into a murder case involving a missing inventor. First time viewing for me, I thought this was an entertaining comedy/mystery. I liked how Nick Charles (William Powell) was a former detective now living the jet set life with his wife (Myrna Loy) who had inherited a fortune. The chemistry between the two was delicious, I liked their banter even more than the plot. The ending of inviting all the suspects together for dinner may have seemed like a cliche but it was still entertaining, The enjoyable thing for me is that Nick hadn't even figured it out, he was waiting for the murderer to reveal him or herself. I'd like to see it again sometime, maybe around Christmastime.
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    Tread Softly Stranger (1958) Brit Bombshell Noir Directed by Gordon Parry. Written by George Minter and based on the play by Jack Popplewell. The exellent cinematography was by Douglas Slocombe and music by Tristram Cary. The film stars Diana Dors as Calico, George Baker as Johnny Mansell, Terence Morgan as Dave Mansell, Patrick Allen as Paddy Ryan, Jane Griffiths as Sylvia, Joseph Tomelty as Joe Ryan, Thomas Heathcote as Sgt. Lamb, Russell Napier as Potter, Norman Macowan as Danny, Maureen Delany as Mrs. Finnegan, and Betty Warren as Flo. A good introduction to Diana Dors, 7/10. Full review with more screenshots in Film Noir/Gangster pages.
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    Disney Legend animator Ruthie Thompson became a supercentenarian last week as she turned 110.
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    Margaret O'Brien is 83 Glynis Johns is 96 Angela Lansbury is 94 Eva Marie Saint is 96
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    I had the same reaction you did Tom, Oh No, when I read about her passing. Olivia was a favorite of mine. The Heiress, it's a film I've seen so many times and never tire of it. Olivia de Havilland's performance was brilliant. To Each His Own, another favorite. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a performance of hers that wasn't great. I love her performances with Errol. Her wonderful performance in the touching film Light in The Piazza is a favorite film of mine. I wish she could have stayed on longer. Truly a classy, chic, talented woman, a pleasure to watch on film and she had the well deserved title of a Hollywood Legend. RIP Olivia de Havilland
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