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  2. Wednesday, September 23 TCM is celebrating Mickey Rooney's 100th birthday with a tribute.
  3. Tuesday, September 22 6:30 p.m. Brief Encounter (1945). Beautiful David Lean film with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. 9:15 p.m. Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005). Part of the Women Make Film night. Someone with a sense of humour has replaced this in Canada with Courage of Lassie (1946) by Fred Wilcox.
  4. Robert Graetz, minister who helped organize Montgomery Bus Boycott, dies at 92 Donald Kendall, Who Served Pepsi to Khrushchev, Dies at 99
  5. Didn't think this would stump anyone but since it's been 2 1/2 days ... Next Your favorite tap number
  6. Can I do movie names and character names, or just people's names? Matthew Morrison Mickey Mouse MUSIC FOR MILLIONS
  7. GALIPOLI SAVING PRIVATE RYAN DUCK SOUP (deglamorize through comedy) Also thinking of the 2 versions of HENRY V --the Olivier made during WWII as a propaganda film portrays a glorified war, whereas the Branagh version from the 80s shows a messy unglamorous war
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  9. Curious to see Nothing But the Truth now, but of course can't speak for it, not having seen it. I'm glad you like The Ghost Breakers and Cat and the Canary as they are two of my favorites as well! Generally I'll watch almost anything with Paulette Goddard 'cause I just find her infinitely adorable, and Bob Hope is an American treasure for all the obvious reasons. I guess I can picture what you mean about him playing "comedian as well as hero," as I was perennially frustrated by the "Road" movies for him always having to play farcical second fiddle to Bing Crosby's romantic lead straight man, w
  10. There's one more thing that saves the film for me MissW, and besides the lovely look of the film and the great cast as you mentioned here. I think the film actually has quite a bit of snappy dialogue interspersed throughout it, also. (...and which even some of the supporting cast get to deliver, and not just the three principals)
  11. Btw, I think I've had enough fun with this thread now. (...BUT ya never KNOW!)
  12. "So, you're saying my genes are recessive? That's MY takeaway from all that, anyway!"
  13. I think we jumped ahead. Here's the next one anyway. Unforgettable
  14. Walter Next: Jane, Gail, and Kurt
  15. When Is Trump Gone? @DaysLeft4Trump
  16. Saúl Alejandro @SaulAlejandr00
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