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  2. Harpo Marx Next: attended a posh boarding school
  3. STAIRCASE (1969) Next: private eyes are watching you
  4. Smitty -- played by William Demarest in SALTY O'ROURKE (1945)
  5. Agree. There's even a sub-genre of these that are musicals. There was a documentary about these industrial musicals (Bathtubs Over Broadway). They used to be common up until the early 80s. These were either live productions done at conventions, or filmed/taped for showing in house at conventions, sales meetings, etc. The industrial musicals were important to the NY theater as it provided employment between gigs in the theaters. Even big name stars like Chita Rivera were in them (after she made a name for herself).
  6. I still haven't seen this western, and I love Gloria Grahame.
  7. NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. 2 (2013) "I, a Woman meets Salò. I thank the director for every hideous second of this comic masterpiece."
  8. NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. 1 (2013) "I, a Woman meets Salò. I thank the director for every hideous second of this comic masterpiece."
  9. Re: Historical question re: advertising in movie theaters My downtown theatre use to show local commercial ads for retailers. The company was called ITP (Interstate Theater Promotions.) It ran about 5-7 minutes followed by other ads i.e. Pepsi and a cartoon short generally Woody Woodpecker before the main feature. YES commercials in a theater, the heresy. 1985? try 1983!!! Plus Feature Presentation / Intermission Sample
  10. VIOLETTE (2013) "An upbeat biopic about one of my longtime literary idols, Violette Leduc (AKA the “female Genet”), a doubly miserable bisexual who only fell in love with gay men or heterosexual women yet found salvation through writing. The fact that she doesn’t commit suicide seems like a happy ending."
  11. ABUSE OF WEAKNESS (2013) "Isabelle Huppert, my favorite actress in the world, plays a crazy director (based on Breillat) who recovers from a massive brain injury by falling for the convict swindler she casts in her film. Their nonsexual, obsessive relationship is sheer perfection to watch, especially when Huppert keeps falling down in those weirdly glamorous orthopedic shoes."
  12. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Next: squabbling
  13. TOM AT THE FARM (2013) "A Genet-like love story between a smart-**** hipster and his dead boyfriend’s domineering and dangerously closeted brother who once ripped the mouth off of a man who cruised his sibling. I thought it was sexy."
  14. EXHIBITION (2013) "As the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s mini-retrospective last summer made clear, this British director’s perfectly framed scenes of simmering family resentments and embarrassed silences will thrill you in a severely modest way, and that should be enough. More than enough."
  15. BLUE JASMINE (2013) "My Bay Area friend said it best: “We love the movie here. Only Woody Allen could make San Francisco look ugly.”"
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