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  2. Holly Figueroa O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan
  3. Excuse me, but Terrence posed this question. It is his turn. Posters have to wait their turn, Guess correctly and it's then your turn. Please STOP making up your own rules on how these games are played.
  4. I don't know you or this guy whose tweet you are using as propaganda - but I'm sure he was fine working in journalism when Obama was laundering money and trading with the Enemy (IRAN!) as well as when Hillary was responsible for killings of innocent soldiers in Benghazi. Oh Please the reason he is quitting is because everyone in that industry is either being laid off, quitting, or being forced to work for free as an 'intern' - Another great truth is Democrats haven't got a chance at winning the next election. There are like 10 participating democrats on this thread the others are no on politic
  5. Or they could just show Bollywood Horror which contains both! If this is the traditional SCHEDULE IS UP! thread, I'd love to hear what stands out or movies you're looking forward to. I plan my viewing in advance & program the recorder for any gems playing overnight.
  6. Losers, Suckers and now 200,000 dead nobodies. - Donald J. Trump
  7. The GOP's reversal on their position on appointing a Supreme Court Justice in an election year only reinforces the perception abroad that Americans are not to be trusted. These actions have consequences beyond the Untied States borders.
  8. I don't know, but since the "change" there's been a huge drop off of interesting conversation on this board. Where the newbies at?
  9. Susan Oliver, my favorite green girl-
  10. Today
  11. Michael Cohen Retweeted Jon Cryer @MrJonCryer Trump could’ve been impeached on floating pardons alone. Quote Tweet
  12. Williams Next: Perrine, Bertinelli, Harper
  13. Raw Story @RawStory MSNBC’s Morning Joe rips Trump rally ‘idiots’ who are making COVID-19 worse through their own ‘stupidity’
  14. Wednesday, September 23 Mickey Rooney’s 100th Birthday Tribute. 4:30 a.m. Killer McCoy (1947). Well you have to hand it to him. Mickey Rooney did just about everything in his career including playing a boxer in this one.
  15. Wrong thread, but this is one of those ones I would care to see remade with updated casting (while I love the original and totally agree that the special effects hold up marvelously!). It would be perfect for a British/Indian co-production. Could be a lavish big-screen epic, or alternatively might play well on the small screen in light of recent developments like Indian Summers and Beecham House. Could be released for English and Hindi markets and make big money globally. The late Sushant Rajput, who played a romantic hero in the similarly themed film Kedarnath, could have stepped into Power's
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