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  2. I saw three movies last week. It turns out the question behind Postcards from the Edge is not whether Meryl Streep can do comedy as to whether director Mike Nichols can. It's not that Streep does a bad job, or for that matter Shirley MacLaine as her mother. But this tale of drug addiction and daughter/mother tension is ultimately too insubstantial and with stakes that are too low. Fisher's screenplay is competent, although it's kind of odd to see the Reynolds/Fisher relationship played by better actors. It could also be funnier. A couple of years ago, Molly's Game came out, a movie abou
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  4. Do you know this one? Change keys, it really doesn't matter. It's just a lot of silly chatter. Hold on, we're coming to the patter
  5. Johnny Verhovek @JTHVerhovek Trump v. Biden among Men Trump: 55% (+13)
  6. Does anyone else like Damn Yankees? I have this same concert on DVD.
  7. A I R P L A N E ! 1980 ✈️
  8. Virginia Brissac was in Down the Stretch with Mary Treen.
  9. C A R R I E ( 1 9 5 2 ) m a r i a m h o p k i n s next : locked out of the house
  10. Wingate, Pinkie - Judy Garland in Listen, Darling
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