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  2. Thanks. I saw it was TCM On Demand on Dish, so it's available!
  3. Sure thing. Welcome to the TCM message boards! I have about a hundred more of them to add to the thread. I am going in no specific order, except that I usually alternate them (female-male-female-male) so I'm not doing all the actresses at once or all the male actors at once. The RKO contract players you mentioned are ones I plan to include.
  4. Kasie Hunt @kasie .@senatemajldr Mitch McConnell is on the “list of regrets” for the ceremony honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Capitol today, — where she is the first woman ever to lie in state, a source tells me @
  5. Sylvia Sidney was in Dead End with Joel McCrea.
  6. Lois Next: Joan, Madeleine, Nancy
  7. Here's what we have covered: 1001.THE GOLD RUSH (1925) 1002.A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (1935) 1003.BEDLAM (1946) 1004.THE SUN COMES UP (1949) 1005.BEAT THE DEVIL (1953) 1006.CATTLE QUEEN OF MONTANA (1954) 1007.THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY (1965) 1008.FAT CITY (1972) 1009.ZELIG (1983) 1010.THE RUSSIA HOUSE (1990) 1011.THE GORGEOUS HUSSY (1936) 1012.YOU CAN’T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN (1939) 1013.HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN (1944) 1014.ALL MY SONS (1948) 1015.STALAG 17 (1953) 1016.TEXAS LADY (1955) 1017.BILLY BUDD (1962) 1018.AMARCORD (1973) 1019.A SOLDIER’S STORY (1984)
  8. I haven't seen the film (Woman) in years, but I felt the book (which I'd read earlier) was better. Didn't care for Pinter's screenplay with the modern day actors. Maybe the novel was just unadaptable. I thought they should've just filmed it as a straight period drama. It is lovely to look at.
  9. Dennis Quaid was in I Never Promised You a Rose Garden with Sylvia Sidney
  10. The United States has historically forged alliances with some pretty questionable if not absolutely cruel regimes. https://search.aol.com/click/_ylt=A0geK.Oh8G1fU.sAiRppCWVH;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1601069345/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fallthatsinteresting.com%2fus-dictator-alliances/RK=0/RS=sEcVpQ8rdz9bUTtzWMcSlbHgMUY-
  11. Charles Drake was in Until They Sail with Paul Newman Next: Tommy Kirk
  12. Today
  13. Incredible. In addition one of our newest contributors to this forum is still going on about Hillary Clinton personally murdering 4 souls in Benghazi. Maybe he missed the 11 investigations.
  14. David Frum @davidfrum · 18h Thread about the "peaceful transfer of power" Quote Tweet
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