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  2. "Get Happy" Next Sung on a plane or that mentions a plane
  4. Arthur Next: John, Will, and Maggie
  5. Has someone posted Goodfellas? Or Pulp Fiction?
  6. I had to look it up because I wasn't sure what a trouser role was. Sylvia Scarlett Next: Having a baby
  7. Today
  8. S T O R M A T D A Y B R E A K 1931
  9. Too bad. As we can see from The Hospital (1971) she was, with a few exceptions, as good as any actress of her time.
  10. Yep, and this very thing was my lament when I first posted in this thread. I also found it interesting in that interview she did about 5 years ago and which Tom posted a few pages back, that she herself mentioned this and brought up the cast of the hit TV series 'Friends' and all their relative lack of more work and success on the big screen, and as a correlative comment to her own lack of a more extensive movie career.
  11. There was an interview (so I have read) that Laurence Oliver was being praised for his acting and he made a comment that he admired Mickey Rooney for his acting ability. I have always like Mickey too.
  12. And no surrounding society is seeking their illness.
  13. Didn’t need those weaklings anyway, adapt in out living the enemy, until the threat is conquered by science or the leader of your admired faith. Weeding the garden.
  14. COVID-19 - what a clever lethal attack upon all your world enemies. Bottle and sell, effective mass destruction guaranteed.
  15. If one hasn’t figured out by now BOTH of the “choices” are “Whoppers” they need to reassess the image in the mirror.
  16. The Daily Beast @thedailybeast Tucker Carlson argues that Breonna Taylor and George Floyd had it coming
  17. It’s only natural to accept and appreciate your own heritage and cultures as an alternative to others. Nature’s way.
  18. Is law to be based upon an agreed morality?
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