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  2. V a c a t i o n f r o m M a r r i a g e 1 9 4 5
  3. Broadway Danny Rose (1984) n Manhattan (1979)
  4. My bad. I copied the URL and watched it long enough to see that Mickey was in it (spoiler for those who haven't seen it: Rowdey and Wishbone go into town to get a bath and they get their clothes stolen by you know who). However, the URL for that episode didn't copy correctly when I posed to the boards apparently. It is posed along with others, including "Incident of the Dry Drive," etc.
  5. 6. Laura was saving to buy Rob an "XKG JFK 400 Roadster with matching luggage" and Rob gets a Tarantula. (I remembered the Tarantula because James Dean died in a Spyder.) 7. A dryer, a vacuum a rotisserie, and a projector. 20. Was it Camp Crowder, MO? I can't remember where Laura's from. Somewhere in the Midwest? (Rob, I think, was Danville, IL Van Dyke's real hometown. )
  6. Speaking to white supporters in Minnesota, trump tells them how they are better than black Somalians because they have Superior Genes. Aryan propaganda 101.....
  7. There are already two GOP Senators, Collins and Murkowski, who have said they will not vote for a new SC judge before inauguration day, 2021. Let's assume Mitt Romney will be a third one. Biden, with his statesmanship talk, is now trying to go over the heads of Trump and McConnell and appeal to Senate Republicans to see if there is a fourth, without resorting to threats of what the Democrats will do should they win the Presidency and Senate. Schumer, though, with his "nothing is off the table" talk is sending less than subtle messages to Democratic voters that things will change on the Supreme
  8. I can already envision Venusian signs going up, "RUSSKIE GO HOME!"
  9. "Fascinating Rhythm"-- Lady Be Good ( Eleanor Powell) Next: A tap dance song written for Eleanor Powell
  10. Did the guy lose a hand. In Chamber of Horrors(1966) The killer lost a hand and attached metal instruments to it but it was the judge and cop he went after.
  11. Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) sniffs around for clues after a woman (Diana Rigg) is strangled on the beach in EVIL UNDER THE SUN (1982).
  12. Lassie -- played by Pal in LASSIE COME HOME (1943)
  13. We're on the letter D so I will say: Days of Our Lives
  14. Move Over Darling (1963) Next : Irate husband (not wife please)
  15. 1. The Steve ParsonsShow - Richard Schaal and Dick Patterson both played Steve Parsons, sorry Shutoo, forgot to include them when I first answered Steve Parsons
  16. Z o r r o again I'n going to have to study up on my zees
  17. Venus is a 'Russian planet,' Kremlin top scientist claims Just days after scientists said they discovered the presence of phosphine in the clouds of Venus, the head of Russia's space agency declared "Earth's evil twin" a "Russian planet." Dmitry Rogozin, the director general of Russian space agency Roscosmos, said the second planet from the sun is a "Russian planet" as the former Soviet Union landed a probe on Venus decades ago. “Our country [the Soviet Union] was the first and only one to successfully land on Venus,” Rogozin said in an interview with The Times. “The spacecraft g
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