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  2. Collins Next: Dressler, McDonald and Osmond
  3. REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947) Next: also starring Joan Leslie
  4. David Corn @DavidCornDC Last night at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.
  5. MST3K did that movie, so you can assume it's not really scary. The UNINVITED '44 is a real ghost story, but not very scary. I'm sure you've seen THE SHINING '80, which technically has ghosts, although not the filmy floating kind. I always thought POLTERGEIST was a great ghost movie, but sure you've must have already seen it. The OTHERS '01 reminds me of THE INNOCENTS '61. Similar in tone, THE ORPHANAGE '07 scared me enough I had to turn it off after the first 30 minutes. I agree with the Japanese ghost story genre being scary, HAUSU is pretty nightmarish as is RINGU. The ghost s
  6. LewRockwell.com anti-state•anti-war•pro-market Media Firemen Scramble to Save Biden Candidacy By Jack CashillAmerican Thinker October 28, 2020 Watching the media scramble these last two weeks to save Joe Biden’s candidacy, I am reminded of a scene in Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian sci-fi classic, Fahrenheit 451, 451 degrees Fahrenheit being the temperature at which paper burns. In the novel, the state employs “firemen” to burn paper lest the few civilians who care about books avail themselves of information the state does not want them to have. During the
  7. Ah-HA! Funny, my other house is only 2 blocks away and ME-TV showed up over there on channel 2.1. When I couldn't receive 2.1 at this house, I thought it was just bad antenna reception. But scrolling through channels yesterday, I found ME-TV on 40.1! Go figure.
  8. Sweet Sue, It's You - cadets serenade Ginger Rogers in The Major and The Minor Debbis Reynolds sings in a movie ( besides Tammy)
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