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    Re: The Lady From Shanghai. While I wouldn't say that this was my favorite film noir, or even my favorite Orson Welles film, I do watch it on occasion. I think aesthetically, it is an interesting film. I find Welles' "accent" distracting. I wish he'd just used his normal voice, I don't think it would have mattered much. Rita's gorgeous face is also a highlight. Of course, the mirror scene is fantastic. To switch gears... I just watched the Noir Alley presentation of The Killing. I have no idea when this was on originally, but I just watched it a few days ago. I loved it. I'm not the biggest fan of Stanley Kubrick. I find many of his films to be overly long, tedious and just blah. He also doesn't tend to make films in genres that I typically enjoy. I hate The Shining. It's such a boring movie to me. I did enjoy Lolita, however, so all is not lost. I also plan on watching A Clockwork Orange at some point because I heard about how disturbing it was. Anyway, I went into The Killing with the expectation that this would be another tedious film. I am happy to report that I was wrong. In this film, Sterling Hayden plays Clay, a career criminal who plans to go straight and marry his fiancee, Coleen Gray. He plans one last heist, so that he and Gray can start their lives together in style. His plan involves stealing $2 million ($18.5 mil in 2020) from the counting room at a racetrack during a featured race when massive bets will be pouring in. He assembles a team of people to help him in his heist: A corrupt cop (Ted de Corsia) who will pick-up and deliver the stolen money; the cashier at the betting window (Elisha Cook Jr) who will help Clay gain access to the backroom; a lunatic sharp-shooter (Timothy Carey) who will shoot the favored horse and distract the crowd; a wrestler (Kola Kwariani) who will start a bar brawl and provide another distraction, allowing Clay to slip into the counting room, and the track bartender (Joe Sawyer). This is such a meticulously planned heist, one of the best that I've seen in a movie. Leading up to the heist, Elisha Cook Jr has made the mistake of telling wife Marie Windsor about the upcoming robbery. She's a bitter woman who despises her husband for not providing her with a wealthy lifestyle. Windsor's character is a total b---- (for lack of a better word). She regularly browbeats Elisha Cook Jr. and puts him down. Meanwhile, she's carrying on an affair with the attractive Val Cannon (Vince Edwards). When Windsor learns that her husband really is participating in a heist that will net them a sizeable income, she tells her lover. Together, the two come up with a scheme to rob Windsor's husband and the other men of the the $2 mil they steal from the racetrack. The entire narrative is set-up in a non-linear fashion. We see a scene unfold from the perspective of one character, and then see the scene that led up to the scene prior. Or we'll see the action play out from one character's perspective, but another character is seen in the background. The next seen will show how the character in the background arrived at his spot, prior to the action of the previous scene unfolding. A narrator was added to somewhat keep the timeline straight. Kubrick didn't want the narration. I'm personally happy that the narration is present, because it did assist in keeping the scenes straight for me. Had the narration been absent, I think the film would have been very confusing. This is the second film I'd seen with Timothy Carey. The first film I saw him in, I think was Crime Wave also with Sterling Hayden. This guy was a nut, but I find him to also be very interesting, if also frightening. Kola Kwariani's dialogue was unintelligible. But that doesn't even matter. We don't need to know what he's saying. All we know is that he's big and is supposed to start a bar brawl to distract the group and racetrack police from the action going on in the lobby. Elisha Cook Jr is so good at playing the intense, sometimes psychotic, whimpering coward. He is so cuckolded by Marie Windsor, made even better by their height difference (Elisha Cook Jr's 5'5 to Marie Windsor's 5'9). Vince Edwards was kind of cute, I was somewhat rooting for him to make it with Marie Windsor; but at the same time, I love it when the heists are pulled off successfully. I love heist movies, especially 40s-60s heist movies, and The Killing is one of the best that I've seen. I think I enjoyed it more than The Asphalt Jungle, which I also loved. I am eagerly awaiting Barnes & Noble's annual Criterion sale (starts July 10) so that I can add The Killing to my collection.
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    easiest choice ever...I mean, Cary Grant is....Cary Grant! đŸ€© which character actress, who often played for laughs...Edna May Oliver or Zasu Pitts?
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    Annabel Takes a Tour Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Ingrid Goes West Mr. Boggs Steps Out Theodora Goes Wild Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
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    Trump’s 29th Trip To Mar-a-Lago Brings Golf Tab To 334 Years Of Presidential Salary Yet after three years in office, T**** has spent two-and-a-half times as many days on a golf course as Obama had done at the same point in his first term. If Trump plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, he will have played 248 times. Obama by his 1,123rd day in office had played 92 times. And because Trump insists on playing at courses he owns, the cost to taxpayers has been nearly four times as high as it was for Obama. More than two-thirds of Trump’s golf outings involve seven-figure trips aboard Air Force One, mainly to Florida and New Jersey, but also to Los Angeles, Ireland and Scotland. Obama, in contrast, played most of his golf on courses at military bases within a short drive of the White House. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/trump-golf-mar-a-lago-taxpayers_n_5e4712b9c5b64d860fcab86c?ri18n=true&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS91cmw_c2E9dCZyY3Q9aiZxPSZlc3JjPXMmc291cmNlPXdlYiZjZD0mdmVkPTJhaFVLRXdqRG43bUl2ckhxQWhXd2lPQUtIU2RUQ0hVUUZqQUNlZ1FJQVJBQiZ1cmw9aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZ3d3cuaHVmZnBvc3QuY29tJTJGZW50cnklMkZ0cnVtcC1nb2xmLW1hci1hLWxhZ28tdGF4cGF5ZXJzX25fNWU0NzEyYjljNWI2NGQ4NjBmY2FiODZjJnVzZz1BT3ZWYXcxTVpmWFB0VFNkM0M4RWRXR3NFNGtJ&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAI8FI6i5ktT5SkRspu2VwqGDm0SeCaah5hcVQJ7WDuV-EsRguSE0gATPaHPjPqKKlOlFnf6ueDs9MWOIH4KOrXB45n3H2A2tW7ttwi0DH3bc9SE9jPAkf-KvlbMEhnh2ZCy_oxcBs3V3uF4VnmaZw7nNWxSnqhtneOVdXH9_AII0 So who's the dummy?
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    Mediaite @Mediaite Eric Trump Deletes Tweet of Bill Clinton With Ghislaine Maxwell After Twitter Buries Him With Photos of Her With His Father Eric Trump Deletes Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell Tweet Eric Trump tweeted, and then deleted, a photo of Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, who also knew his father Donald Trump. mediaite.com 11:25 AM · Jul 3, 2020·TweetDeck
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    Canadian films have come a long way from MST's 80's Rowsdower & Teenage Nightmare type movies. They are typically high quality productions and definitely well acted. I sometimes think not breaking big in Hollywood acting results in a better balance of work/sanity/family life that Canadians have cultivated. Canada is just more civilized, less populated & slower paced than the US. Toronto is like "Little NY" and my least favorite Canadian city. There is nothing wrong with FBC, supplementing industry of culture & the arts. Imagine US government dollars spent that way. The most notable accent quirk (aside from spelling ie "behaviour") I picked up from Canada is "pro-cess" and "pro-gress" instead of the NY "prah-cess" and "prah-gress". I'd say about 200 miles south along the Canadian border has a hybrid accent-most notable in the midwest "Fargo" accent. I loved that old I AM CANADIAN commercial-we have those black squirrels now too!
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    Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann The logical conclusion for a party collapsing into a wormhole of racism 10:58 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    POLITICO @politico Tucker Carlson’s audience is booming — and so is chatter that the popular Fox News host will parlay his TV perch into a run for president in 2024 Tucker Carlson in 2024? Republicans see a frontrunner The Fox News host's ratings have gone gangbusters, and many Republicans think he'd be a force in a Republican primary. politico.com 7:25 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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    MSNBC @MSNBC Tim O’Brien previews what the tell-all book by President Trump's niece could reveal: "I think we're going to see at a minimum a lot of important details ... this family went through to cheat on their taxes." Tim O’Brien previews what tell-all book by Trump's niece could reveal about the president’s wealth Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, is set to release her tell-all book after her publisher revealed she was a primary source for the New York Times investigation into Trump’s finances msnbc.com 3:39 AM · Jul 3, 2020·SocialFlow
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    According to IMDb, he's still alive and observed his 92nd birthday on May 24.
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    What about all those French-Canadians with their peculiar accents? I'm of 100% French Canadian descent, with some of my grandparents speaking only French. However, it had a peculiar accent, and when I studied French in high school and college, I couldn't get trained out of the accent. Sometimes, people would say "bien" as "bane", for instance, and mix lots of French with Americanisms. However, when I visited the very cosmopolitan Montreal a few years ago, I was surprised at the beautiful French the people spoke and realized that my French grandparents, mostly millworkers and resettled rural folk, were speaking the French version of Cockney English.
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    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump The Governor of North Carolina, @RoyCooperNC, made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for the Republican Party to have its Convention there - and we all love the State. Millions of Dollars, & JOBS, lost by State. VOTE FOR @DanForrest! 7:13 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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    1776 (1972) on TCM 2:30pm EST July 4, 2020 TCM shows 1776 every year... and I always have it on. I really need to see this this year. I've always enjoyed the film because of three primary performers: WILLIAM DANIELS, who is still with us , HOWARD DaSILVA and KEN HOWARD. All the performances are wonderful.
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    Wednesday, July 1 Still no Canada Day TCM? What about featuring some of these people on July 1: Norman Jewison, Marie Dressler, Walter Pidgeon, Mary Pickford, Fay Wray, Walter Huston, John Candy, Glenn Ford, Deanna Durbin, Colleen Dewhurst, Lorne Green, John Ireland, William Shatner, Martin Short, James Cameron, Michael J. Fox, Keanu Reeves, Norma Shearer, Christopher Plummer, Matheson Lang, Donald Sutherland, Leslie Nielsen, Laura Linney, Chief Dan George, Graham Greene, Gary Farmer, David Cronenberg, Denis Villeneuve, Denys Arcand, Francis Mankiewicz, Joanna Shimkus, Hume Cronyn, Yvonne De Carlo, Brendan Fraser, Alexis Smith, Alexander Knox, Genevieve Bujold, Ryan Gosling, Barry Pepper, Catherine O'Hara, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Bruce Greenwood, Raymond Massey, Ivan Reitman, Rody Piper, Kate Nelligan and Raymond Burr.
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    The Old Man And The Sea (1958)
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    Travels With My Aunt (1972) Next-Frenzy (1972) two with Alex McCowen
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    Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr To celebrate Independence Day, @realDonaldTrump is going to tell the TRUTH about American history—and the truth about the people tearing down our statues/history. At the foot of Mount Rushmore tonight, our @POTUS will defend and celebrate America’s founding. TUNE IN! 1:23 PM · Jul 3, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)-- Otherwise known as the sequel to 1980's famed horror film The Shining. -- 8/10 Doctor Sleep faces a task that is hard for any film to face. It has to face the fact it is a sequel to one of the best known and best regarded horror films in screen history, The Shining (1980). Like the earlier film, this too is drawn from a book by Stephen King, and it too makes changes from the book it is based on (I kind of feel after reading the difference that one part of the book's ending would have a better idea than one element of the movie's ending, but that's a small quibble). So how does it hold up? Well, Doctor Sleep is a very solid, very creepy and disturbing film, a superior horror film... even if it link to the earlier film seems somewhat tenuous (in spite of Ewan McGregor playing a grown up Danny Torrence and a prologue which recreates the look of one famous scene) until the final act of the film returns us to the notorious Overlook Hotel. It is sort of interesting in a way as a semiotic experiment to see how film content has changed since 1980. This film is much gorier than the original film, but then again that can be somewhat expected. The Shining was very much a film in a tight, claustrophobic atmosphere in spite of the vast size of the hotel. That was a virtue as the tension kept rising, and by the end it was going at full steam. The film was taut, elegant, refined, and very effective. Doctor Sleep on the other hand is earthier, more rough and ready, and much more diffuse in its storyline. That diffuse quality is probably the one thing that makes this not quite as good as the earlier film. It takes a little over an hour into this two and a half hour film for two of the three main characters to actually interact on screen, having given us so much backstory. The backstory helps us to understand how Danny has reconstructed his life from rock bottom, how the teenage Abra (Kyliegh Curran) has a very strong sense of the shining, and how disturbing Rose (Rebecca Ferguson) and her pack of vampiric, soul-sucking, child-killing reprobates are. But it also feels like all of this could have been slightly tightened as well. And a sadistic scene where the immortals bump off one of their prey really goes on too long, even though it is of critical importance to all in the film that comes after it. But after that, the film hits its stride building as it goes, back to the places nightmares are made of. Even before this though, the film benefits from good acting all around, especially from McGregor and Curran (Kudos too to the casting director for finding somebody who emulates the late Scatman Crothers perfectly, and for the hairraising spectacle of seeing Henry Thomas look like a ringer for 1980 Jack Nicholson) and a general air of being carefully well-made. is this a classic like the earlier film, no, but for what is is, its still a good journey into the macabre and a fine example of its genre.
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    The Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln · 8h 22: The number of times Donald Trump has tweeted in defense of the Confederacy. 0: The number of times Donald Trump has tweeted about our fallen soldiers Putin plotted to kill. America deserves a president that defends our heroes, not our traitors.
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    Cool. I remember him from THE GRADUATE ... I looked him up ... he's in THE NIGHT STALKER TV show!!!! I own the first two movies (DAN CURTIS) and remember it well but forgot about him on one of the better episodes!
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    I love William Daniels. I've been watching episodes of St. Elsewhere on Hulu. He's perfect on that series.
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    1776 is a good movie and I agree it's not shown often enough. But it does feel fitting that it should be shown on the Fourth of July. And I agree it does boast fine performances from the main leads (William Daniels in particular, who always seems to me to be vastly underrated).
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    "My Wife's Gonna hate this movie." *** Next:
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    Axios @axios A Joe Biden ad debuting this weekend says that success means "looking at your child, and realizing they turned out better than you" New Joe Biden ad: Success means your child turned out better than you The ad is part of Biden's effort to leverage his experience as what the campaign calls "a core strength." axios.com 11:50 AM · Jul 3, 2020·TweetDeck
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    You have a happy July 4 also (to everyone on the board)!
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    'Fffraid not... This doesn't represent any accent I've heard anywhere! Very funny, though. The French-Canadian vs. Parisian French accent differ mostly in pronunciation of vowels. French-Canadian accent has more of a long "A" sound in words like bien, demain, etc. We also say "Eh" a lot. By the way, Banff is in Western Canada, whereas my folks all came from Quebec.
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    God, I hope it's the former! Haley is just another right-wing knothead who dresses better and has better manners than her GOP male counterparts, but strip away the veneer, and she's all about enabling the worst qualities of conservative Americans who want minorities to be put in their place (constantly) as far as socio-economic matters are concerned. As for Mike Pence, is it Vice Presidents from Indiana that are so bad, or just Republicans from there? Or just Republicans period? It's 4 months from Election Day. Hopefully that night, Americans far and wide will crank up Paula Abdul's "Promise of a New Day".
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    This was my overall favourite film of 1994.
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    TRANSLATION: Trump's getting better at his cheating, especially with all the practice he's been getting at it since being in office.
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    #8 is Piper Laurie, although the clues are misleading. She was nominated for leading actress for "The Hustler" from 1961. The nominations were actually made the following year. Her two supporting actress nominations were from movies released in 1976 ("Carrie"), and 1986 ("Children Of A Lesser God"). respectively. #15 is Martha Vickers.
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    Well, I've never seen Fargo. I liked Shakespeare in Love well enough. Bravehair is, um, not one of my favorites, battling Going My Way for worst Best Picture ever of the ones I've seen. It's the historical picture for people who couldn't find Scotland on a map of Great Britain. Unfortunately, that's a lot of people. Mel Gibson has one of the most spectacularly bad hairdos in movie history. Titanic and American Beauty have something in common: Billy Zane in Titanic, Annette Bening in AB--using all of an actor's skill to execute a ridiculous directorial concept. James Cameron obviously wanted over-the-top melodramatic villainy, and Zane, poor devil, gives it to him. Annette Bening has evidently been asked to play a cartoonish caricature, and she uses her considerable skill to do so. If I ever saw the movie again, I would fast forward through all of her scenes. And Chris Cooper plays a career military man, so OF COURSE he collects Nazi paraphernalia and OF COURSE he's a repressed homosexual. The best thing about American Beauty is that it isn't a cookie cutter movie, and that's why it attracted attention when it was first released, but unfortunately it isn't very good.
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    VIVA LA VIE 1984 by Claude Lelouch with Jean Louis Trintignant Michel Piccoli Charlotte Rampling Anouk Aimée.Great cast,i have seen about 15 films by Lelouch, a strange story line with sci-fi elements ,not for everybody. 6.5/10
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    Raw Story @RawStory New report explains why Trump is facing ‘not just defeat but humiliation’ in November New report explains why Trump is facing ‘not just defeat but humiliation’ in November A report Thursday night in the New York Times dove into the behind-the-scenes details of a terrible month for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. While Trump’s prospects against former... rawstory.com 9:45 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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    Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1 Replying to @EricTrump Does the president's son not know that there are photos of Donald Trump with Maxwell? 7:15 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Btw and regarding the Coast to Coast Big Mouth episode which CBS is presenting tomorrow night to honor Carl Reiner. The actor in that episode who played the game show host who worms the information from Laura that Alan Brady is bald is named Dick Curtis... Dick has owned and operated a nice little motel here Sedona for years now called the Baby Quail Inn. He never really made it big in show biz, but about the time he did this part in the DVDS, he was a comedy writer for a while on Red Skelton's show, and then later appeared as a regular cast skit performer on the short-lived Jonathan Winters Show. I meet Dick a few years back and then visited him in the lobby of his motel, and where the walls were covered with old stills of him and other various actors taken during his years in the biz... He loved to talk about those times and was in fact quite entertaining when he did. (...now, this was about 8 years ago and when he was in his mid-eighties and was becoming a bit frail at that time, and so I don't know if he too is even still with us)
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    Raw Story @RawStory June was such a ‘terrible’ month for Trump he’s even trailing Joe Biden in Kansas: NYT June was such a ‘terrible’ month for Trump he’s even trailing Joe Biden in Kansas: NYT On Thursday, The New York Times reported in an analysis of President Donald Trump’s “terrible” month that the GOP’s internal polling shows him heading for electoral wipeout, with even safely red... rawstory.com 7:56 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Hootsuite Inc.
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    She's not the only one though, although she's probably the most high-profile Golden Age Centenarian left. Don't forget about Marsha Hunt (102--next birthday is October 17th), whose first screen credit came in 1935. Her last one was in a TV movie in 2008, according to IMDB. Norman Loyd is presently 105 (next birthday is November 8th) and spent much of the 60's and 70's as a producer and associate producer. His last screen credit was in 2015, and he was in an episode of 'Modern Family' in 2010. His first big screen role came in 1939.
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    Eight years ago I did not like Trump, but understood why some people might like him. Four years ago I didn't even consider voting for Trump, but understood why some people might do so while questioning their judgement. Today, I simply cannot fathom another term for Trump . However, I no longer question his supporters judgement. I question their sanity.
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    Rob: "Now, Alan, as Laura's husband, I insist that whatever you were about to say to Laura, you say to me first!" Alan: "Okay, Rob, I'll say this: 'You're a beautiful girl!'...No, no, I mean it, sweetheart!"
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    My father always had a crush on Olivia, and always favored the "Amy" type for Stawberry Blonde, as attested to by his 50+ years marriage to my mother. The way Olivia says, "'Zactly!" in that film won his heart. He also always loved brown-eyed girls. I remember when a young woman from the local environmental department who came to survey cleanup of a gas leak on their property, and he said, "She looked so cute with the dirt smudged on her cheeks and those big brown eyes, just like Olivia!" Unfortunately, Dad passed in 2012 at age 86, so she has outlived him, which I never would have believed.
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