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  1. > {quote:title=RainingViolets101 wrote:}{quote} > And not a word about her stunning performance in "SUDDEN FEAR" as Irene Neeves > > she and Palance plot to do in Joan, and she is glorious in the courtroom scene... Hi RainingViolets, I recently saw Sudden Fear and completely agree with you...Gloria is stunning. However, what "courtroom scene" are you referring to? There is no courtroom scene in the movie. Are you perhaps confusing it with another Grahame movie?
  2. > > As for "Macao"...who'm I kidding, we're talking about Gloria. Hell, how lucky was Robert Mitchum? He was luckier than Gable in "Mogambo" don'cha think?? Hi Cinemaven, Well, let's think about that for a second. Considering that Mogambo was a remake of Red Dust, I'd say Gable was a pretty darn lucky fellow. The first time, he wound up with Jean Harlow, after dallying with (and then rejecting) Mary Astor; then, he wound up with Ava Gardner, after dallying with (and then rejecting) Grace Kelly. And to top it off, he was 21 years older on the second-go-around. . .and of cours
  3. > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote} > I thought the female clerk at the place where Jimmy's wife lived looked a bit like Gale > Hello Gentlemen. I thought Gale Storm was the friendly blonde who tries to maul Ladd when he comes home and finds his house filled with drunken party guests. > > I know imdb lists her as Vera Marshe, but I would stake my cinemaven reputation on it. Yes, I saw Noel Neill and Frank Faylen also. Great movie. Ladd is really so dang short, but I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. Now in a dark nightclub... > > Now Gloria Grahame
  4. > {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote} > "Good morning, CineBabe! -- Did you think I'd leave you alone?" - FrankGrimes > > Glad you didn't. I have to watch my tape of "Macao" to get the full Grahame effect. I know Rickspade's waiting for you, so I won't keep you. But it was interesting in "The Blue Dahlia" to see Ward Cleaver, Chester Riley and My Little Margie ALL in the same movie. And as much as I love Double G...it'd be hard for Mitchum to turn away Jane Russell's Double....well you know where I'm going. > > Enjoy your bourbon boyz!! ;-) Hi Cinemaven, I
  5. > {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote} > Good morning, CineBabe! -- Did you think I'd leave you alone? > > > I've got the DVD, but I'm glad Billy Bendix got the primetime spotlight last night. That > was terrific. That's TCM at its best. > > Now we need to convince TCM Programmer that Gloria Grahame deserves an ENTIRE DAY > this August. She's been overlooked long enough. I suggest August 24th. > > Hi FrankG, I caught Blue Dahlia and Macao last night, both of which I had seen before, but it's been a long time. (I saw The Dark
  6. > Does anybody know any facial characteristics that > differentiate between father and son? I can never > tell them apart and have to hope the year of the > movie is listed to try to figure it from there. Dad > was born in 1898 (I think), but son was born in 1918, > so they were both acting at the same time, and a > difference of 20 years isn't that noticeable in two > guys with such similar features (the premature white > hair, chubby cheeks, etc). Watching Destination > Tokyo and realized I didn't know which one it was. > > P. S. I wish th
  7. I love Cagney! Recently I watched "The Bride Came C.O.D. for the first time, and it was so funny! He was an incredibly talented actor. For all James Cagney fans everywhere, one of his best comedies is on TCM tonight--Torrid Zone, with Ann Sheridan and Pat O'Brien. If you enjoyed The Bride Came C.O.D., you'll love this one; it's fast-paced, with terrific performances, especially by Annie, with whom Cagney has great screen rapport. It's on at 9:00 p.m., PST, so for all you Cagney lovers on the East Coast who have never seen it, set the recording devices because it's definitely worth tapi
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