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  1. Actually, I'm not exactly a newbie; I've been watching TCM since August 2001. I didn't recall them doing this last year, but then, I was going a very stressful time at work (you try being a head teller w/o being trained for it beforehand), so TCM was the last thing on my mind. Nice to get the reassurance, though. BTW, I cut my teeth as a youngster reading every Harold Lloyd book I could get my hands on, so thanks for the heads up on SOTM. I wonder if they will show any of the few surviving Lonesome Luke shorts?
  2. I just got an email containing the schedule for March 2003, and I notice that there are no silent movies scheduled for March. As someone who is a long-time fan of the silent genre, and one who looks forward to this glimpse back in time, I can't understand why TCM would stop showing them every week. I was overjoyed when I found out that TCM shows silent movies on a regular basis, having spent part of my youth watching them in a vaudeville-era theater, complete with Wurlitzer theater organ (and I'm only 28!). Say it ain't so that they are doing away with hte silent movies!!! BTW, I notice t
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