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  1. i love peter o'toole, and not for "king ralph", but for "lawrence of arabia"................
  2. mine too, with every year that goes by, another "tcm" classic gets added to the roster. i love it i keep looking for the "love"
  3. im new here, but i highly recomend checking out the internet archive http://www.archive.org/ there are many interesting items here! lots of old movies!
  4. thanx hgl3, my family came from a similar background.. i agree about preserviving the fabric of the many cultures that reside within our boarders. ....... my mother always told me me what a hunk clark gable was.........., my dad always made me listen to his ray charles albums.......and i always crave a good story, the older the better
  5. "bar fly" im a big bukowski fan. i heard he got **** when rourke wanted to wear silly glasses. he only got to wear them in one scene.
  6. i love bond in "the searchers".... the bellowing, "WILL YOU SHUT UP"........i loved his intensity. i love how he annoyed Wayne at the river scene. and Mose got his rocking chair.
  7. lets all be logical...does anyone know the total number of movies made...there are people that only listen to 70's music, there people that only listen to 80's music....and hip hop....and soul........and pop...country..........classical.....i love good movies. that does not only mean old movies...mostly it does, i believe........but not always. i am so greatful that tcm exists. i am 34 years old and have been watching tcm for years. nobody in my circle knows anything before "ET", or "Star Wars". some of these folks might get the hook off a movie like "tootsie" to be able to appreciate "i
  8. you cant forget about all those paul newman movies.....cat on a hot tin roof?....
  9. i love her hair in " for whom the bell tolls" with gary cooper
  10. me too, i love the way bogey checks out the booty of the waitress while bacall sings...bogey turns, looks , and winks at bacall
  11. the lost weekend was such a good movie
  12. sometimes nothing is a real cool hand..
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