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  1. I heard the UN was sending observers into Florida and Ohio in 2008? Is it true?
  2. I thought it would have been a great addition to one of those--"What The 'Helm' Family Did The Past Year" letters. Those letters are big with my dad's generation...Aunt Mildred always sends one that starts "Merry Christmas to one and all" and then is a laundry list of all of the years deaths, illnesses, disappointments and tragedies. Then it closes with "Wishing You Happiness in the Year to Come!" We always got a good laugh out of it. I, of course, send nothing during the holidays.
  3. A movie from the A list that has similar family values and is quite enjoyable to watch is "A Date With Judy"---not engrossing but highly entertaining.
  4. Better than being decided by the Dung SCOTUS!!! Watching the news I am led to wonder, is it possible third world countries aren't capable of successful democracies?
  5. Yes, Shakespeare was a powerful lens through which almost all interpretations tend to pass. However, and though I have not the time or memeory to document them, there are actually quite a few ancient sources about Cleopatra-though mostly from a Roman perspective where she is quite reviled. Shakespeare had historical materials to work with. I had friends who were scandalized because the HBO series "Rome" contradicted the Shakespeare/DeMille/Liz Taylor version and, sticking closer to ancient sources, presented her as a less than glamorous figure. The fact is by the time Cleopatra was quee
  6. Mel and Matt- Definitely agree Roe v Wade should never have been decided by the Supremes. As noted elsewhere judicial activism really depends on your perspective and whether you agree with decisions or not. There must be some middle road between reading into the costitution rights that do not exist (like the right to abortion) and treating the constitution as if it can not be interpreted beyond the letter like Scalia insisting there are NO privacy rights that can be found in it. As I say I don't care if abortion is outlawed or not. It makes no difference to me. Therefore I would ne
  7. AOL hasn't upgraded for Macs in years and has a lot of bugs. Does anyone willingly STILL use AOL? Talk about an sado/masochistic relationship! Is Macintosh that much worse than anyone else when it comes to "planned obsolecense?" The Mac is a beautiful system and were I a richer man would have one. My first personal system was a Macintosh...back in 1989. Little tiny black and white screen-all in one construction and light years ahead of what I had to use in the work place (IBM) But you are right Mac is the minority machine and it would be frustrating to not have the access t
  8. A LIBERTARIAN RANT Just heard (on talk radio) an interview with a former member of the Reagan administration called "Imposter: How George W. Bush Betrayed the Reagan Revolution" arguing that Dubya was elected to do only two things-cut taxes and overturn Roe v. Wade. And he really doesn't care about the rest of the conservative agenda-especially controlling the size and cost of government. The fact that he has not once used his veto power is proof. The fact that he insists on keeping congressional Republicans in the dark about important issues rather than working to gain their support i
  9. Matt- Parties are not consistently the same. Jefferson wouldn't recognize or like the modern Democrat party...and Lincoln and TR would harly endorse the current manifestation of the Republican party. Does anyone believe for a minute that the southern suppression of the black vote was first and foremost about race? Every southern Democrat saw a Republican vote in every black face they saw. The civil rights movement drove the southern democrats out of the party into the alliance with the Republicans. Again the relationship is not based on race or race hatred it is purely about the co
  10. Fred- Thanks for the links to the music. West Virginia owes its existence to the Civil War. When Virginia Seceded they seceded from Virginia...for a month the State was called "Kanawha"-no offense to Kanawhaites but I think that would have been the ugliest name in the Union! I went to college with a man whose family were "hill people" but they had moved from Virginia territory into Southern Ohio sometime in the early 19th century and said that they maintained many of the "old ways" among his people. Apparently he was among the first in his family to become college educated. He was
  11. Actual Initials...I think Ted needs to drive it adds to the dramatic tension since the car is almost (ala Stephen King) irresistably drawn toward bridge railings and deep bodies of water. Hmmm. How was it Ben Afleck and Matt Damon didn't get to make "Brokeback Mountain" seems like a natural fit for them...hehehe.
  12. That?s a good idea. I alway get the impression that the old artist who paints the leaf on the brick wall is Jewish. What do you think? Yup, he's Jewish. I kind of like klezmer, zydeko (however you spell that!) and Tex/Mex polka bands. And when you put all three together it's even better! There used to be a band in the 80s from Texas called "Joe "King" Carasco and the Coronas" they were kind of a punk rock/polka band...really a trip.
  13. Just shows to go ya how fast things travel nowadays-from Leno to a T-Shirt in a few days...I like it best where it is presented as the choice of two equally awful choices since I despise Dick and Ted equally. Despise Democrats and Republicans equally...and since the "end is near"...How about "Dick and Ted's Excellent Adventure" driving the backroads of Texas and the drunken duo trying to shoot game from the road? They get lost and in an homage to "Twilight Zone" find themselves driving aimlessly from one movie set of a movie set in Texas to another trying to find their way home...what movies
  14. Also please understand that Bill Wilson was given LSD in the 50's and under the supervision of a medical doctor and as part of a controlled study which was trying to determine if LSD had potential therapeutic effects for a variety of disorders. He did not just drop acid on his own.
  15. Bukowski is as outside as one can get. I loved "Bar Fly" and think it, along with "Ironweed" are two of the best films about the dynamics of alcoholism. Huntress, I think the film about Bill Wilson is "My Name is Bill W." with James Woods as Bill Wilson, James Garner as Bob Smith, Jo Beth Williams and Gary Sinise as Eby Thatcher. It was made for Hallmark Hall of Fame and so was a TV movie and got a few Emmy nominations and Woods won one. I don't go to school any more but I do like to write for myself. I like to research historical subjects and my BA was in Theatre Arts...
  16. Should have proofread the post...sorry for all the errors grammatical, syntactical and in spelling...must get some sleep!
  17. After my maternal grandmother died I was allowed to keep a box of letters she and Grandpa exchanged during their courtship. This was in the mid 20s. They came from an area of rural south central Nebraska. They were town folk and not farm folk and grandpa decided to go to Omaha to go to barber school. Every week sometimes twice a week he would write and always, always, wrote about all the movies he had been to during the week. There are many listed that I have no clue about and many of those films are gone forever either having rotted away in a storage vault or deliberately destroyed to r
  18. That's like asking someone what they'd prefer, hunting with Dick Cheney, or going for a drive with Ted Kennedy. That one is so good I'm sending to evryone I know! Thanks for the biggest belly laugh I've had in days! I have relatives in Texas they love "Aggie" joke like: Texas Aggies are so slow it takes them and hour and a half to watch "60 Minutes" And my favortie "Blonde" joke... Why do blondes talk the way they do? So men can understand them. Night!
  19. Saw your comments about Thanksgiving on the other thread...I'm not sure how religious it REALLY is...like someone else noted the celebration is more of a generic almost secular event for many people. While historically religious, and the concept is religious simply in that giving thanks implies there is someone (other than your neighbors and kin as modern pc/liberal revisionists would lead us to believe) to be giving thanks to...dare one say it? "god" gasp! One side of my family makes it religious by saying Grace before the meal but there's no church going and no trees; just turkeys, corn
  20. Thank you all so far and some of the ones mentioned I do remember or have seen. Thats right Delores Claiborn's husband, Joe, was making a half hearted stab at sobriety...I never read much King so that is interesting. STONEYBURKE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Those sites will be a great help and I suppose you just found them 1-2-3? I have such a hard time sorting through search listings I start going gaga and then get side tracked...start out looking for Early Christian Monasticism and an hour and a half later I'm reading a biography of Gypsy Rose Lee...go figure! Yes, Nick Charl
  22. And I think I saw a Lincoln movie on last Friday, Abe Lincoln in Illinois. (Not a word about his being gay in THAT one.) That piece of historical crap is about the most shallow interpretation of a life that I have ever heard! It is a complete misreading of the 19th century way of life and the way humans lived together...I heard a great historian who said that in Lincoln's time men often slept together in the same bed in roadside inns-especially circuit judges and lawyers who had to go from courthouse to courthouse to hold trials. Judges always got a bed of their own...lawyers had to doub
  23. Fred-YES! Thanks for bringing up the Goldbergs! I had completely forgotten about them...I did not hear them in their original broadcasts but in recordings and rebroadcasts over the years. Now the "Mama" series I don't recall...was it a a program based on the play and film of "I Remember Mama?" It was long before we ever had TV out in our part of rural Nebraska. Have you ever seen any episodes-are there any recordings left?
  24. I WOULD LIKE HELP GATHERING A LIST OF FILMS DEALING WITH ALCOHOLISM...BEYOND THE LOST WEEKEND AND THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES Anything ya'll could come up with would be appreciated. I have also searched for books and scholarly studies of the treatment of alcoholism in film and seem to be coming up against brick walls so any books anyone might be aware of would be helpful, too. Thanks!
  25. Also when I think of Thanksgiving I always flash on the scene in "Annie Hall" when Woody Allen (super Jew) goes to Thanksgiving dinner at Diane Keaton's (ultra goyem) family with hilarious results. Also the numerous Thanksgiving celebrations that occur over the course of his film "Hannah and Her Sisters" I always wished I had a family half as interesting and attractive to come home to for the holidays!
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