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  1. I saw the movie on Friday night and I absolutely loved it! Definitely one of the best Bond movies ever and a welcome change from all of the gadgetry and cheesy one-liners. And I must say, Craig was hot! He did an excellent job with the role of Bond and I'm looking forward to seeing him take on the role again. On a side note: upon seeing Bond driving his first car, I couldn't help but turn to my boyfriend and ask him why the hell Bond was driving a Ford. Not to worry though, as he gets a gorgeous Astin Martin later on.
  2. I'm looking very forward to Casino Royale. I've heard so much about how they're trying to eliminate some of the cheeziness from it and bring back the feel of the older 007 films, so I'm all for it. I wish they had kept Pierce Brosnan on, as I liked him immensely, but the new Bond doesn't look so bad. Only time will tell. I'm definitely planning on going this weekend. =)
  3. Astaire and Rogers, absolutely. They are just so warm and fun that you can't help but be happy when watching them. I feel the same way about the Thin Man movies. Nick and Nora are just so charming and funny, you can'y help but enjoy the movies.
  4. I remember seeing Ms.H in a movie in blk. & Wh. where she must have been a newcomer, she was still a brunette and she was in somewhat of a supporting role, always in the background.Does this movie sound familiar? I know I didn't give you much info. on it but maybe something will snap...I would like to see this movie. THANKS! This might be Only Angels Have Wings, a movie made in 1939 starring Cary Grant. She was brunette and had a supporting role in this one.
  5. I really like Claudette Colbert as well. Now-a-days, I think she is vastly underappreciated, as so many of our classic film stars are. She will always be remembered though, because of It Happened One Night. Clark Gable is so identifiable to people because of GWTW that when people seek out his other movies, they often find IHON, and therefore find Colbert.
  6. I TiVoed this movie last weekend and I finally watched it today and found it hysterical! Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers just cracked me up as the married couple who take a youth formula and act like kids again. I particularly enjoyed Cary Grant, dressed in his jeans and fully painted in Indian warface, pow-wowing with some neighborhood kids and scalping his lawyer. Rogers was quite funny too. Did anyone else catch this and enjoy it as much as I did?
  7. I love "It Happened One Night" and "The Philadelphia Story"! Great movies! Cary Grant did loads of fantastic romantic comedies, you can't go wrong with him.
  8. Sadly, we won't be getting an official DVD release of SotS for a long time. Here's a blurb from ultimatedisney.com about it: March 11, 2006 - A little over a year ago, a website which specializes in Disney-related speculative journalism reported getting inside word that Song of the South would be coming to DVD this fall as a special 60th Anniversary Edition. While this source has gotten some accurate scoops in the past, we classified this Song of the South news as rumor. The story was conceivable as various signs over the past few years have pointed to Disney finally giving this 1946 live
  9. I just finished watching The Quiet Man with my dad actually. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie, but it was just as good as I remembered. I was never quite in love with John Wayne, mostly because I don't like westerns much, but I do like him alot in this film. And Maureen O'Hara, well what is there to say? That fiesty temper and that gorgeous red hair. Whoever said Technicolor was created for that girl was right. I give the movie 8.5/10.
  10. I'm 19 and I love classic movies. =) There's just nothing like them. Actually this new vintage store just opened up near our local Blockbuster. I bought Charade and Penny Serenade for a dollar each on DVD! I only tossed them in my player briefly to see that they worked, but the picture looks about as good as I'd get recording the movie off TCM.
  11. You know, it's interesting that someone mentioned "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" being remade. It's a known fact that Roald Dahl (the author of the novel) hated the Gene Wilder version of the movie because it strayed so far from his original story and because it was so happy and cheerful. I do think the new version of the movie would have made Dahl much happier. It was dark and screwy and followed his novel much more closely. The Oompa-Loompa songs (creepy as the Oompa-Loompas were in the Depp version) were actually the songs composed by Dahl in the novel and each of the childre
  12. Although not a classic movie that should really be shown on TCM, Roger Rabbit is a hilarious movie. I did watch it last night and I enjoyed it very much. Its been years since I've seen it all the way through.
  13. It's always good to see young classic film fans. My 13 year old sister would never sit through about 97% of all the old movies I watch, so it's good to see people near her age that will. =) I'm 19, but I've been hooked since I was about 3. It all started with my great-grandmother (who used to baby-sit me) and Julie Andrews. It's only grown from there. I hope you'll keep posting on the boards and discussing these wonderful films!
  14. These problems that you discussed here, freezing and skipping are 2 of my problems. There is another one, that I call "pixellating", I don't know what the pros call it, but that's my name for it. It's like "pixellated" in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town so I like the name. LOL. In computer lingo, all the tiny squares that go together to make a picture, are called pixels, so that's where I came up with the name. So, what it means is when you get little squares of the movie, kind of breaking up. Has anyone had this happen? It sometimes also happens during bad weather. Scarlett, This is the exact
  15. I have to agree with everyone that "The Exorcist" is a fantastic horror movie. I saw it for the first time when I was 13 and it terrified me. I wouldn't say Silence of the Lambs is a horror movie, but more a thriller. It is a fantastic movie though and I must say, Hannibal Lector is one of the best characters to come out of 90's cinema.
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