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  1. That and where did all of the short film discussion go? This thread used to be so lively.
  2. Heads up everyone, there are two 25 minute gaps early tomorrow morning that don't have anything scheduled in them: (Eastern Time) 5:35 - 600 AM (afer Rollerball) and 9:35 - 1000 AM (after Princess and the Pirate)
  3. It looks like the TCM scheduler has abandoned us. Yesterday's short films weren't listed and there's nothing coming up on the schedule.
  4. I may have spoke too soon because there was an unannounced Tom&Jerry toon yesterday (Calypso Cat). But at least the overall trend is improving.
  5. That makes 3 Chases in one week! TCM is the best! also, unless I'm mistaken the schedule hasn't missed a short since last week's showing of the Droopy toon Mutts about Racing. I think we are finally getting to where we want the schedule to be.
  6. Thanks! This is a useful format.
  7. sorry, but I am not a TCM insider. We would need MGMWBRKO or another insider for this. If you want to be proactive, be sure to set your timers for the half hour between The Elephant Man and Something Always Happens this afternoon/evening. This would be the only spot for a 2-reel short film today.
  8. TCM may need a little time to get the kinks out of the new system. Here's a look at 3 upcoming time slots: on Sunday, a broadcast of "Return From Nowhere" provides the production year and if you click thru, you'll get the run time, however there is no information identifying it as a Passing Parade film. Monday afternoon there will be a 27 minute gap between " The Elephant Man" and "Something Always Happens", yet no short film is scheduled there. On Tuesday, we get "Donkey Baseball" which is described as a Pete Smith Specialty with a run time, production year and a synopsis. (
  9. MGMWBRKO, Thanks for input during the past year + . Watching and participating in this thread has been an incredible experience. MaryS, Please don't go, we all love you! Terry_W, I didn't get an email on this either. I suspect nobody did. All, I appreciate your support for my detailed info. I will still participate in this forum as events warrant. --LG
  10. Diamond Demon airs at 5:39 am ET on September 12, more info here: http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=113293
  11. Short Film Schedule Sept 5-12, 2007 9/5 1:35pm/10:35a - The Comedians In Africa 1967-11m-MOD (The Comedians) 9/5 3:50pm/12:50p - Picturesque New Zealand 1952-9m-TT 9/5 5:37pm/2:37p - On the Trail of the Iguana 1964-14m-MOD (Night of the Iguana) 9/5 7:50pm/4:50p - 100 Years at the Movies 1994-9m-doc 9/7 11:19pm/8:19p - In the Land of the Diamonds 1952-9m-TT 9/8 5:45am/2:45a - Boss Didn't Say Good Morning 1937-10m-drama 9/8 7:41am/4:41a - Who Killed Rover? 1930-15m-DV 9/9 7:33am/4:33a - A Criminal Is Born 1938-21m-CDNP 9/9 11:44am/8:44a - L.B. Mayer Ceremonies 1950-14m-doc
  12. > This list has all of the Nostradamus shorts narrated > by Carey Wilson > (and I don't think that there were any others, but > could not say for sure). > > Nostradamus (1938) > More About Nostradamus (1941) > Nostradamus and the Queen (1942) > Further Prophecies of Nostradamus (1942) > Nostradamus IV (1944) > Nostradamus Says So! (1955) AFAIK There are only these six titles in this series. It's also made confusing by the fact that Nostradamus IV is actually the fifth film in the series!
  13. Short Film Schedule Aug 25-30, 2007 8/25 7:20am/4:20a - Calling On Cape Town 1952-9m-TT 8/26 5:37am/2:37a - Calgary Stampede 1948-18m-doc (rodeo) 8/26 8:49am/5:49a - Wrong Way Butch 1950-10m-PSS 8/27 7:17am/4:17a - Vitaphone Pictorial Review #56 1937-?m 8/27 9:41pm/6:41p - Mr. Whitney Had a Notion 1949-11m-JNPP (Lloyd Bridges) 8/28 4:36am/1:36a - Texas Tom 1950-7m-TJ 8/28 10:54am/7:54a - Roaming Through Arizona 1944-10m-TT 8/28 12:08pm/9:08a - The Immortal Blacksmith 1944-10m-JNPP 8/28 3:17pm/12:17p - Wild Boar Hunt 1940-10m-(bow hunting) 8/28 5:23pm/2:23p - Madero of Mex
  14. Short Film Schedule Aug 22-24, 2007 8/22 12:07am/9:07p - Polar Outpost 1957-15m-RKOS (Cold War) 8/22 4:18am/1:18a - The Emergency Case 1930-10m-comedy 8/22 7:46am/4:46a - How To Watch Football 1938-9m-RB 8/22 9:46am/6:46a - Three On a Rope 1938-10m-PSS (rock climbing) 8/22 11:15pm/8:15p - World Famous Musical Hits 2000-9m-M 8/23 5:43am/2:43a - King of the Duplicators 1968-12m-doc (make up artist William Tuttle) 8/23 7:36am/4:36a - Italy's In Season 1967-7m-MOD (Three Bites of the Apple) 8/24 12:02am/9:02p - Meeting the Challenge: International Velvet 1978-10m-MOD acrony
  15. 4/9 9:41pm/6:41p - Hollywood Scout 1945-8m-PSS 4/10 7:36pm/4:36p - For The Common Defense 1942-22m-CDNP/WWII 4/11 1:02am/10:02p - Hollywood Hist-O-Rama: Rita Hayworth 1962-4m-doc 4/11 12:40pm/9:40a - Let's Sing an Old Time Song 1947-9m-M 4/12 12:09am/9:09p - Bum Voyage 1934-19m-TK 4/12 4:28am/1:28a - Gasoloons 1936-16m-EK 4/12 1:32pm/10:32p - Camera Sleuth 1951-10m-PSS 4/13 3:01am/12:01a - On Location: The Great Waltz 1972 1972-8m-MOD 4/13 5:30am/2:30a - Snow Gets In Your Eyes 1938-19m-M (Virginia Grey) 4/13 7:19am/4:19a - Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra 1942-9m-M
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