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  1. Only thing I liked in the Lynch '84 version were the shields and the opening scenes before leaving to Arrakis. Miniseries much better although William Hurt kind of flat as Duke Leto - - at no time was I convinced that he was one of the most popular and charming leaders in the galaxy. They still didn't get the ornithopters right in either version - - an aircraft that by definition mimics the flight of a bird. Hopefully in the newest version the 'thopters will be better, but doing a feature film is just impossible. I remember there were handouts in some theaters that explained the Dune unive
  2. It used to be on Sci-Fi Channel (now called SyFy - - whatever the bleep that's about) and TNT, but they seem to have stopped showing it for some reason. Avoid the latest movie. It's disturbing, predictable and quite frankly they spent more $ on some of the TV eps. Also, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are terrible in this one. They're groggy, lifeless and have no chemistry like they did in the series.
  3. OMG! The latest TV miniseries was TERRIBLE! It was just too long. The main thing that ruined it was Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Jeremy Stone. He's normally a very solid actor, but he played Stone as a lifeless, emotionless automaton. Like so many remakes, you just can't recapture the thrill of the original.
  4. Lotta fun and a good companion piece to Tron to illustrate the first extensive use of early computer generated effects. What's ironic is that there was never a Starfighter video game for the arcades. During the end credits, it says "play the video game from Atari", but me nor anyone I know ever knew saw the game anywhere for any game system or arcade. Of all the flicks that should've had a video game that and Tron were the most logical. Tron did have a couple. One took you to various games in the movie (light cycles, grid bugs, etc) and the other was Discs of Tron which was really co
  5. The third best sci-fi flick from that era. The Day The Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds numbers 1 & 2 respectively. Unfortunately TCM's print of The Thing From Another World is in really bad shape in places. Definitely needs to be restored. Edited by: CaptAmerica on Sep 23, 2009 5:41 AM
  6. You know, it's really tragic that intelligent, bright young people like yourselves have to hide your appreciation for such great old movies, but understandable because you want to fit in with the "herd." In the end, I wish you all the courage to stand up and be yourselves. I've had similar experiences with my in-laws who are pretty much brain-dead when it comes to movies (or anything else for that matter). One of their favorite movies is A Night At The Roxbury - - need I say more? And they seriously don't get the joke of the Abbott and Costello "Who's On First" comedy bit (I'm not kidding)
  7. Same story as many of you (and probably millions of others). Late nights on Fridays and Saturdays we had classic horror/sci-fi movies hosted by local celebrities (similar to Elvira). I kind of identify with Ed Wood (not the cross-dressing part, but being a misfit who loves old flicks like that) I also am a history buff, so that sort of goes hand-in-hand with old flicks. I'm not one of those, however, that thinks all old movies are classics or even good. I absolutely hate Gone With The Wind (that's because it's more of a girls' movie) and the original Mutiny On The Bounty(because o
  8. Close but no cigar! Character actor Earl Boen played the psychiatrist. He managed to survive the Terminator's wrath and thus appear in #2 - - when he left the police precinct building just as Ah-nold was entering and said the infamous line, "I'll be back." Henriksen's character of the police detective was killed in that attack (or at least shot up pretty good - - we never really find out if he survived or not). Henriksen's character was the sidekick to the Paul Winfield character.
  9. Hate to use an oft-used cliche, but "My bad!" Love the subject title (HEEHEE).
  10. Outstanding CineSage! (Sorry it took so long to respond, all) They're Antares, Aldebaran, Altair and Rigel. And you're right about the mispronunciation. You Trekkies out there should know the proper way to say Rigel (RYE-gel not REE-gal) of course! As a kid, I was always thought it was "Regal" (as in royal) and was confused because the Sheikh says, "I've named them after the stars." A fellow Trekkie and movie buff explained that they were just mispronouncing it! Good going all! And just about every biblical and historical epic always has major inaccuracies. It's just one of t
  11. Sorry it took so long to respond - - been kinda busy. The boat from Apocalypse Now was the PBR(Patrol Boat, River) Streetgang. The original choice for the roll of The Terminator was character actor Lance Henriksen (he's best known for his role as Frank Black in the short-lived cult TV series Millenium). Why him you ask? The original concept for The Terminator was that a Terminator would look like an average person to better blend in with the crowd and not attract attention to himself, making it easier to find and kill his target. Henriksen did end up with a small role if you remembe
  12. What was the name of the boat in Apocalypse Now? (Include full Navy designation!) Who was the actor originally slated to be The Terminator? Message was edited by: CaptAmerica
  13. I agree about Vic Morrow. Blackboard Jungle is the only film of his that I know. Combat! was indeed a terrific show, except of course the fact that they had to sugar-coat the true violence of what those soldiers had to go through. I'm surprised no one tried to make a newer movie version of it - - probably worried that it would pale in comparison to Saving Private Ryan. Combat! does indeed hold up today, it was so accurate and could even be used as an educational tool. When I was a kid, I particularly liked the fact that the French spoke French and the Germans spoke German. So many actors
  14. Some more advice on blank DVD's - - avoid spindle packs (those are the blanks sold in a stack without cases). You may save a few pennies by buying those and then the cases separately, but it ain't worth it. Nine times out of ten, more than 1/3 of them are bad. Also, watch out for drive speed (2X, 4X, etc.). Even though it says it's compatible, I've had very bad luck with 1-16X discs. Always try to find a disc that is closest to your drive - - ex: on a 4X drive, 1-4X will work better than 1-8X. Sony,Panasonic, TDK seem to work best for me. I've had bad luck with Maxell and Memorex.
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