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  1. Excellent, wordmaster! "Sacker" it is! (No "III" necessary.)
  2. Very good, Metry. You nailed it! Your go.
  3. FURTHER HINT: Selling orange juice in the 60's.
  4. Imaginative guesses, stooge. But unfortunately, incorrect from top to bottom. :-( Keep trying, though! HINT: It's a movie from the 50's.
  5. Please let me know what you've been smoking and where I can get some.
  6. "Groucho" is to "bush" as "Rudy" is to...?
  7. A fatherly werewolf is all at sea When Counsel for the Pros. belittles Bridey-to-Be (and she from a circus family!). The kid who helps him turns out to be Seen through all too easily.
  8. Could it be that Langtry-loving Roy Bean in "The Westerner," perchance?
  9. "Stanley and Livingstone" Henry Hull ("Great Expectations") Spencer Tracy ("The Mountain") Henry Travers ("You Can't Get Away With Murder") Walter Brennan ("Meet John Doe") Cedric Hardwicke ("On Borrowed Time")
  10. Actually, the French counselor was in "Saint Joan." The corrupt sheriff was "His Girl Friday" and the squire was "The Devil and Daniel Webster." Well done!
  11. Name That Actor: Corrupt sheriff Underpaid Victorian clerk Famous debater New England squire Counselor to a French king Shavian menagerie keeper Heavenly maintenance man
  12. > Jean Dixon - My Man Godfrey ? Kee-rect! (Also Sylvia Sidney's sister in "You Only Live Once.") Take it away...
  13. Oh, and FYI... Edward Everett Horton was the tobacco company president in "Cold Turkey," Doris Nolan was a woman with a meal-ticket in "The Romantic Englishwoman," and Lew Ayres was the veep in "Advise & Consent."
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