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  1. I agree. I think that Ida Lupino was a very underrated actress. I absolutely loved her in "They Drive By Night". She more than held her own with George Raft and Humphrey Bogart. Ms. Lupino fit the role of a femme fatale and got her claws in George Raft but in the end, paid for murdering her husband by going insane. I love the part where she sees the electric doors swing. By this time, she is on a downfall. I like her as a director because she tackled issues that weren't talked about or any movies were made about. Can't think of the name of this movie----I think it is called "Out
  2. Linda Darnell gets my vote for a glamourous actress and dark haried beauty. I have seen "Forever Amber" so many times and never tire of watching it. I also have the movie on VHS. I guess I like Linda Darnell because she was born and raised in Dallas------Oak Cliff, Texas. I am from Oak Cliff so I guess she and I had something in common. I also like "Fallen Angel" and it is also among my favorities. Her character wants something more out of life than being a waitress and knows that her looks can help her obtain a better life. It's the way she goes about things that get
  3. I love "I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang". It's one of my favorite classic movies on TCM. I especially like the ending. Paul Muni comes out of the shadows to take a chance to see his lady love, perhaps for the final time. The lighting, the contrast of darkness and shadow really adds to the scene. As Muni and his sweetheart are talking, you hear police sirens. The look on his face is one that haunts me. He has the look of a frightened animal on his face. He knows or senses that he must leave for parts unknown. When his sweetheart asks Muni how he survives, he answers "I steal"
  4. SAS

    Femme Fatale

    Thanks for the info about Ann Savage. I had no idea that she was alive and well. I guess she fared better than her leading man Tom Neal, in real life. Seems like I remember hearing he had some personal problems (and who doesn't) in real life. It's hard for me to imagine Ann Savage having white hair and looking glamourous but I know she did. I guess I will always picture her as the femme fatale in "Detour".
  5. SAS

    Femme Fatale

    I thought I was the only one in the world that thought Ann Savage was a femme fatale. Was she ever! She was as mean as a snake and sneaky as she could possibly be. I love to see "Detour" not only for the story but to see Ann Savage do her thing. She spits pure venom! When she "accidentally" gets killed, I sorta felt sorry for her but on the other hand, she got what she deserved. What a way to die. I thought her death was at the right time in the movie even though I wished she would have lived to help the main character out of his strange situation. Can anyone tell me what happene
  6. Yes, I love Them" and always watch it whenever it comes on tv. I have it on VHS but want it on DVD. Those giant ants trip me out! The movie has a message as well------Don't mess with the UNKNOWN! There might be terrible consequences. Have you ever seen or heard of another scifi 50s movie-----"The Giant Claw?" Another favorite of mine. Who can leave out "The Thing?"
  7. I am so glad that you mentioned "Random Harvest" and "The Women". I love both movies and will watch them whenver they come on TCM. If I had to choose between the two, I would have to say that I have watched "The Women" more than "Random Harvest". Don't get me wrong-----"Random Harvest" is an excellent movie but "The Women" exemplifies all that the 30s were about-----clothes, mannerisms, and thoughts of the day. One thing I got from the movie was it isn't nice to gossip and it can backfire if you aren't careful. I also liked the way "The Women" were compared to animals and if you thi
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