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  1. So happy that Constance Cummings is getting some attention on the 24th. Don't miss the premieres of In the Cool of the Day, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, Night After Night, and Doomed Cargo aka Seven Sinners. Doomed Cargo is well worth watching. It's a mystery- a bit like The 39 Steps. Watch it if you like train films. I'm posting a scan of sheet music from Broadway Thru a Keyhole. One of my favorite songs from the 30s is "Doin' the Uptown Lowdown".
  2. Congratulations to Speedracer5! I'm very sorry that I just saw the Challenge on the boards, after voting was over. I would have liked to have voted. Since I cannot do that, I would like to point out the highlights (for me) from each schedule. Lonesome Polecat: I loved the Sheldon Leonard tribute, Submarining, Lone Pine films, My First Talkie, and Nutty Professor as the Essential. You always have a great schedule. Bogie 56: I think Max Von Sydow is a spectacular SOTM. I liked Bela Lugosi (as Ygor) as guest programmer, the Max Ophuls block, shyster lawyers, Canadian programming, and department stores-always good fodder for any schedule. Great work. Skimpole: I liked your use of Revolutionaries in a theme, Warsaw Pact Day, non-Hollywood musicals, and L'amour fou. Kinuyo Tanaka as SOTM. I would never of thought about it but I like the idea very much. Excellent job. Speedracer 5: I really enjoyed your Paris programming and how it covered more than just a block of films. I appreciate all smooth transitions and your pick of Seventh Heaven is perfect. You and I both love Fig Leaves (please, someday, Charlie). It's so clever. I laughed at your use of Nancy Drew as a programmer. Was there anything she couldn't do??? I thought that your gender-bending theme was very good. Xanadu and Skatetown really make for an unusual Underground. Again, congrats! I really enjoyed perusing all four fabulous schedules. Excellent work, all! Lydecker-great work as the moderator and creator of such a fun Challenge.
  3. Congratulations to Lydecker! You had a wonderful schedule. Speedracer5: Congrats to you, as well. A terrific Challenge.
  4. First of all: Thank you, speedracer5, for creating a wonderful challenge that was irresistible to me-I had to enter. It was great to get get back into the action and create another schedule for this challenge. I'm not sorry I recused myself from the vote because I'm happy to see such great schedules being posted-lots of creativity that will keep the challenges continuing into the future. Thank you all for your positive comments on the previous Challenge thread. I really appreciate them. Now on to the four fabulous schedules. Skimpole: Your SOTM, Eric Rohmer, is a really wonderful choice. I liked your Beatles/Heist theme, Subterranean theme. I chuckled at your twists on love stories. Great job! Lydecker: Your boarding house theme for the "Home" requirement was lots of fun. Slavko Vorkapich was terrific for the SOTM. I'm envisioning that scene in What Price Hollywood? right now. I liked your Pulitzer prize winners and ahhh… Orry Kelly and Travis Banton. Kay Francis had all the luck! Island adventures seems like a natural theme for TCM. Lots of material. Your Friday night spotlight was what we both went for in the Un-Oscars requirement. Both of us wanted to showcase performers not nominated. I, too, believe that Ida Lupino was robbed of a nomination in The Hard Way. Wonderful schedule! Barton Keyes: You had some truly wonderful & unique themes. I loved, loved, loved Home Invasions for your "Home" requirement. The Madame Tussaud theme, Mark Robson and Diseases were all wonderful and your Friday spotlight on sequels is a really great idea. Kudos to you. I think that this is the best schedule you've ever submitted. Lonesome Polecat: A marvelous schedule once again. Charlie Tabesh: Won't you please try to get the rights to What's So Bad About Feeling Good? LP has had quite the campaign going for this film for years. LP-I liked how you snuck it in with your SOTM-George Seaton. My favorite themes and use of films were in TCM Instruction Manual, Disney vault selections, Un-Oscars makeup, and Fun in Funerals. And what a treat to see four made/filmed-for-TV musicals, including Evening Primrose, for your Friday night spotlight. Terrific job! Once again, it's a tough decision between four greats but I have to cast my vote for Barton Keyes, who had some themes that I really resonated with.
  5. Terrible time getting this posted. It took 20 minutes to work. Here goes... Countessdelave’s Programming Notes: Challenge #29 Week of January 10-January 16, 2016 Sunday. The Mean Streets of Paris is about the grittier side of Paris. This includes WWII predicaments. The evening theme of Modistes, Models & Modes premieres Fig Leaves (I keep hoping for this film) for the silent and Falbalas for the import. Monday. Performing Tots. There is a rich history of performing children in film-many more than the examples I provide. Disney frequently used animals as his subjects. For my vault selections, I have chosen to target films about cats and dogs. I was able to program several favorites, including The Three Lives of Thomasina. I’m hoping that this will show up on TCM in the future. Tuesday. Wonderful actor George Sanders always seemed to act with an air of ennui. It’s as if he didn’t care or couldn’t bother with trivialities. Was that just his style or was it really him? I suspect it was a bit of both. I premiere The Private Affairs of Bel Ami. My Oscar snubs include fabulous performances that were never even nominated by the Academy. Ida Lupino, Joan Fontaine, Rosalind Russell, Giulietta Masina. It’s a list of great performances in this program of films. The Light That Failed and Ivy are the premieres. Wednesday. I had to continue with more Oscar snubs. More great perfrmances that were completely ignored by Oscar. I include the premiere of Things Change with Don Ameche. He is terrific in this 1988 Mamet film. My Dinner With Audrey is an evening with a several actresses named Audrey. I think that you will find a little more action in these films than in My Dinner With Andre. Thursday. I enjoy a lot of backstage musicals and dramas. The daytime focuses on murder and romance. I premiere Murder at the Vanities. My SOTM is Choreographer LeRoy Prinz. He did some great work. I premiere Bolero and All the King’s Horses. Friday. I offer a selection of variations on Romeo and Juliet. Premieres are Romeo Must Die, Romanoff and Juliet and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. The Friday Night Spotlight is British Musicals. This particular Friday focuses on the 1930s. I premiere four different films. TCM has never shown many. I wonder if they are difficult to secure. We’ve seen the occasional Jessie Mathews film but not much else from this period. Saturday. I had several ideas for the “home” theme but I liked using the play of words in “A Man’s Castle is His Home”. Everyone owns a castle or gets one in my lineup. I premiere Something For Everyone and Scared Stiff. My Essentials pick is Rocky Horror Picture Show. I follow with another Tim Curry premiere: Clue. The rest of the evening is devoted mental institutions and my Underground pick is Shock Treatment, made by Rocky Horror’s team, Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien. Silent Sunday Nights Fig Leaves TCM Imports Falbalas (aka Paris Frills) Star of the Month LeRoy Prinz Friday Night Spotlight British Musicals: the 1930s The Essentials Rocky Horror Picture Show TCM Underground Shock Treatment Exempt Premieres-TV & Film Fig Leaves Falbalas Hollywood Fashion Machine: Paris Goes to Hollywood The Three Lives of Thomasina That Darn Cat Lady & the Tramp 101 Dalmations Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Little Dog Lost The Light That Failed Ivy Anthony Quinn: An Original Bolero All the King’s Horses Highlight: The Singing Cinema Something For Everyone Scared Stiff Premieres-15 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami Things Change Amelie Air Hostess Murder at the Vanities Romeo Must Die Romanoff and Juliet Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Love on Wheels Look Up and Laugh Break the News Everything is Rhythm Rocky Horror Picture Show Clue Shock
  6. Countessdelave’s TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE # 29 SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2016 THE MEAN STREETS OF PARIS 6:00 am Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) Dir. Robert Florey starring Bela Lugosi, Sidney Fox. Univ., 61 minutes. p/s. 7:15 am Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954) Dir. Roy Del Ruth. starring Karl Malden, Patricia Medina. WB, 83 minutes. p/s. 8:45 am Phantom of Paris (1931) Dir. John S. Robertson. starring John Gilbert, Leila Hyams. MGM, 74 minutes. 10:00 am This Was Paris (1942) Dir. John Harlow. starring Ann Dvorak, Ben Lyon. WB, 77 minutes. 11:30 am Is Paris Burning? (1966) Dir. Rene Clement. starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron. Para., 173 minutes. p/s. 2:30 pm Bob Le Flambeur (1955) Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville. starring Isabel Corey, Roger Duchesne. Rialto, 98 minutes. p/s. 4:15 pm Camille (1936) Dir. George Cukor. starring Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor. MGM, 109 minutes. Short: Une Femme Coquette (1955) Dir. Jean-Luc Godard. starring Maria Lysandre. Actua Films, 10 minutes. 6:30 pm Nana (1934) Dir. Dorothy Arzner. starring Anna Sten, Lionel Atwill. Goldwyn, 88 minutes. p/s. MODISTES, MODELS & MODES 8:00 pm Paris Model (1953) Dir. Alfred E. Green. starring Marilyn Maxwell, Paulette Goddard. Para., 81 minutes. p/s. 9:30 pm Under Eighteen (1931) Dir. Archie Mayo. starring Marian Marsh, Warren William, Anita Page. WB, 80 minutes. 11:00 pm Street of Women (1932) Dir. Archie Mayo. starring Kay Francis, Roland Young. WB, 59 minutes. SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS 12:00 am Fig Leaves (1926) Dir. Howard Hawks. starring Olive Borden, George O’Brien. Fox, 68 minutes. Exempt. Short: Good Morning, Eve (1934) Dir. Roy Mack. starring Leon Errol. Vitaphone, 19 minutes TCM IMPORTS 1:45 am Falbalas ( aka Paris Frills) (1945) Dir. Jacques Becker. starring Raymond Rouleau, Micheline Presle. Vedis, 111 minutes. Exempt. 3:45 am Hollywood Fashion Machine: Paris Goes to Hollywood (1999) Dir. Gabriel Rotello. World of Wonder, 30 minutes. TV#1-Exempt. 4:15 am Artists and Models (1937) Dir. Raoul Walsh. starring Jack Benny, Ida Lupino. Paramount, 97 minutes. p/s. MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2016 PERFORMING TOTS 6:00 am Broadway To Hollywood (1933) Dir. Willard Mack. starring Alice Brady, Frank Morgan, Mickey Rooney. MGM, 85 minutes. 7:30 am Little Miss Broadway (1938) Dir. Irving Cummings. starring Shirley Temple, George Murphy. TCF, 72 minutes. p/s. 8:45 am Poor Little Rich Girl (1936) Dir. Irving Cummings. starring Shirley Temple, Alice Faye. TCF, 79 Minutes. p/s. 10:15 am Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) Dir. Allan Dwan. starring Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott. TCF, 81 minutes. p/s. 10:00 am Paddy O’Day (1935) Dir. Lewis Seiler. starring Jane Withers, Rita Hayworth. TCF, 72 minutes. p/s. 11:45 am The Seven Little Foys (1932) Dir. Melville Shavelson. starring Bob Hope, Milly Vitale. Paramount, 93 minutes. p/s. 1:30 pm Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz. starring James Cagney, Joan Leslie. WB, 126 Minutes. 3:45 pm Gypsy (1932) Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. starring Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden. WB, 143 Minutes. p/s. 6:15 pm Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) Dir. Norman Taurog. starring Jack Oakie, Bing Crosby, Nicholas Bros. Para., 97 Minutes. p/s. Short: Bubbles (1930) Dir. Roy Mack. starring Judy Garland & The Vitaphone Kiddies. Vitaphone, 8 minutes. TREASURES FROM THE DISNEY VAULTS: CATS & DOGS 8:00 pm The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963) Dir. Don Chaffey. starring Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire, Karen Dotrice. Buena Vista, 97 Minutes. Disney-exempt. 9:45 pm That Darn Cat (1965) Dir. Robert Stevenson. starring Hayley Mills, Dean Jones, Dorothy Provine. Buena Vista, 116 minutes. Disney-Exempt. 11:45 pm Lady & the Tramp (1955) Dir. Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson. starring voices Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy. Buena Vista, 76 minutes. Disney-Exempt. 1:15 am 101 Dalmations (1961) Dir. Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske. starring voices Rod Taylor, Betty Lou Gerson. Buena Vista, 79 minutes. Disney-Exempt. 2:45 am Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Little Dog Lost (1963) Dir. Walter Perkins. starring Margaret Gerrity, Priscilla Overton. NBC TV, 60 minutes. TV#2-Exempt. 3:45 am The Shaggy Dog (1959) Dir. Charles Barton. starring Fred MacMurray, Jean Hagen, Annette Funicello. Buena Vista, 104 minutes. p/s. 5:45 am Short: Society Dog Show (1939) Dir. Bill Roberts. Animated voice: Pinto Colvig. Walt Disney, 8 minutes. TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2016 GEORGE SANDERS’ REEL ENNUI 6:00 am All About Eve (1950) Dir. Joseph Mankiewicz. starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders. TCF, 138 minutes. p/s. 8:30 am The Saint Strikes Back (1939) Dir. John Farrow. starring George Sanders, Wendy Barrie. RKO, 64 minutes. 9:45 am The Saint in London (1939) Dir. John Paddy Carstairs. starring George Sanders, Sally Gray. RKO, 72 minutes. 11:00 am Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) Dir. Anatole Litvak. starring Edward G. Robinson, George Sanders. WB, 104 minutes. 12:45 pm The House of Seven Gables (1940) Dir. Joe May. starring George Sanders, Margaret Lindsay, Vincent Price. TCF, 89 minutes. 2:15 pm Foreign Correspondent (1940) Dir.Alfred Hitchcock. starring Joel McCrea, Lorraine Day, George Sanders. UA, 120 minutes. p/s. 4:15 pm Rebecca (1940) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. starring Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders. UA, 130 minutes. p/s. 6:00 pm The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947) Dir. Albert Lewin. starring George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Ann Dvorak. UA, 112 minutes. Premiere # 1. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?: OSCAR SNUBS 8:00 pm The Light That Failed (1939) Dir. William A. Wellman. starring Ronald Colman, Ida Lupino, Walter Huston. Para., 99 minutes. Oscar-Exempt. 9:45 pm The Hard Way (1943) Dir. Vincent Sherman. starring Ida Lupino, Joan Leslie, Jack Carson. WB, 109 minutes. 11:45 pm Ivy (1947) Dir. Sam Wood. starring Joan Fontaine, Herbert Marshall, Patric Knowles. Univ., 99 minutes. Oscar-Exempt. 1:30 am His Girl Friday (1940) Dir. Howard Hawks. starring Rosalind Russell, Cary Grant. Columbia, 92 minutes. p/s 3:15 am La Strada (1954) Dir. Federico Fellini. starring Giulietta Masina, Anthony Quinn, Richard Basehart. Ponti-DeLaurentis, 108 minutes. p/s. 5:15 am Anthony Quinn: An Original (1990) Dir. Gene Feldman. starring Federico Fellini, Giulieta Masini. Wombat Productions, 60 minutes. TV#3-Exempt. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2016 MORE OSCAR SNUBS 6:15 am The Lady Eve (1941) Dir. Preston Sturges. starring Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda. Para., 94 minutes. p/s. 8:00 am The Women (1939) Dir. George Cukor. starring Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford. MGM, 133 minutes. 10:15 am The Petrified Forest (1936) Dir. Archie Mayo. starring Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart. WB, 82 minutes. 11:45 am City Lights (1931) Dir. Charles Chaplin. starring Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill. UA, 87 minutes. p/s. 1:15 pm Things Change (1988) Dir. David Mamet. starring Don Ameche, Joe Mantegna. Columbia, 100 minutes. Premiere # 2. 3:00 pm Psycho (1960) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles. Paramount, 109 minutes. p/s. 5:00 pm The Night of the Hunter (1955) Dir. Charles Laughton. starring Robert Mitchum, Lillian Gish, Shelley Winters. UA, 93 minutes. p/s. Documentary: And The Oscar Goes To… (2014) Dir. Rob Epstein. starring Angelica Huston, Robert Osborne, Tom Hanks. TCM, 87 minutes. MY DINNER WITH AUDREY 8:00 pm Amelie (2001) Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. starring Audrey Tatou, Mathieu Kassovitz. Miramax, 129 minutes. Premiere #3. 10:15 pm Air Hostess (1949) Dir. Lew Landers. starring Gloria Henry, Audrey Long. Columbia, 60 minutes. Premiere# 4. 11:30 pm Sabrina (1954) Dir. Billy Wilder. starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden. Paramount, 113 minutes. p/s. 1:30 am That Touch of Mink (1962) Dir. Delbert Mann. starring Doris Day, Cary Grant, Audrey Meadows. Univ., 99 minutes. p/s. 3:15 am Women’s Prison (1955) Dir. Lewis Seiler. starring Ida Lupino, Jan Sterling, Audrey Totter. Columbia, 79 minutes. p/s. 4:45 am The Set-Up (1949) Dir. Robert Wise. starring Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter. RKO, 73 minutes. THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 2016 BACKSTAGE MURDER 6:00 am Forty Naughty Girls (1937) Dir. Edward Cline. starring James Gleason, Zasu Pitts. RKO, 63 minutes. 7:15 am Journal of a Crime (1934) Dir. William Keighley. starring Ruth Chatterton, Adolphe Menjou. 1st Nat’l, 65 minutes. 8:30 am Stage Fright (1950) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. starring Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich, Richard Todd. WB, 110 minutes. p/s. 10:30 am The Death Kiss (1932) Dir. Edwin L. Marin. starring Bela Lugosi, David Manners. KBS Prod., 75 minutes. p/s. 11:15 am Lady of Burlesque (1943) Dir. William Wellman. starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O’Shea. UA, 91 minutes. p/s. 1:00 pm Murder at the Vanities (1934) Dir. Mitchell Leisen. starring Carl Brisson, Kitty Carlisle, Victor McLaglen. Paramount, 89 minutes. Premiere # 5. BACKSTAGE ROMANCE 2:30 pm The Broadway Melody (1929) Dir. Harry Beaumont. starring Bessie Love, Anita Page, Charles King. MGM, 100 minutes. p/s. 4:15 pm Springtime in the Rockies (1942) Dir. Irving Cummings. starring Betty Grable, John Payne, Carmen Miranda. TCF, 91 minutes. p/s. 6:00 pm Kiss Me Kate (1953) Dir. George Sidney. starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller. MGM, 109 minutes STAR OF THE MONTH: LEROY PRINZ, CHOREOGRAPHER 8:00 pm Bolero (1934) Dir. Wesley Ruggles. starring George Raft, Carole Lombard, Sally Rand. Para., 85 minutes. SOTM-Exempt. 9:30 pm All the King’s Horses (1935) Dir. Frank Tuttle. starring Carl Brisson, Mary Ellis. Paramount, 87 minutes. SOTM-Exempt. Short: Unusual Occupations (1937) Dir. Gayne Whitman starring Ken Carpenter, Millie Hall, LeRoy Prinz. Para., 10 minutes. 11:15 pm Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) Dir. Mitchell Leisen. starring W.C. Fields, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour. Para., 91 minutes. p/s. 1:00 am April Showers (1948) Dir. James V. Kern. starring Ann Sothern, Jack Carson. WB, 94 minutes. 2:45 am Look For the Silver Lining (1949) Dir. David Butler. starring June Haver, Ray Bolger, Gordon MacRae. WB, 106 minutes. Short: Bromo And Juliet (1926) Dir. Leo McCarey. starring Charley Chase, Laurel & Hardy. Hal Roach, 23 minutes. FRIDAY, JANUARY 15 , 2016 ROMEO AND JULIET: Variations of Shakespeare’s Oft-Told Tale 5:30 am Romeo Must Die (2000) Dir. Andrzej Bartkowiak. starring Jet Li, Aallayah. WB, 115 minutes. Premiere #6. 7:30 am West Side Story (1961) Dir. Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins. starring Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Rita Moreno. UA, 152 minutes. p/s. 10:15 am Romeo and Juliet (1968) Dir. Franco Zeffirelli. starring Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting. Paramount, 138 minutes. p/s. 12:45 pm Romanoff and Juliet (1961) Dir. Peter Ustinoff. starring Peter Ustinoff, Sandra Dee, John Gavin. Univ, 103 minutes. Premiere #7. 2:30 pm Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1967) Dir. Sergey Paradzhanov. starring Ivan Mikolaychuk. Artkino Pictures, 100 minutes. Premiere # 8. 4:15 pm Kentucky (1938) Dir. David Butler. starring Loretta Young, Richard Greene. TCF, 96 minutes. p/s. 6:00 pm Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929) Dir. Charles Reisner. starring Norma Shearer, John Gilbert. MGM, 118 minutes. FRIDAY NIGHT SPOTLIGHT: British Musicals The 1930s 8:00 pm Love on Wheels (1932) Dir. Victor Saville. starring Jack Hulbert, Leonora Corbett, Edmund Gwenn. Gainsborough, 86 minutes. Premiere # 9. 9:30 pm Evergreen (1934) Dir. Victor Saville. starring Jessie Mathews, Sonnie Hale. British Gaumont, 94 minutes. p/s. 11:15 pm Look Up and Laugh (1935) Dir. Basil Dean. starring Gracie Fields, Vivian Leigh. ATP, 80 minutes. Premiere # 10. 12:45 am Break the News (1938) Dir. Rene Clair. starring Jack Buchanan, Maurice Chevalier, June Knight. J. Buchanan prod., 72 minutes. Premiere # 11. 2:00 am Everything is Rhythm (1936) Dir. Alfred J. Goulding. starring Harry Roy, Princess Pearl. ABFD, 65 minutes. Premiere#12. 3:15 am First a Girl (1935) Dir. Victor Saville. starring Jessie Mathews, Sonnie Hale, Anna Lee. British Gaumont, 78 minutes. p/s. 4:45 am Highlight: The Singing Cinema (1964) Dir. Denis Gifford. starring Jessie Mathews, Carl Brisson, Gracie Fields, British Pathe for UK television. TV#4-Exempt. SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 2016 A MAN’S CASTLE IS HIS HOME 6:00 am Dementia 13 (1963) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola. starring William Campbell, Luana Anders. AIP, 75 minutes. p/s. 7:15 am A Breath of Scandal (1960) Dir. Michael Curtiz. starring Sophia Loren, John Gavin, Angela Lansbury. Paramount, 98 minutes. p/s. 9:00 am Something For Everyone (1970) Dir. Harold Prince. starring Angela Lansbury, Michael York. Nat’l Gen. Pictures, 110 minutes. Home-Exempt. 11:00 am Barry Lyndon (1975) Dir. Stanley Kubrick. starring Ryan O’Neal, Marissa Berenson. WB, 188 minutes. p/s. 2:15 pm La Belle et La Bete (1946) Dir. Jean Cocteau. starring Jean Marais, Josette Day. Janus, 93 minutes. p/s. 4:00 pm Scared Stiff (1953) Dir. George Marshall. starring Martin & Lewis, Lizabeth Scott, Carmen Miranda. Paramount, 108 minutes. Home-Exempt. 6:00 pm Young Frankenstein (1974) Dir. Mel Brooks. starring Gene Wilder, Madeleine Kahn. TCF, 108 minutes. p/s. THE ESSENTIALS 8:00 pm Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Dir. Jim Sharman. starring Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon. TCF, 101 minutes. Premiere# 13. 10:00 pm Clue (1985) Dir. Jonathan Lynn. starring Tim Curry, Madeleine Kahn. Paramount, 94 minutes. Premiere# 14. 11:45 pm High Anxiety (1977) Dir. Mel Brooks. starring Mel Brooks, Madeleine Kahn, Harvey Korman. TCF, 94 minutes. p/s. TCM UNDERGROUND 1:30 am Shock Treatment (1981) Dir. Jim Sharman. starring Richard O’Brien, Barry Humphries, Patricia Quinn. TCF, 88 minutes. Exempt. 3:00 am Shock (1946) Dir. Alfred Werker. starring Vincent Price, Lynn Bari. TCF, 70 minutes. Premiere #15. 4:15 am Shock Corridor (1963) Dir. Sam Fuller. starring Peter Breck, Constance Towers. Allied Artists, 101 minutes. p/s.
  7. Congratulations, Speedracer5. You had a wonderful schedule and I'm delighted that you won this challenge. May is probably a very good month to do a Challenge. I'd like to offer a few thoughts-Sansfin got the juices flowing. I think that it's up to who is hosting the challenge to decide on many of the aspects but I think that sticking to what one thinks are similar TCM programming limitations is good. That way, our suggestions are especially viable. I have seen the allowed number of premieres to range a bit but 10 seems to be the average. I do think that (although it is up to each moderator) allowing anyone to post a schedule and opt out of voting is okay. I, myself, have done it and several others have done it through the years. If you have entered several challenges, you may not want to host again. Few are going to post a schedule unless they REALLY want to do respond to a challenge because it is always a lot of work. Yeah, Speedracer5!
  8. Wonderful schedules, everyone! Here are some highlights. Taran_of_prydain: I liked your Fellini Friday spotlight, Judith Anderson films and Their first talkie. Good job. Barton-Keyes: I especially liked your theme of great title sequences and I really like that you scheduled the Mitchum/Rampling Farewell, My Lovely. I'd like to see it on TCM too. Speedracer5: Lots of good things in your schedule. Paper Moon is an excellent Essential, Betty Grable is a great SOTM and I like your dancing ladies theme for your Friday Night Spotlight. I really like your Queens in Space theme for an underground night. Oh, scary phone calls is terrific for a theme. Lonesome Polecat: As always, a wonderful schedule. I really liked your play-to-film-to film musical idea. Your Alps and roulette and afterlife themes are all great. And, you know, Song of the South does seem like it will never be on TCM but the channel does show a lot of things in context and you never know. Lydecker's: Good work. I especially like Ruth Chatterton as SOTM and your BFI's most wanted to showcase what you will never see on TCM. Skimpole: Agatha Christie films, 8 1/2 as an Essential and Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story in your Too hot for TCM theme were great. I cast my vote for Speedracer5.
  9. Sansfin, congratulations! It'll be fun to see what you come up with for the next challenge. Lydecker, it was a great challenge. I know it's a lot of work but I hope you that enjoyed it. Good job.
  10. Lydecker-What a great challenge! So many good excuses to recognize the very deserving character actors and actresses who populate the films we love. I'm only sorry that I couldn't participate in this challenge. The timing was bad for me but I CAN appreciate the seven schedules that were submitted. Here are some highlights from each one: Sansfin: I loved Trevor Howard as your SOTM and your spotlight on Judith Anderson. Your pick of Silent Movie as your Silent Sunday Night pick amused me. Mostly, I loved how you broke down subjects by the decades and also focused on certain decades. Example: the future as envisioned in the seventies. Fedya: You and Sansfin each had an intriguing overall focus for your week of programming. I enjoyed that in both. I laughed at the thought of Andy Devine as your SOTM. That may be the most surprising choice for SOTM ever, in the history of these challenges. I liked the incredible characters of the 50s but your comments about Magnificent Obsession had me wondering: have you watched this film, to the same point, more than once? Loved your underground picks. Skimpole: Love your SOTM-Adolphe Menjou. Your Friday Spotlight is a great theme. I really liked the idea of an anti-oscar celebration during February. It's a new take on the usual Oscars month. I'm not sure if the programmers would go for it even though they are always looking for a new way to showcase the academy awards films. I also like your attempt to allow intros and outros about Birth of a Nation without showing it. Lonesome Polecat: I really liked your animated character of Charlie Brown, amnesia theme, and Tony/Oscar performers. Oh, and the postman theme too. I do predict that one day TCM will show What a Way To Go! and What's So Bad About Feeling Good? Great job. Speedracer5: Agnes Moorehead as SOTM. What a great suggestion! I thought that your taxi dancer and DeHavilland 100th birthday themes were excellent. I loved your inclusion of Barbara Pepper and Charles Lane (isn't he in just about every film you watch?! He made hundreds of films.) I love The Dark Mirror and haven't seen it in years. Maybe TCM can find it. Barton Keyes: Hume Cronyn is a wonderful choice for SOTM. A talented actor on both stage and screen. Elmer Fudd was a terrific animated choice. I really liked your spotlight on Goldwyn studios. Sid Caesar's writers and acting piano players-great themes. Obrienmundy: Ronald Colman. You and I would both be so happy to see him as SOTM. I suggest it on a regular basis. One of my favorite films is on your week's schedule: The Light That Failed. Here's hoping that we can get more of his Goldwyn films on TCM. Bugs Bunny is such a good animated character choice. I love Mary Wickes. She is a great choice for SOTM. I also liked your kleptomaniacs theme. Everyone had terrific schedules and lots of great ideas for SOTM. Kudos to all but I cast my vote for Sansfin this time.
  11. Congratulations to Lydecker on the deserving win! I loved all of the other schedules and I think that SansFin is to be congratulated on a great job of creating and moderating this challenge. Kudos to all who participated.
  12. In every challenge the voting is tough. Same case here. So many great ideas, films and themes. Highlights: Classic Afficionado: I like Joan Fontaine as SOTM, summer solstice salute, new living arrangements, and Showboat (1936) as your Essential. I happen to like both the 50s version and the '36 version but I think of them as two separate films. Neither is completely the same as the original stage production but the Dunne version is closer. Skimpole: Chishu Ryu as your SOTM is great, albeit a bit obscure for most american audiences. Still, a great star who deserves attention. Using the Ozu films and the contemporary chinese-made films are a wonderful programming touch. Also scheduling films about 20th century China is great. I really liked entering your new worlds of weirdness. Angel Heart !? I remember that film. It fits into a weird world quite well. Speedracer3: I've always wanted to do a bookie theme and you have-fun. I liked much about your schedule: exploring the new world (as opposed to Skimpole's weird world), the Bergman double feature, Rocky Horror as Underground, and Lucy Ricardo as guest programmer. Great job! Obrienmundy: Loved your SOTM: Catherine Deneuve. Polish cinema, Alexander Golitzen, Miklos Rozsa and Madame Defarge as guest programmer are all wonderful. In your trading places theme, you have a film favorite of mine: Thirty-Day Princess. The Light That Failed. I'm always requesting this one from the programmers. Some day I hope it'll show up on TCM. I only wish that you had provide notes. Much of your schedule was self-explanatory but notes really do add to the appreciation of the creative process of building any schedule. Lydecker: Love your SOTM, Roland Young. You had some wonderful themes: banking, John Seitz as Cinematographer, Addison DeWitt as GP, department stores (another theme that has been on my radar to explore in the future), Politics as your Friday night spotlight. Lloyd Nolan is vastly unknown and underrated. Thanks for adding some of his films. Terrific effort, Lydecker! Lonesome Polecat: What can I say? A great schedule, as always. Anne Baxter as SOTM, Iranian Cinema, Robots, "Look Mama-I'm Pretty", "Clever Accounting", franchise beginnings, and "Engagements That Don't Work Out". I know that your schedule is not up for a vote this time but it is extremely well done. My vote goes to Lydecker.
  13. Many thanks for all of the nice comments from everyone about my schedule. LP- it would have been my intention to show The Story of Alexander Graham Bell on the subsequent week, allowing Ben or Robert to explain the genesis of the "Catch you on the Ameche" reference. Thanks for mentioning it. I have just finished perusing all of the schedules to date (you never know if more will squeak in there before midnight). Wow! They are all terrific. I will go into more detail in the voting thread but a few brief highlights: LP- Look Mama-I'm pretty. Great use of the new beginnings theme. Skimpole- Chishu Ryu as SOTM. Great choice for someone who loves Ozu as much as I. Lydecker- Lloyd Nolan films. Love him. Classic Afficionado- Joan Fontaine as SOTM. Thanks for adding your programming notes. Speedracer3- Rocky Horror Picture Show as your Underground (and then Clue). Obrienmundy-exceptional Guest Programmer: Madame DeFarge. I know that I will have a difficult choice amongst all of these great schedules, when I vote. I, myself, wish to bow out of the vote. Hopefully, the programmers will be watching the voting thread and will take all film suggestions and themes to heart and employ them at will.
  14. Sorry for the dup postings. I haven't done any posting to speak of since the changes to the website. There was no confirmation that my post was successful and thus, the multiple postings. It seems like all I could do was go back and delete the content but not the post. Formatting is both easier and weirder at the same time. But, I digress... I have not read any of the schedules yet but I am looking forward to doing so now that I've posted my schedule and notes. I hope there is no overlap with anyone else's schedule. I certainly had fun doing mine and I really can't wait to see what everyone else did.
  15. Countessdelave’s Programming Notes: Challenge #26 Week of January 4-January 10, 2015 Sunday. I’m just one of many television viewers who grew up with Mrs. Olson serving up a fresh pot of Folger’s coffee to hapless folks, who would have been clearly baffled by Starbucks and the term ”Barista” today. Virginia Christine actually did have a career in film. Perhaps she decided to become Mrs. Olson as soon as Burt Lancaster dumped her for Ava Gardner in The Killers. I was quite inspired to do a mini tribute to Director Yasujiro Ozu as soon as I walked out of a showing of the silent Dragnet Girl at this year’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Ooh, that sounds bad. I did not leave the film before it ended. I loved every minute. Monday. SAG aka Screen Actor’s Guild is a major force in film and television. Here is a reunion of most of the founders. I premiere Night World, a terrific little film with a fun number from Busby Berkeley. My new beginnings theme is devoted to people who suddenly become millionaires (or at least, very wealthy). I premiere an all time favorite It Grows on Trees. Tuesday. Loretta Young was one of the most stylish women in Hollywood. These films show her looking oh so chic (even when she’s not wealthy). Three Blind Mice is the premiere. This is an oft-told tale, next remade as Moon Over Miami. My SOTM is Don Ameche. I used to love watching his circus show on television when I was a kid. I was happy that he made more films late in life (like Things Change). This set of films is early in his career. I premiere Ramona and Happy Landing, which has Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman and Cesar Romero going for it. Wednesday. Not so long ago, I learned that actor Ricardo Cortez had a brother, Stanley, who also worked in Hollywood. Nothing so unusual about that. Ricardo was born Jacob Krantz and changed his name to Ricardo Cortez when he came to Hollywood, capitalizing on the Valentino craze for “latin lover” types. What is unusual is that Stanley, an award-winning Cinematographer, also changed his name to Cortez. It’s almost creepy to me but Stanley had immense talent and created some indelible cinematic moments in black and white. I premiere Flesh and Fantasy. The evening’s guest programmer is Dixie Belle Lee, the unforgettable novelty performer from The Awful Truth. The selection of films that Dixie chose reflect: 1) her amazement that Marilyn Monroe must have seen her perform nearly two decades earlier, 2) that there’s an actress, named Joyce Compton, who looks a lot like her and gets to spend time with her performing buddies on tour and wearing beautiful gowns, 3) her delight of Cary Grant in any film, 4) her admiration of southern belles, and 5) the genteel southern lifestyle and down-home folks on a fox hunt. Thursday. I remember being completely surprised to learn that character actress Helen Broderick was Broderick Crawford’s mother. Do you see the resemblance? They are both wonderful in films. Here is a sampling from both. Broderick Crawford’s father was actor Lester Crawford. I like how the parents combined names for their son. As did actress Elizabeth Allen and Robert Montgomery for their daughter, Elizabeth Montgomery. Elizabeth Montgomery was primarily known for television work but here are a couple of her film appearances in pre-Bewitched days. I must have been influenced by this year’s “family” theme at TCM’s annual film festival in April. The evening is a lineup of films featuring various combos of The Lane Sisters: Priscilla, Rosemary and Lola. Actually, there was another performing Lane sister, Leota, who was known for her stage work. I found out that Rosemary and Priscilla sang with Fred Waring’s band for several years before coming to Hollywood. Friday. “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” is the title of one of Cher’s most popular song hits of the early seventies. I chose to program films about gypsies, tramps and thieves, as individual themes. I premiere Gypsy Wildcat and Blanche Fury. If only we could get more Maria Montez and Jon Hall films… Gypsies are at the heart and soul of flamenco song and dance. I love the flamenco films of spanish director Carlos Saura. He is famous for other films, as well, but these are special to me. I think that a month-long spotlight on world dance in film would be great. This is just one Friday schedule. I follow with a premiere of Knickerbocker Holiday because the very famous flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya, makes an appearance. Saturday. The Firefly is my segue from spanish films to spy films. Saturday daytime viewing is all spy films. My Essentials pick is Nosferatu. A true classic by F.W. Murnau. The evening is devoted to vampires and my Underground pick is The Lost Boys. Silent Sunday Nights Dragnet Girl TCM Imports Tokyo Story Star of the Month Don Ameche TCM Underground The Lost Boys The Essentials Nosferatu Special Exempt Premieres Artists and Models Abroad Big Brown Eyes Carmen El Amor Brujo Blood Wedding Salome Premieres-10 Night World Million Dollar Ransom It Grows on Trees Three Blind Mice Ramona Happy Landing Flesh and Fantasy Gypsy Wildcat Blanche Fury Knickerbocker Holiday
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