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  1. So happy that Constance Cummings is getting some attention on the 24th. Don't miss the premieres of In the Cool of the Day, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, Night After Night, and Doomed Cargo aka Seven Sinners. Doomed Cargo is well worth watching. It's a mystery- a bit like The 39 Steps. Watch it if you like train films. I'm posting a scan of sheet music from Broadway Thru a Keyhole. One of my favorite songs from the 30s is "Doin' the Uptown Lowdown".
  2. Congratulations to Speedracer5! I'm very sorry that I just saw the Challenge on the boards, after voting was over. I would have liked to have voted. Since I cannot do that, I would like to point out the highlights (for me) from each schedule. Lonesome Polecat: I loved the Sheldon Leonard tribute, Submarining, Lone Pine films, My First Talkie, and Nutty Professor as the Essential. You always have a great schedule. Bogie 56: I think Max Von Sydow is a spectacular SOTM. I liked Bela Lugosi (as Ygor) as guest programmer, the Max Ophuls block, shyster lawyers, Canadian programming
  3. Congratulations to Lydecker! You had a wonderful schedule. Speedracer5: Congrats to you, as well. A terrific Challenge.
  4. First of all: Thank you, speedracer5, for creating a wonderful challenge that was irresistible to me-I had to enter. It was great to get get back into the action and create another schedule for this challenge. I'm not sorry I recused myself from the vote because I'm happy to see such great schedules being posted-lots of creativity that will keep the challenges continuing into the future. Thank you all for your positive comments on the previous Challenge thread. I really appreciate them. Now on to the four fabulous schedules. Skimpole: Your SOTM, Eric Rohmer, is a really wonder
  5. Terrible time getting this posted. It took 20 minutes to work. Here goes... Countessdelave’s Programming Notes: Challenge #29 Week of January 10-January 16, 2016 Sunday. The Mean Streets of Paris is about the grittier side of Paris. This includes WWII predicaments. The evening theme of Modistes, Models & Modes premieres Fig Leaves (I keep hoping for this film) for the silent and Falbalas for the import. Monday. Performing Tots. There is a rich history of performing children in film-many more than the examples I provide. Disney frequently used animals as his sub
  6. Countessdelave’s TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE # 29 SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2016 THE MEAN STREETS OF PARIS 6:00 am Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) Dir. Robert Florey starring Bela Lugosi, Sidney Fox. Univ., 61 minutes. p/s. 7:15 am Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954) Dir. Roy Del Ruth. starring Karl Malden, Patricia Medina. WB, 83 minutes. p/s. 8:45 am Phantom of Paris (1931) Dir. John S. Robertson. starring John Gilbert, Leila Hyams. MGM, 74 minutes. 10:00 am This Was Paris (1942) Dir. John Harlow. starring Ann Dvorak, Ben Lyon. WB, 77 minutes. 11:30 am Is Par
  7. Congratulations, Speedracer5. You had a wonderful schedule and I'm delighted that you won this challenge. May is probably a very good month to do a Challenge. I'd like to offer a few thoughts-Sansfin got the juices flowing. I think that it's up to who is hosting the challenge to decide on many of the aspects but I think that sticking to what one thinks are similar TCM programming limitations is good. That way, our suggestions are especially viable. I have seen the allowed number of premieres to range a bit but 10 seems to be the average. I do think that (although it is up to
  8. Wonderful schedules, everyone! Here are some highlights. Taran_of_prydain: I liked your Fellini Friday spotlight, Judith Anderson films and Their first talkie. Good job. Barton-Keyes: I especially liked your theme of great title sequences and I really like that you scheduled the Mitchum/Rampling Farewell, My Lovely. I'd like to see it on TCM too. Speedracer5: Lots of good things in your schedule. Paper Moon is an excellent Essential, Betty Grable is a great SOTM and I like your dancing ladies theme for your Friday Night Spotlight. I really like your Queens in Space theme
  9. Sansfin, congratulations! It'll be fun to see what you come up with for the next challenge. Lydecker, it was a great challenge. I know it's a lot of work but I hope you that enjoyed it. Good job.
  10. Lydecker-What a great challenge! So many good excuses to recognize the very deserving character actors and actresses who populate the films we love. I'm only sorry that I couldn't participate in this challenge. The timing was bad for me but I CAN appreciate the seven schedules that were submitted. Here are some highlights from each one: Sansfin: I loved Trevor Howard as your SOTM and your spotlight on Judith Anderson. Your pick of Silent Movie as your Silent Sunday Night pick amused me. Mostly, I loved how you broke down subjects by the decades and also focused on certain decades
  11. Congratulations to Lydecker on the deserving win! I loved all of the other schedules and I think that SansFin is to be congratulated on a great job of creating and moderating this challenge. Kudos to all who participated.
  12. In every challenge the voting is tough. Same case here. So many great ideas, films and themes. Highlights: Classic Afficionado: I like Joan Fontaine as SOTM, summer solstice salute, new living arrangements, and Showboat (1936) as your Essential. I happen to like both the 50s version and the '36 version but I think of them as two separate films. Neither is completely the same as the original stage production but the Dunne version is closer. Skimpole: Chishu Ryu as your SOTM is great, albeit a bit obscure for most american audiences. Still, a great star who deserves attention.
  13. Many thanks for all of the nice comments from everyone about my schedule. LP- it would have been my intention to show The Story of Alexander Graham Bell on the subsequent week, allowing Ben or Robert to explain the genesis of the "Catch you on the Ameche" reference. Thanks for mentioning it. I have just finished perusing all of the schedules to date (you never know if more will squeak in there before midnight). Wow! They are all terrific. I will go into more detail in the voting thread but a few brief highlights: LP- Look Mama-I'm pretty. Great use of the new beginnings theme. Ski
  14. Sorry for the dup postings. I haven't done any posting to speak of since the changes to the website. There was no confirmation that my post was successful and thus, the multiple postings. It seems like all I could do was go back and delete the content but not the post. Formatting is both easier and weirder at the same time. But, I digress... I have not read any of the schedules yet but I am looking forward to doing so now that I've posted my schedule and notes. I hope there is no overlap with anyone else's schedule. I certainly had fun doing mine and I really can't wait to see what
  15. Countessdelave’s Programming Notes: Challenge #26 Week of January 4-January 10, 2015 Sunday. I’m just one of many television viewers who grew up with Mrs. Olson serving up a fresh pot of Folger’s coffee to hapless folks, who would have been clearly baffled by Starbucks and the term ”Barista” today. Virginia Christine actually did have a career in film. Perhaps she decided to become Mrs. Olson as soon as Burt Lancaster dumped her for Ava Gardner in The Killers. I was quite inspired to do a mini tribute to Director Yasujiro Ozu as soon as I walked out of a showing of the silent
  16. Countessdelave’s TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE # 26 SUNDAY, JANUARY 4, 2015 WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, MRS. OLSON The Film Career of Virginia Christine 6:00 am The Killers (1946) Dir. Robert Siodmak. starring Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner. Univ., 103 minutes. p/s. Short: Women at War (1943) Dir. Jean Negulesco. starring Faye Emerson, Virginia Christine. WB, 21 minutes. 8:15 am Cover-Up (1949) Dir. Alfred E. Green. starring Dennis O’Keefe, William Bendix. UA, 83 minutes. p/s. 9:45 am The Gangster (1947) Dir. Gordon Wiles. starring Barry Sullivan, Bellita.
  17. Sansfin, I think I'll be able to come up with a schedule. I need to put my thinking cap on but I am excited about the optional challenge of the "foreign films". I think I may have something in mind already.
  18. Sansfin, Congratulations on your well-deserved win! I'll be most anxious to see what you concoct in the next Challenge. It was a very fine schedule and I will seek out that film. LP, A great Challenge. I'm only sorry that the timing was bad for me. You had wonderful turnout from both regular posters and some newbies. Always a good thing. LZCutter, thanks for posting those most interesting specs from the challenges. It's nice to know that path40 really started something enduring. Say "Hi" to Mr Cutter and the critters.
  19. Wow! What a lot of great schedules to choose from. I loved all of the different and varied takes on the Sunset Boulevard part of the Challenge. Here are some of the highlights from each schedule. Fedya: I loved your overall theme of 25. I also liked your background person: Helen Hunt, Hairstylist, and laughed at the waxworks. Kingrat: Your deconstruction of Sunset Blvd in 5 ways (including the swimming pools) was great. You are one of two people who programmed a SOTM that I most want to see on TCM: Merle Oberon, in your case. B-Boop: I loved your Beatles song theme. Did you
  20. I'm so glad this thread is up and running again. LP, I can't tell you how much it killed me not to have enough time to do a schedule for your excellent Challenge. I had hoped it would start in May or June, long after the TCM FF was over but you were quick. It's so great to see the wonderful response and I look forward to giving a second look at all of the marvelous schedules that were posted. It's going to be a tough decision.
  21. LP, I tried to reply to the Voting thread and was locked out too. Message about fatal error and over 30 seconds. I'll be on the lookout for whenever it gets resolved.
  22. LP, I can't believe that I missed your posting of this Challenge. I haven't been on the boards much lately but I didn't expect it until May or June. You are fast out of the blocks on this Challenge and it looks great. I have yet to read the entries and it's unlikely I'll be able to enter this late. I will plan on voting, at the very least.
  23. Great article, Sue Sue! Looking forward to seeing you next month at the Festival.
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