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  1. So happy that Constance Cummings is getting some attention on the 24th. Don't miss the premieres of In the Cool of the Day, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, Night After Night, and Doomed Cargo aka Seven Sinners. Doomed Cargo is well worth watching. It's a mystery- a bit like The 39 Steps. Watch it if you like train films. I'm posting a scan of sheet music from Broadway Thru a Keyhole. One of my favorite songs from the 30s is "Doin' the Uptown Lowdown".
  2. Great article, Sue Sue! Looking forward to seeing you next month at the Festival.
  3. Hi Michael, I did some digging to try to find some threads from past Programming Challenges that include Kyle's participation. When one looks at the Challenges, it's amazing to see how many ideas have been included in actual TCM schedules since then. The links go to the exact pages where Kyle posted. If you have a hard time opening the #8, try a new browser window. {font:Helvetica} Challenge #2, won by Kyle's submitted schedule http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=80124&start=45&tstart=0 Challenge #7- "Back To Basics", won by Kyle's submitted sc
  4. Thank you, Lynn, for leaving me a message while I was out of town. We spoke last night and I started reflecting on my memories of Kyle. Overall, his presence on these boards was amazing and influential. As you said, he was a helpful advocate for all things TCM. I first really noticed him in the Programming Challenges. He was involved from the beginning (and now aren't we up to number 23 or 24?) He bowed out to the next wave of Challengers a while ago (boo hoo) but I'd love to see some of the old Programming Challenge threads posted in a dedicated Kyle thread. They mostly got buried
  5. Sue Sue, Did my graphic from The Big Parade show up on the thread? My preview showed both no image and image. I want to make sure that the image is there, as it is an old ad.
  6. SueSue, I'd like to see you introduce it. I know it's a favorite of yours. Is anyone going to see The Big Parade ? Perhaps this is in the new restoration? Hah!
  7. Wow! I Am Suzanne. That will qualify as the eccentric film of the Festival. Bizarre puppet romance film. I'd love to see a restored copy. I've only seen a scratchy color copy.
  8. Fun additions to the lineup this year! Lynn and Kyle, going back to the Grauman's situation, I would like to add to the excellent information that you posted. I got in touch with an old friend at the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. He put me in touch with Hillsman Wright from LAHTF (Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation). I am posting Mr. Wright's comments (one was a copy of his recent press remarks and the other has some specifics about the proposed changes). Note the change about seating capacity: 1110 seats will become 950 seats. "1/11/13 RE: TCL Grauman’s Chinese Sp
  9. SueSue, I'm so glad you're starting to add new chapters to your story. I'm getting such a vicarious thrill. Wink. Btw-loved the brooch!
  10. David, I truly hope that we have more time next year. We had all-too-brief time together and you are very funny.
  11. Dear SueSue, I just found this under Special Presentations: *A TRIBUTE TO THE NICHOLAS BROTHERS (1964)* *Compiled by - Bruce Goldstein* *Running Time: 128 mins* *The fabulous Nicholas Brothers, Fayard (1914-2006) and Harold (1921-2000), are considered among the greatest dancers of the 20th century. Despite racial hurdles, the self-taught African American entertainers became one of the biggest musical acts of their time, headlining on Broadway, radio, and television, and in vaudeville and nightclubs. Their dazzling, show-stopping numbers in movies like Down Argentine Way (1940)
  12. Kyle, I, too, loved Sunnyside Up. I've seen it a couple of times but I enjoyed it even more at the Festival. Regarding Madam Satan: It was on TCM years ago. I have it on vhs because I asked someone (who was one of the few with TCM early on) to tape it for me. I have also seen it on the big screen and I agree that you have to be indulgent with the first hour or so. Once everyone starts filing into the dirigible, it's heaven and pure camp. It's actually been on my mind to ask Charlie why it hasn't shown up on TCM for years. It's a great candidate for a Festival showing.
  13. I'm really laughing at the contributions to this thread. Thanks, everyone. How about *Orchestra Wives Under Suspicion* ? Joan Crawford and Ann Rutherford play newlywed wives to big band musicians Fred MacMurray and George Montgomery. All are on a european tour with the band. It's the eve of WWII. The wives are bored and moonlight as spies. Gail Patrick plays the troublemaking "girl singer". She tries to slip German folk songs into the band's repertoire of swing music. The Nicholas Brothers dazzle with their tap rendition of "Mein Gorilla Hat ne Villa im Zoo" (My Gorilla Has a Vi
  14. SueSue, You brought that night back. It certainly was fun! Free-flowing drinks, delicious appetizers and great people-watching. We were lucky to snag that booth upstairs as it was sooo crowded. I felt like we were holding court and laughing all evening. Thanks for giving the recap of events.
  15. Ha Ha! As you know, my sister and I were around for some of the hi-jinx. We wouldn't trade it for anything. You were _So_ fun. I can't wait to read the next installment. And Sue Sue, we're countin' on you to be there next year.
  16. Please let us know about a potential release date for any Henie films. I'm very excited at the prospect of "Second Fiddle" and "Sun Valley Serenade".
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