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  1. I must thank TCM for their showing of the films that Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy did together. They were thoughly enjoyed by many. Perhaps in June, around the birthdays of these actors, we may get to see the Documentary that was done on these two Hollywood greats. Either way, our compliments to TCM and Mr. Osborne for coming forth with such wonderful entertainment for their fans.
  2. Oh, Firefly in Sepia! I sure would have enjoyed seeing that. Good to know the print is still around, just in few circles. Wonder why TCM does not have a copy of that? Thanks for the information.
  3. First couple to be honored on TCM? Thank you for that information. Interesting. I didn't know that. A good choice by TCM.
  4. Jerry, you said~~~Perhaps this should be posted elsewhere but I wish to avoid the controversy over the various biographies. I'm glad you brought this point up. If you read on the other discussion about Jeanette and Nelson you will see the controversy has absolutley nothing to do with various biographies. The rumors started in Hollywood on the set of their first picture Naughty Marietta, decades before any book was written. The controversy still exists today. Did they hate or love each other? That's the double sided coin the biographies discuss, yet no one book started the controversy,
  5. Well, well, well,.... Look what TCM published on http://turnerclassicmovies.com/movienews/index/?cid=121724. I see they finally realize that the controversy started in Hollywood and it needs to end there. They posted out: Sweethearts: Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Biography on Sale in March! In honor of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy chosen as TCM's March 2006 "Stars of the Month" the following MacDonald/Eddy books by Sharon Rich are discounted for TCM viewers at www.maceddy.com. Use coupon code: TCM at checkout to receive an additional 10% off the books listed below:
  6. I for one am thrilled to be able to see Jeanette MacDonald stomp on Nelson Eddy Mountie Hat in Rosemarie. This has been a fabulous month for me seeing their films on TCM. TCM is my favorite channel for movies, yet this month, with their release of the 8 movies Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy did together, puts me in my glory all month. Thank you so much TCM.
  7. Allow me to clear something up. The controversy has never, ever, been about what anyone wrote in a book. Everyone loves Jeanette and Nelson because they found them on their own on the screen and heard them sing. People were devoted to them separately and together. Immediately controversy about Jeanette and Nelson first rose up and started in Hollywood itself. People were saying they hated each other, and soon this statement leaked out of Hollywood to the world. Next was news they were friends. Finally the leak came that they were really in love but could not settle their differ
  8. Markus21... those posts believing Jeanette and Nelson were Saints were interesting. Me, I'm still on the Sinners side. They were in love. They screwed it all up, but they were in love. Too many folks knew it. Too many folks tried to hide it. I side with Confuses... I think you protestest too much. Why not put the story out and let the public decide for themselves. Were Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald Saints or Sinners?
  9. Butterfly, you come not to praise Sharon but to bury her. Your a Saint, so why not simply come out and say your against all Sinners who believe Jeanette and Nelson were in love. You don't want their love story told do you? That's okay. We forgive you. Besides, Blossom would never have given Sharon the story to tell if Blossom knew that Jeanetter sincerely did not want the story told. Blossom loved Jeanette and would not have done anything to hurt her sister. That simple.
  10. Here is a note from another lady that could not get her post to register. Ms. Carter: Dear Mr. Osborne: I am writing this letter as a fan of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, to tell you how happy I am to read your statement on the web. Also, to note that in the month of March you are devoting the entire month to their movies. I was born in 1932, so when the picture Naughty Marietta was showing in 1935, I was only three years old. However, I got to know them and see their movies as a younger woman, and for me, it was instant love. I had never seen two people so c
  11. Here is the 2 of 2 notes that the post would not register from JackieM. JackieM said: I'd like to 2nd all the suggestions that Robert Osborne have Sharon Rich as his guest. And to be totally fair to the naysayers, perhaps Professor Turk should receive an invite to appear with Sharon. We can hear of Sharon's 20+years of research, compared to Prof.Turk's few months of research and heart to hearts with Gene Raymond, and judge for ourselves. On the divorce issue, and why they simply didn't divorce after they left MGM in 1942--the obvious answer is they did not retire from show busines
  12. Here is another lady that could not get her post to register. Her name is JackieM. Here is one of two of the posts she wanted up. JackieM said: I just wanted to add to Arabella's comments on the subject of hatred directed at Jeanette or Nelson by the fans. Sharon was the first to have a club devoted to both of them, and the motto of the club is respect for both. I know of one incident in one of the Nelson clubs because it was written in the club mag. there were two sisters who were co presidents, and really pushed for Rise Stevens to be paired with Nelson. They wrote letters to MGM comp
  13. Again, here is the second item from Thetagirl, since she can't get her post to register I will again, put what she stated on here: Thetagirl said: To go with along with Sharon Rich's story of the love affair, I would like to tell you all about a lunch I enjoyed with a woman who had been an MGM contract dancer in the late 30s to the mid40s. I first learned about her in a human interest story in a Seattle newspaper. The thrust of the article was about Ronald Reagan who was President at the time. I called her and arranged to meet her for lunch. She brought quite a few memorabili
  14. Jeanettefan---- I have indeed heard of Jeanette fans hating Nelson. I have never heard of Nelson's fans hating Jeanette. Never. Everyone I know, speaks of both of them with great respect. The Sinners, are the people who believe that Nelson and Jeanette loved each other.They are, I guess, followers of Sharon Rich's book, Sweethearts. Everyone that I know of, loves both Nelson and Jeanette equally.(Are so I thought they did.) The Saints believe that Jeanette was pure as was Nelson. They were friends only. No one hates Jeanette for not marrying Nelson. Where did you ever g
  15. Two people cannot get their replys to show on this board, These are what they wanted said: From Thetagirl This is partly to answer "daddy's girl prima donna". If you are going to correct another person's grammar, get it right yourself. When you say "your" is a conjunction of "you are" you are incorrect. It is a contraction resulting in "you're". A conjunction is a part of speech used to connect phrases: "and", "but", "because" are conjunctions. The next thought is that some one who goes around the house on her toes would usually be called a prima BALLERINA NOT a prima donna.
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