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  1. i love alice in wonderland, junglebook, peterpan and robinhood. computers cant possibly recreate the hard work and love that went into those cartoons.
  2. lol....*shamefull look* yeah, im in college at a huge party school none the less, its common here too...the victoms conditions are self enduced, there is now a warning at the bottom of the screen that says *caution do not enter if pregnant may become pregnant, or have any heart conditions, movie may cause heart attack or enduce labor...bring the kids*
  3. i agree the new movies out are puzzeling, saw weirded me out, and it took me a while to get it. but yes it is like alfred hitchcock in a lot of ways. ALL of the romantic comedies are the same story, some with will smith others with hugh grant and sandra buolluck. isnt it sad that the only new ideas in movies are so gorey that people have to be taken out of the theater by ambulances
  4. wow, that sounds so cool, somtimes i think that i was born in the wrong time period, i love all of the things you mentioned. that would be amazing just to live then i think. your dad had a really cool job. i first got into classic movies when i watched an old gamera movie when i was about 16 and have watched nothing but TCM since!
  5. i know right, i would love to see a movie these days with original thought somwhere in its midst.
  6. granted i am only 18, and i saw some people younger than i one the boards which is really great! but i cant get my friends to watch these movies with me
  7. what are you opinions about why the younger generations generally have no intrest in classic movies?
  8. yeah there are like 24 freaky friday movies, i say nay to them
  9. hey whats up is anyone else here?
  10. it so cool to see other younger people on this site!!
  11. im 18 and i can safely say that no one in my generation, (that i know) other than my younger sister, watch TCM like its my job. i cant get emough, and i think its kinda hard to get people my age to love these movies like i do
  12. lol! that indeed is a match made in heven...they do everything else together why not be sheep farming men that.......
  13. its even hard to get my 19 year old roommate to watch planet of the apes, she hasnt once watched it. no one i talk to has ever heard of vincent price, ginger rogers, or marlene deitrich or any others for that matter, thats why remakes sell so well. many wont watch old movies because the special effects are "cheesy" they werent when they were new
  14. the reason remakes are so popular is because these days the younger set of viewers dont know that the movie was a remake and if they heard that it was they would figure that "oh, well its like an old movie, so its probly stupid so im not gonna see it" kids need to check out all the amazing movies that may be older, but they are CLASSICS.......anger at my generation!!
  15. mine is and always will be vincent price and bella lugosi, they seem to bring that little somthing else to they movies they are in
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