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  1. Thanks for responding! Yeah! I always thought the same thing! She's prtrayed to be bad, then she's an angel in the end?...what's the deal?
  2. Can somebody please respond to this thread?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please with sugar on top?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I recently made a post about this on another thread...but I thouhgt it should be discussed as a topic on its own! Is anybody anoyed with the sweet "fairy tale" ending? I usually like happy endings in films...but this made no sense! I mean, the entire film was about the contradiction of lust and hate! It had really nothing to do with "love"! I just don't understand! The ending goes against all the conventions of Film Noir! Isn't the woman the dangerous female who is suppose to destroy the man, or be destroyed herself? I mean, I just don't see Gilda running away with this man and ha
  4. I know its not a Romantic Comedy, but that ending in Gilda was bloody horrible! I think it would have been better if he shot her in the end, or something! The entire film is about the contradiction of hate and lust, not "love"...so why did they end up together? Its just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!
  5. I will say Monty Clift, but he was one of my favourite actors anyway....sexual preferance is not an issue with me...but sinse you asked...well, I'll say him! Rock was a good actor...but he didn't really have the sensitivity that Monty had. I think if he had the training that Brando and Clift had, he could have been one of the greats!
  6. I don't care how dumb he was in some of his films! He ozzed sex more than any other man I have ever seen on screen! He was actually an extremely intelligent individual! I know he played a "dumb guy" in On the Waterfront and Streetcar and The Wild One! Oh, but how charasmatic he was! He wasn't so dumb in Guys and Dolls, Last Tango in Paris and Julius Caesar...and I was still drooling! LOL! Message was edited by: charli Message was edited by: charli
  7. That man in Gilda (whats his name....I forgot!) with Rita Hayworth...not the most attractive man in the world...but he smoulders! Can someone help me with his name?
  8. When ever I look at Brando I only want to do one thing to him....if thats not sex appeal, then God help me! LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! He brings out the "worst" in a "good girl" such as myself! LOL!
  9. Some of you guys who have said someone was "not sexy" or "just sleazy" are being ridiculous! There is a reason why some of these people are the biggest sex symbols of their time! Monroe, Turner, West....all are sexy! The reason why some of these people consider Monroe, West or Turner "sleazy" is because they were not boringly "demure" like some other actresses during that time! None of these women were sleazy....some people are just puritans!!!!! And as for those demure bores....no electricity, no excitement! They do not drive you wild with desire. Some people like boring,
  10. Marilyn Monroe..she is definately the most celebrated actress of all time! She si the greatest female film legend...there are pther women during that time who were just as big a stars as she was, but they do not have Monroe's mystique or unique charisma. Love her or hate her...she makes an impact...moreso than anyother person! And as for Jayne, maybe if she had more drive to become an actual "actress" she would not have turned out to be "just another Monroe wannabee".
  11. What do you guys think of her? I always thought that she did a great job making Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr and Natalie Wood look fantastic in roles that were beyond their range!...singing wise anyway! I can't believe that the studio kept this gem of a talent hidden from the world! She should have had a great career in musicals on screen!
  12. People as "perfect" as Audrey don't do it for me....And I don't go for the "genltlemen" of Hollywood....Ahem, Cary Grant? "Ugly" people are far more appealing! And they create more of an impact whether you love them or hate them! I like people with imperfect characters...people who have vulgarity, they are far more interesting! Think Marlon Brando!...oh, now that is what I love! People with character! People who you can love even when they have a blemish in their characters! If I was a man, I would also find Shelley Winters attractive and Marilyn Monroe!
  13. LOL! Noooooo! Not for THAT reason! Its just an entertaining film to me! I am a female..."straight" I may add, so I don't really care about Jane Russells' puppies! LOL!
  14. Cinderella...such a typical one!
  15. The Outlaw...a horrible film in my opinion...but I just love watching it for some strange reason!
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