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  1. Yeah,that is a good one. I just realized that it was on earlier and I missed it. Darn
  2. Yes, the chemistry between Carey Grant and Katharine Hepburn was one of the things I loved most about the movie. When I watched High Society,I just didn't see that. I do think that Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly did great jobs with their performances,but remakes are never as good as the original.
  3. Thanks for your replies and comments on what you thought.Both movies were good,but like I said earlier, The Philadelphia Story all the way!
  4. You're right. I did like "You're Sensational",but it just didn't have me going around the house singing like I do when I really like a song in a musical.
  5. I watched both of these movies earlier today and I personally like The Philadelphia Story better. I was wondering what other TCM viewers thought.I enjoy musicals a lot,but I didn't hear one song in High Society that I really enjoyed. I also thought that Katharine Hepburn played the part of Tracy better than Grace Kelly.She just made me laugh more.
  6. "Vivien Leigh - the most beautiful? How?" I don't think that she was "the most beautiful,"but she was very beautiful.I think that she was just as beautiful as some of the women you mentioned as being your favorites.
  7. You're right. All her movies are individual.None of them are the same.She was really fantastic at playing completely different roles.I think that's why it's so hard to choose her best.
  8. I love this movie too! I just watched it earlier.
  9. Bette Davis made so many wonderful films. It would be really interesting to see if the majority of her fans like her playing mentally insane characters or "nice girl" characters.I love all of her films and it's hard to pick just one.I'd have to say that my two favorites are Hush,Hush,Sweet Charlotte and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane.I also love Mr. Skeffington.I hope that someday I can narrow it down to just one as my favorite.
  10. I always cry at the end of Titanic as well.I also cry after Love Story and An Affair To Remember.
  11. I made a list of my favorites,but I couldn't choose Cary Grant's.He made so many good films and I never saw one that he wasn't good in. Katharine Hepburn:The Lion In Winter Clark Gable:Gone With the Wind Natalie Wood:Splendor In the Grass Grace Kelly:High Society Rock Hudson:Giant (or Magnificent Obsession) Vivien Leigh:Gone With the Wind (it was either that or Waterloo Bridge) Gregory Peck:To Kill a Mockingbird Bette Davis:Hush,Hush,Sweet Charlotte(that one was so hard to choose) Elizabeth Taylor:Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? Montgomery Clift:From Here To Eternity Audrey Hepb
  12. Thanks,all of you for helping me.I really appreciate it! Kathcat
  13. Dear Mongo, Scarlett's question reminded me of a movie where Bette Davis played a set of identical twins.I'm not sure exactly why,but the bad twin murders the good twin.I do remember that she took the role of the good twin.She was asked to sign some papers,but her handwriting was different from her sister's,so she took a stoker from the fireplace and burned her hand when no one was around,so she'd have an excuse to write with the other hand.I know I must sound stupid,but that's all I can remember.Do you know what the title of this film is?I'd love to see it again.
  14. I really love "Don't Rain On My Parade" from "Funny Girl." I also just love "The Wizard of Oz",but of course who doesn't.My FAVORITE in the whole wide world is most definitely "Annie."I'm constantly running around the house singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."
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