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  1. Cassandra responds to Jim?s look of curiosity. ?That?s Tom, the butler, been with my family for years. He?s old now and losing his mind. Thinks he?s James Cagney. We just let him wander around the estate.? Presteign
  2. CUT ...... Dear CineMaven, please restrain yourself. Posts should only be a single sentence, and you must wait until at least five other people have posted before posting again. Read the rules (such as they are), this thread, first post. As one of the co-producers on this project, we value and appreciate your contributions. ....... ROLL 'EM
  3. This is superb. I didn't realize we had so many talented people on the TCM forums. We have the 'Best Screenplay' award in the bag. That lovely soundtrack music. We will certainly nail a Grammy for that. Best Wishes Presteign
  4. I'm so excited. I can tell right now that this movie is going to be a blockbuster. Who needs writers anyway, let 'em stay on strike. Thanks Moviebuffer12 for getting the ball rolling. I was beginning to get lonely in here. Best Wishes Presteign
  5. Let?s make a movie The Rules 1. Each post should only be one sentence long. 2. You can post as many times as you wish, but not consecutively. You must wait until at least ?FIVE? other people have posted before you can post again. 3. Each post must be a logical progression from the previous post. You can change the direction of the story, but it must be connected in some way to the previous post. 4. Try to be intelligent about it. Make it interesting. Try to avoid Gratuitous sex, violence, and bad language (I get enough of that at home). Unless you believe it is absolutely n
  6. Sounds a bit like 'The Secret of Santa Vittoria' with Anthony Quinn. But I don't recall any jumping around ? Best Wishes Presteign
  7. Dear Mongo Watching 'On The Town' again for the Nth time (a favorite of mine). I asked myself the same question for the Nth time - Who the heck is Jules Munshin, and what is he doing in this movie ? Don't get me wrong, I like the fellow and he was good in the movie. But he seems to have come out of nowhere and then disappeared into oblivion. What's his story ? Best wishes Presteign
  8. Sorry Larry I should keep my big mouth shut. Don't be drawn into this. Be Aloof. Best Wishes Presteign
  9. Dear Larry This must be the last remaining thread that is still 'Relatively' uncontaminated by our resident lunatic. Sanctuary indeed. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Presteign
  10. Sam Jaffe ? Turkey Leg Kipling Himalayas Jukebox ???
  11. If you are a collector of film music, here's a site you may want to check out. http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/ Best Wishes Presteign
  12. Dear SueSueApplegate Go ahead and post wherever you like sweetheart. Ignore that old **** Cinemascope. Best Wishes Presteign
  13. If anyone is interested. You can listen to the original game of 'Mornington Crescent' by going to the BBC radio website. Click on the 'Comedy/Quizzes' link. Then click on 'I'm Sorry I Havn't A Clue'. Open the BBC radio player in a new window if you want to continue web-surfing while listening. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/mainframe.shtml?http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/ Presteign
  14. A particular favorite of mine is the John Barry score for the movie 'Zulu'. Unfortunately the available soundtrack CD's don't include the beautiful Zulu brides song and the Zulu warriors chant from the beginning of the movie. I went ahead and recorded the Zulu songs from the DVD and burned them, along with John Barry's music, onto a new CD. Now it's perfect. Sometimes, if you want something done right, you just have to damn well do it yourself. Best Wishes Presteign
  15. They all played Bulldog Drummond at some time in their career. Presteign
  16. Close enough. The connection I was looking for was between Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Ben Piazza. Who were ex in-laws several times removed. Go ahead Presteign
  17. It's a tie MrWriteLA and Wordmaster. Here's a tiebreaker: Connect one of the 'Stars' of 'Little Caesar' to one of the supporting actors in 'Guilty By Suspicion'. by marriage. Presteign
  18. Connect 'Little Caesar' (1931) to 'Guilty by Suspicion' (1991). Via the actors Win extra points by connecting via spouces only. Presteign
  19. Der Blaue Engel(1930)) Touch of Evil (1958) Touch of Evil (1958) The Three Musketeers (1973) The Three Musketeers (1973) Cabaret. Presteign
  20. Dear Encore 'Mole' (see 'Conspiracy Theory' thread) I don't have Retroplex, but I do have Movieplex, where one can occaisionally find a gem amongst the garbage. Unfortunately, the movies they show are all formatted, panned and scanned, edited for content, and commercially interupted. It will always be so with commercial TV. It's a terrible thing to be dependant on advertising revenue. And a terrible thing to find it necessary to present your programing in such a fasion as to appeal to the advertising industry's favorite demographic. The only reason classic movie fans will watch
  21. GarboManiac Never say 'NEVER'. There's no such thing as 'NEVER'. There are only degrees of probability. Presteign
  22. Ruby slippers just look better in Technicolor. I wanted to inset a picture of the Ruby Slippers here. But I don't know how. Presteign
  23. Robert De Niro - Frankenstein (1994) Ray Milland - The Lost Weekend (1945) Robert Mitchum - Crossfire (1947) Presteign
  24. Yes, thank you JackBurley, that was the one. I never saw it so I can't comment on it. Presteign
  25. The first appearance of Buddy Love in the Jerry Lewis version of 'The Nutty Professor'. Cool
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