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  1. I've watched On Dangerous Ground twice more since I started my other thread about the movie. I find more and more things to love about Robert Ryan's performance each time I seen him. On the part where Mary trips and falls, Jim (Ryan) gets down to help her up and I noticed his lip quivers as if he is about to cry for her. I also noticed, the last time I watched it, that his voice and facial expressions are just so intensely real for the situation that his character was facing. He really does render a deep gem of a performance.
  2. Everyone who liked this movie needs to go to the TCM Love Letters page and add a request for it to be released to DVD. It really does make a difference!
  3. Love Letters will air on TCM in two hours. Don't let anything get in your way from seeing this movie!
  4. Don't miss this rare opportunity to watch 'Love Letters' from 1945 starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten. This is a rarely shown gem and a must see for any classic movie fan! SHOWN WEDNESDAY NIGHT August 16th @ 8:00PM EST. TIME. TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES (TCM) This movie is not on DVD and the VHS runs at around $50 factory sealed. Here is a review on 'Love Letters' : Movie description Surprisingly, this Gothic romance was chosen as the favorite film of American troops stationed overseas in 1945. It stars Joseph Cotten as Alan Quinton, a thoughtful, world-weary serviceman
  5. Although I accept the fact that I am in the extreme minority on this one, my all-time favorite Errol Flynn movie and performance is 'Escape Me Never' , which co-stars Ida Lupino, Eleanor Parker, and Gig Young. Other favorite Flynn films include: The Adventures of Robin Hood The Adventures of Don Juan Captain Blood The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, and many many more.
  6. Rusty - I really appreciate that you have taken the time to inform me of the various different bits of information and movie suggestions! I have copied your reply and saved it in notepad to ensure that I will have it. Bernard Herrmann's score is something that I failed to touch on in my previous posts. I thought that the music was an important element to the atmosphere and really contributed to the emotion of the movie. There are only a few music scores that I feel matches this one. Claude Debussy's score in Portrait of Jennie (1948) is just simply haunting and my favorite of all t
  7. Kathie2, I am in agreement with you 100%. They don't make movies like this anymore. I am 24 years old and I watch the classics exclusively. The only time I ever watch a recent release is when one of my friends suckers me into sitting through one. LOL I would just rather not waste my time on modern movies because I am pretty busy and when I have time to watch a movie...I want to watch A REAL MOVIE! One from the Golden Era.
  8. moirafinnie6 - I can't tell you how much that I enjoyed your reply! Since I've only seen this movie once, there were several things that you brought back to my recollection of the movie. For instance, I didn't even catch the point of the scene where one of Ryan's fellow cops was at home with his family...and then switching directly to the scene of Ryan sitting alone...still obsessing over possible suspects' pictures. That was fantastic how the entire story was brought to life. I must say that I thought the ending was very emotional and freeing! I rarely feel so emotionally involved
  9. I just watched this movie starring Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan and boy was I blown away. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING like what I seen. The movie starts off in a dark, dreary atmosphere as Robert Ryan's character is a withdrawn, heavily-tempered street cop who is about to lose his job if he doesn't control himself from roughing up suspects. It is agreed that he go on assignment to Siberia where a young killer is on the lose. The trail leads up to an isolated area of snowy mountains. He then meets Ida Lupino's character, a lonely and dependant blind woman. Lupino's performance is up there w
  10. I am 24 years old and I am a dedicated classic movie fan. I am considered cool and I guess trendy to others my age and have countless opportunities to hook up with attractive girls my age. In other words, I am not hurting socially. ;-) I do not consider myself an outcast in any way because I am a classic movie fan. In fact, I take great pride in being a classic movie fan and I am proud to proclaim my love for them. I think that the expression in classic film had superior depth and overall quality and originality than anything Hollywood has released for at least the last 40 years.
  11. Well, now I feel bad for jumping everyone's case. =( Sorry all. I shouldn't be so sensitive about Jennifer, but she has always been my favorite and I easily take offense to comments that I regard as being negative towards her. =/
  12. mongo: No offense, but this is a thread wishing Jennifer a happy birthday. I don't see how it is necessary to try and belittle Miss Jones with bringing up her worst movie. She was a wonderful actress and one of the most beautiful. She is also a very generous woman as she donates hundreds of thousands to various charities every year.
  13. Actually I havn't found an ounce of evidence that "The Last New Yorker" is starring the "real" Jennifer Jones. There is some softcore porn star that uses the same name and I suspect this could is who it could be. IMDB.com has this movie in the "real" Jennifer Jones' filmography but I think its a mix-up.
  14. I want to wish Jennifer Jones a happy 87th birthday!!! What a beautiful and talented actress she was. I truly hope a Jennifer Jones DVD Box-Set will be released soon.
  15. I love Vivien Leigh in GWTW. Even though her character has serious issues, she is still so enduring. And what an overall performance by Leigh. Watching GWTW instantly made me a big fan of her.
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