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  1. Oops, didn't see that it referred to specific years and I included Bergman in "the cactus flower" where she plays a dentist's (Matthau) secretary (1969)
  2. Jean Harlow in Wife vs Secretary and if the term includes receptionists, Ingrid Bergman in The Cactus Flower
  3. Thanks Fred, Mongo and Larry for the encouragement. Pktrekgirl I may follow your advice.... Although this does not comply with the thread?s title, I feel compelled to answer a couple of your questions : Born in Athens, Greece but living in Ireland in the past two decades. Currently in Ireland, but since last year I usually spend 8 months in Greece and the remainder in the western coast of Ireland. As far as I can remember, I probably started seriously going to the pictures from the age of seven - at least three times a week. I liked everything that excited the imagination of a chil
  4. I'm like Metry Road !! Do I qualify? I'm only joking of course, unless one was prepared to read some of those teenage years ...upside down and inside out !! (The smaller numbers I mean you smartie !) On a serious note : there is nothing more refreshing than discovering young people interested in the old classic movies. Keep it up girls and boys !
  5. Well, all newbies to this forum, do you somehow feel overawed by the ?experience?, knoweledge and the number of posts some of the older (not in age) members have contributed to this boards ? I?ve just noticed someone having over 900 posts and without having to search, I?d say probably that that?s nothing in comparison to someone else?. I FEEL INTIMIDATED !!!! How long would it take me to reach those magical numbers while discussing our common love for films ? What could possibly, we new people to the forum, add to the subject matter that hasn?t already been talked over before? Sho
  6. I know what you mean Vallo, sometime ago I also thought that the film's title was "4 for Texas" and went out and bought it without checking !!! But it was not it. I'll try sgt's 2 and hopefully that's it. Thanks for the tip Izcutter, let's see if you're right
  7. A few days ago BBC2 showed "Vera Cruz" with Burt Lancaster, Gary Cooper and a very young Sarita Montiel. Not a bad effort, but probabably that wouldn't make the top ten.... You're right Normandie about High Noon. I'm surprised that none of the "spaghetties" is mentioned here. There are a couple of those that are considered to be cult westerns at least in Europe . Now on a lesser subject, could someone tell me the name of a funny western starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr where the son of the Indian chief is a coward? Remeber seeing this one as a kid and had a lot
  8. Thanks Path, I should have done the obvious by using the search option. Well it seems that I'm getting lazy in my old age.... I do not recall seeing either Shane or Yellow Sky, although I have watched quite a number of westerns. I'd love to see Yellow Sky as if I'm not mistaken Gregory Peck is in it.
  9. You can add to that "the front page" with walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. I always liked these two together in a film. The trouble is that you cannot get "the front page" on DVD or even VHS in Greece or Ireland. I've always considered all of you who live in the US very lucky on that score..
  10. Ooops, got it all wrong.... Second apology for re-naming you Debbie
  11. Hi there June, The reason I asked whether once a thief was good was because when I first saw the 1965 version as a youngster I thought it was very good. Having watched it again recently, I am not of the same opinion. Sorry if it appeared that I was questioning your taste.... Anyhow try this address : http://cgi.ebay.com/Once-a-Thief-1950-DVD-Cesar-Romero-June-Havoc_W0QQitemZ9113237453QQcategoryZ617QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Theo
  12. I didn't know that there was another "once a thief" except the 1965 one with Alain Delon, Van Heflin, Ann Margret and Jack Palance. Is it any good? Theo
  13. As I am new on these boards, I don't know if there has been a similar thread in the past, but would you care to name which in your opinion are the best westerns of all time? Even the best five will do.....
  14. Hi there Ralph, thanks for the post. I am still trying to find out..... Anyway I'm pasting the programme for Monday so if tomorrow you will be watching the same films then your listings come from the Europe-Middle East-Africa site : Monday 6th March 2006 GMT 20.00 / CET 21.00 White Heat "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!" Cagney delivers his most famous line - and a blistering performance - as a psychotic mobster in one of the greatest gangster films of all time. Walsh directs with pace and flair, and the final shoot-out's a classic movie moment. Starring: James Cagney, Virgin
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