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  1. For crying out loud, It's bad enoughweI have to wait until July 1st to print the July schedule, but now when I click on "monthly schedule", up comes the JUNE schedule! So, when will I be able to print the JULY schedule?
  2. Thanks for your help, that's just crazy not being able to print the schedule ahead of time, what are they thinking of? Gees, the only reason I have the 3rd tier of cable is because of the TCM channel. If I can't plan ahead what I want to watch, I might as well not pay for expensive cable TV!
  3. I saw the message board for technical issues, but I didn't think it was a technical issue. I figured it was a change that was made on purpose, so that wouldn't be a tech issue, but I guess it is. Thanks for the information!
  4. I just found this message board yesterday, had no idea that the reason I couldn't print the monthly schedule ahead of time was due to a "technical" issue. And I thought I was the only one that missed the site before it's DOWNgrade. Why do people insist on improving what doesn't need improving, it is beyond me. I can no longer plan ahead for the movies I want to watch, especially for the first day of each month. I will now miss any movie that is on the first day of the month. Before, I could print out 2 months, read the guide and mark each movie I wanted to see. Then I would mark my
  5. Why can't I print the monthly schedule before the actual month anymore? I used to be able to print 2 months ahead of time, now I can't find the option to print the schedule other than the CURRENT month. If there are any good movies on the first day of the new month, I will miss them now because I won't be able to print until that day. I contacted TCM through the website, but it's been a month and they haven't answered my question. Am I missing something, or is this how it is now? Thanks, Pat
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