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  1. There are so many movies, where, for whatever reason, they didn't live up to their promise. Maybe it's the casting. Or the direction. Or, in the case of musicals, a deleted number or two (or three or four or..). A few spring to mind: "Camelot", "Brigadoon", "Guys and Dolls", "Torn Curtain". It's unlikely they'd ever be remade but it's fun to dream. What are some of the films you would like to see Hollywood take another - and hopefully better - crack at, and why? And which stars and/or directors would you like to see involved? John
  2. First off, does anyone remember this movie??? I remember being quite fascinated with it as a child but by the end of the 70's it was no longer rerun on TV. The US and Russia shared the production budget, apparently, but I've read since that the reason it disappeared, and has been unavailable in any form to US audiences, is that the rights to the film now belong to Russia. I've done a search on the film but have found it available only in a Russian DVD. (Not speaking Russian, I've taken a pass on this.) If anyone knows exactly why this film has disappeared, I'd enjoy hearing it! Thanks.
  3. Hello all. In response to a couple of questions: 1) My hatred of "Rocky Horror...": can't say just why it gets on my nerves so much. It's probably partly due to the fact I didn't enjoy the music itself, the story, etc. For me, it just tries too hard. I'm also one of those souls who, when bombarded with "this is the greatest [fill-in-the-blank]", usually find the intended thing (film, song, book, tv show, etc.) to be the biggest waste of my time once I've experienced it. However, believe it or not - thanks to HBO - I saw its little-remembered sequel, "Shock Treatment" YEARS before I saw
  4. Does anyone remember the 1976 US-Russian co-production, "The Blue Bird", with Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Cicely Tyson, James Coco, and many others? I recall being fascinated by this as a child but think I knew, even then, it wasn't because it was one of the great musicals. Otherwise, my list (in no particular order): 1967's Rex Harrison monstrosity, "Dr Doolittle" "At Long Last Love", with tone-deaf Burt Reynolds and Cybill Shepherd (who actually now has an attractive singing voice), as well as Eileen Brennan, among others who had the misfortune of crossing Peter Bogda
  5. Oh yes, you're right: Roseanne Whatever-Her-Name-Is-This-Week But special mention MUST be given to Madonna: whether it's her "I'm British now!" accent or her natural voice, I think it's grating. Marlon Brando (I have a tough time watching his movies because of that strangled-sounding voice) Phil Silvers (but maybe it's just because I can't stand the man...so the same could be said for Tom Cruise & Mel Gibson, both of whom I wish would just disappear into a black hole) Rex Harrison (I love Brits but that weird voice of his gives me the creeps) Woody Allen Keanu Reev
  6. Not to continue getting off-track here but I must beg to differ (regarding the moment when the producer of "Crash" was cut off): by that point, I certainly had grown pretty weary of nearly every winner thanking just about every person they known, wished they'd known, crossed paths with on a dark night, you name it. It was a long, rather dull evening (Jon Stewart was right when he pointed out the ONLY winners to look thrilled to win was the rap group!). Why not cap your win for Best Picture (undeserving though it may be) by simply saying, "Thank you." The average viewer tunes out as soon as law
  7. THE movie, if I only had one choice, would be 1980's "Resurrection", with Ellen Burstyn (nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for that year; while I love Sissy Spacek, I still think Ellen was robbed) and Sam Shepard. When people ask me what my 'favorite' movie is (I'm a lifelong movie buff), I usually tell them the movie that's meant the most to me, and this one is it. If you've never seen it, unfortunately it's ridiculously difficult to find, and hasn't been released to DVD yet. If THAT movie isn't possible, I'd love to see them play "Yentl" (again, not released on DVD). (I admit that
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