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  1. Thanks- guess we'll keep hope alive! Still it would be nice for them to announce it somewhere on the site where we can find it.
  2. How can we find out who won the March WB DVD contest? Or any contest for that matter. Where and how do they announce the winners?
  3. I personally liked Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo- one of his best. Hitchcock brought out some of the darker elements and emotions out of his range- some that we've seen in Anthony Mann movies. Also Wolf and I have discussed Jimmy Stewart movies many times and It's A Wonderful Life and WInchester '73 are always at the top of the list.
  4. The Trinity series is available on a (pretty poor quality) DVD along with another Hill-Spencer flick Boot Hill. I would love to see the Trinty features on a better DVD - the print and audio on the one available is pretty pathetic. I actually pulled out my videos to watch them instead. Possibly if there was more interest - a better DVD treatment would be possible.
  5. No problem- FYI- I think the Clint trilogy (or parts of it) is coming out in Special edition versions. Others in this forum might know more details- I think A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More will come out sometime this year in 2 disc special editions. (please- someone correct or confirm if possible) And you can't go wrong with the Once Upon A Time in the West SE that came out earlier last year. Happy viewing!
  6. movieman1957- I watched a LOT of westerns when I was growing up (my grandfather loves them and it was a great way to spend time with him) and I really didn't appreciate them until I got older. I think the Spaghetti westerns take a couple of viewings to follow some of the story and to catch some of the stuff going on. You might come to appreciate them more no. The Trinty series was one that I liked as a kid because of the humor - it seemed to fit in with the dubbing etc. lite on symbolism heavy on action and humor. That being said - not all westerns are for everyone - thats the beauty of them.
  7. Some Favorites that I've been partial to... Rio Bravo The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Bend of the River Red River The Trinity Series My Name is Nobody Modern classics Tombstone & Open Range and perhaps my all time favorite: Winchester '73
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