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  1. Good answer, mongo. I've been away for a couple of days - sorry I haven't responded sooner. Your turn.
  2. That's all right, Kayla. The goal is to make the connection correctly...you can take as few or as many steps as you need. If you get the correct answer first, you get to ask the next question. We try to keep it simple. Here's the next question: Connect Dudley Digges to Taye Diggs
  3. William Haines is a new name for me - that's why I like this game - I discover new names and movies all the time. William Haines < Are You Listening? > John Miljan John Miljan < The Plainsman > Anthony Quinn
  4. Excellent job, Kayla! Documentaries are fine with me; TV shows we discourage [as an unwritten rule; usually it is not necessary to use them]. FYI: this route is a bit quicker, though: Charles Drake < Showdown > Strother Martin Strother Martin < Cool Hand Luke > Paul Newman Paul Newman < Once Upon a Wheel > James Garner James Garner < The Notebook > Ryan Gosling I'll work on your challenge now... Message was edited by: wordmaster
  5. All right, Mr. CharlieT...Wiseacre. ;-) So I'm a child prodigy...what can I tell you? [Actually 2005 was my 50th birthday, for those of you at home keeping track] Now, for a question: Connect Charles Drake with Ryan Gosling
  6. Your compliment is much appreciated, Kayla. By an odd coincidence, the date that you registered on the boards here happens to be my birthday. Cool. B-) After I get the go-ahead from our questioner, I will offer up some names for your consideration.
  7. Hello, David. You are correct about Katharine Hepburn. In one of the promos for the Cavett series of interviews, you can hear her saying, "...I find myself utterly fascinating." I can't recall if they edited the "Cold sober..." bit, though. The Mitchum interview is definitely on my "to watch" list; actually, the rest are too.
  8. I thought there would be more distance between them than this: Clara Bow < Call Her Savage > Gilbert Roland Gilbert Roland < Barbarosa > Gary Busey Gary Busey < Chasers > Crispin Glover Crispin Glover < Like Mike > Bow Wow
  9. Just to update you on the encroachment of mediocrity in Canadian television, one of our cable providers decided to take a chance and took off The Golf Channel at the beginning of September [and moved it over to our digital cable service]. My father and I, among others, are much displeased with this development - to get to the point, The Golf Channel has now been replaced by.................. you guessed it! AMC I haven't checked to see if the new website is up and running [amc-tv.net] but I fear the worst. We also recently lost CNBC and gained - that perhaps is very far from the right word - another monument of mediocrity called "Encore Avenue" [some offshoot of Movie Central or The Movie Channel - whatever its origins, it's far from worthwhile...]. Something tells me it might be cheaper for cable companies to show channels like "amc" and "Encore Avenue" so that may be why the landscape is changing here. I also believe that this movement of channels onto digital cable is a marketing ploy to get subscribers to purchase "bundles" of services. For example, if I want The Golf Channel that desperately, our cable company is hoping that I will be pleased to purchase a shiny new digital cable box and "why don't I save a few dollars and just bundle it in with digital phone service...and for a few dollars more, add some high-speed internet". The old "one-stop shopping" gambit... From the little I have seen of this "amc", TCM has a long way to go to be as bad as this "little channel that can't". Until I see incontrovertable evidence that our TCM has breathed its last, I will keep applauding TCM for making bold statements that do not please everyone, rather than support a channel that is a waste of space. Message was edited by: wordmaster
  10. Shirley MacLaine's daughter is named Sachi [sachiko] Parker. You can see a picture of her on IMDb [she's quite striking], along with her filmography [which does include a small part in "Back to the Future"]. I believe it is Shirley's only child.
  11. Ned, that story is the coolest thing since ice cubes...but not as cool as Lee[!]. Glory be...I'm on the verge of "gushing". Keep the stories coming, Ned. It's a pleasure to welcome you here. [exits, to look for a mop to tidy up with...]
  12. Your persistence has paid off, stooge. You are the first correct answer [if not the only one]. Challenge us - we're ready! p.s.: I also have a challenge on "Mornington Crescent", if anyone is in the mood... Message was edited by: wordmaster
  13. You can also see this promo by clicking on "Videos" above, and looking for the September promo there as one of the current Top 5 Movie Clips. I did so this morning to see what all the hullabaloo is about and, apart from thinking that the promo itself is a bit too long, I don't find it particularly offensive. I think it would take repeated viewings to take note of all of the imagery contained therein but I think that is to the credit of the creators - if it's a promo for the whole month, one would want to find different things in it as one sees it more often. The song is not as memorable as ones TCM has used in past promotional adverts [in my opinion] but there is enough food for thought in the pictures to keep me engaged. Message was edited by: wordmaster
  14. For sure, Kayla. We respond kindly to positive reinforcement. We always love to have new players join us. If you are not familiar with the rules, please go to the beginning of this thread; otherwise, you can join in and we can answer questions as we go along. It's my turn because I came up with the first correct answer, so I get to make the next challenge, which is to: Connect Charles D. Brown to Snoop Dogg [standard provisos: no TV roles; no 'scenes deleted'; actors only]
  15. Carmen Miranda < Scared Stiff > Dorothy Malone Dorothy Malone < The Fast and the Furious > John Ireland John Ireland < All The King's Men > Mercedes McCambridge Mercedes McCambridge < Airport '79 > Charo Ole!
  16. ..."All Mine to Give". I just watched it this evening - I guess my life is not so bad after all.
  17. Welcome, Bryan. Browse around and have some fun with us... I'll second your vote for a DVD release of "Desperate Journey". It's lots of fun to watch, and would be a good inclusion in a box set of war films [Arthur Kennedy should have a collection of films - with "Bright Victory" included].
  18. Well, thanks, Gregory, for that confirmation. Welcome, by the way, if no one has done so already. "METH-oh", it is then. [Anyway, who is going to argue with Lauren Bacall? Not me, that's for sure!]
  19. Hello, Evelyn_Mulwray [!] You certainly meet interesting people around here... ;-) I also was puzzled about Walter's last name until I heard Mr. Osborne. I am 'on the fence' about Paul - I would like to hear some other opinions. As far as Mayo...I will go out on a limb and say "METH-owe" or "meth-OWE", but I would guess not "me-THOUGHT" or "METH-ought". For me [until evidence to the contrary], Clive rhymes with "hive".
  20. Just as a reminder, here is the challenge for this thread: Connect "One Arabian Night"* [1920] to "Two Rode Together" [1961] to "Three Amigos" [1986] *aka "Sumurun"
  21. Nita Naldi < What Price Beauty? > Myrna Loy Myrna Loy < I Love You Again > Frank McHugh Frank McHugh < The Velvet Touch > Bill Erwin Bill Erwin < Forces of Nature > George Clooney
  22. ..."sacker" ? [Do I have to include III?] To explain: Groucho played Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush in "A Day at the Races" [1937]; then in 1942, Rudy Vallee played John D. Hackensacker III [aka 'Snoodles'] in "The Palm Beach Story".
  23. Jack Arnold is on the TCM database - oddly enough, as an actor. He did act early in his career but is best known for directing a variety of films: the classic "The Incredible Shrinking Man" [an intelligent, thoughtful film with its share of chills] and the Audie Murphy western, "No Name on the Bullet", which has Audie riding into town ready to kill someone but only he knows whose name is on the bullet, as it were. Audie doesn't say much, and is atypically mean and nasty in this one. I am definitely going to watch this one again. He also directed "The Mouse that Roared", a satiric Peter Sellers film that I may have seen long ago [but don't recall much about] concerning a small fictional country declaring war on the USA, so they can lose and then get foreign aid for their cash-starved treasury. Jack Arnold eventually went into directing TV. That is about the sum of my knowledge.
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