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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a copy of the movie Hook, Line and Sinker...I will trade a copy of these JL movies if anyone is interested in trading...THANKS!! The Geisha Boy Living It Up 3 Ring Circus Pardners Way, Way Out Don't Give Up The Ship You're Never Too Young The Family Jewels Who's Minding The Store The Caddy The Ladies Man The Disorderly Orderly
  2. I'm looking for a movie called The Ghost of Sierra De Cobre aka The Haunted 1964. The movie stars Martin Landau....I cannot find it anywhere...Can someone please help...THANK YOU!
  3. Shiloh

    movie title

    Hello!! I posted your movie request on the IMDB (They are good over there and can usually help in fast time) Someone came up with this and I believe they are right.. THE AMAZING MR. BLUNDEN 1972 Would this be your movie?
  4. I have some JL movies and I would be willing to trade a copy if anyone has this JL movie that I'm looking for.. Hook, Line and Sinker I have: Pardners Don't Give up the Ship Nutty Professor 3 Ring Circus Way...Way out Hope to hear from a trader out there!
  5. Thanks but I'm looking for someone to trade with as buying them would be a problem for me...I thank you though!
  6. I have a friend who has this movie...I guess I should get it and watch it if it's that good..
  7. Looking for a copy of a movie called "Blue Heart" from 1987...I have lots of movies to trade and would settle for dvd or vhs...THANKS!!
  8. I'm looking for a copy of a movie called "Blue Heart" from 1987..I would settle for dvd or vhs and I have alot of movies to trade...Thanks Alot!
  9. I did find both versions of this movie.....
  10. Shiloh

    The BLOB

    This is what someone else came up with.. No, there's no such scene exactly like the one you describe in any of the Quatermass movies, although in black-and-white Quatermass 2 there is a scene in which hostile aliens plug a big pipe with crushed human bodies. Professor Quatermass realizes what's blocking the pipe when he sees blood leaking from a seam, and he announces it to a small group that's trapped with him inside the industrial complex constructed by the aliens. Not much help I'm afraid..
  11. Shiloh

    The BLOB

    Hello... I do remember that scene from Soylent Green...As far as the other movie I'm not really sure...It sounds familiar though...Let me think on it awhile.
  12. Shiloh

    The BLOB

    Hi Cris, My copy of Caltiki was transferred from Video to dvd..The quality is about a 5 out of 10...It is watchable.. Nope I never saw it on tv. A friend had it on VHS and sent it to me to see and I transferred it to dvd....She kept telling me what a great movie this was and that she wanted me to see it..
  13. Shiloh

    The BLOB

    I have Caltiki as well as the H-Man...Great movies!!!!!!!!!!!! Quartermass too!!
  14. Hey there Larry... Glad to have helped you out with your movie..I'm not sure where Shiloh is...My Shiloh is my German Shepherd (my pride and joy)!!! Yep there's alot of great old Sci-Fi movies out there....I'm getting quite a collection myself but always looking for more....Nice talking with you!
  15. I'm looking for the Jerry Lewis movie..HOOK,LINE AND SINKER.. It is not available on DVD OR VHS yet so it would have to be from someone who recorded it from tv....Would love a copy!! Thank You!!
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