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  1. I, too, would like to see some of the earlier musicals, especially after the number of times I've read Richard Barrios's wonderful "A Song in the Dark." I was very happy when "Golden Dawn" (terrible as it is!) showed up on the schedule a couple of months back and I was able to tape it. I still remember one morning when I turned on TCM to watch "Wonder Bar" and found myself watching the last couple of minutes of "Al Jolson in 'A Plantation Act'" (his first Vitaphone short). Naturally, I've never seen it since...
  2. TCM ran a marathon of all nine Dogville shorts a couple of years back. I think I still have them all on VHS--I moved a couple of months ago and my tapes are still in a bit of disarray. If anyone would be interested, I could check and see if I can find the tape and copy it for you. (Seems like the only one I ever catch on reruns is the college football spoof...)
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