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  1. Cartoon Alley is nice BUT it's not enough
  2. U R right, there are a lot of great movies made after 1960 BUT aren't those suppost to be shown an AMC? I think change is good ,,,HOWEVER,,, I would like to see more "older classics".
  3. Whoa,,, U went way over my head
  4. Has Ted bought up all the Warner cartoons? I have not seen a Warner Brothers cartoon in about a year, ANYWHERE on television. Whats going on?
  5. I think a few remakes have been -maybe- better than the original, ie: cape fear, father of the bride, etc. Most though have been real stinkers especially the horrors. Hollywood cant make new movies with new script ideas because no one in hollywood has an IQ beyond a third grade level. All movies now are JUST special effects, no intelligent dialog, no plot, nothing but crap! I think that is why they cant even manage to copy the classics with any real understanding, if you don't have respect for the art involved in the original how can you duplicate it?
  6. I understood that amc was all classic all the time. Then tcm came along and amc started showing movies from the sixties-up, and tcm showed all the good old classics. Now I cant seem to figure out whats going on, They both seem to be showing less true classics and more 60's-up movies. am I that old and outdated?
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